Bartek Kuranski was a mercenary and a member of the Renegades.


As a member of the Renegades, Bartek helped take Felicity Smoak hostage. She kept talking, which annoyed Kuranski, but she assured him that he'd be shot by The Arrow in the knee.[1] He noticed that Clinton Hogue was late, but before they could act on it, Felicity's allies crashed in from the roof. Kuranski took Felicity hostage, but was shot with an arrow in the knee, before being kicked in the crotch by Felicity herself. Suddenly, Lyle Bolton electrocuted everyone, before taking Felicity and The Huntress hostage.[2] However, they were able to rescue both women and the mercenaries were soon tied up, awaiting arrest thanks to an anonymous tip from the Arrow to the police.[3]



Arrow: Season 2.5


  • Bartek Kuranski's outfit bears a resemblance to Lock-Up which is the alter ego of his fellow Renegades member, Lyle Bolton, in the comics.


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