"Everyone loves a pretty doll."
—Barton Mathis[src]

Barton Mathis (died October 2013), also known as The Dollmaker, was a psychopathtic serial killer who escaped prison during the Undertaking. He would drown his female victims by pouring a polymer down their throats, before dressing them up like dolls for police to find, thus giving him his name.


Season 2

Mathis was in jail after being taken down by Quentin Lance. He escaped during the Undertaking and started his killing spree again.[1] It is revealed that Mathis escaped because Cecil Adams gave him the keys to his cell during the earthquake, and the ensuing chaos. Cecil did so out of admiration for a "fellow artist", rather than the thugs he was otherwise surrounded by, and the Dollmaker repaid him with a warning about aftershocks, something the drug dealer guaranteed.[2]

When Quentin and the Arrow work together to take him down, he calls Quentin and talks to him as he kills another girl. The Arrow and Quentin bait a trap for Barton in hopes of capturing him, but Barton escapes. He then takes Quentin and Laurel Lance prisoner, and plans to kill Laurel in front of Quentin. Before the process begins, the Arrow arrives and stops him. As Barton escapes, he is attacked by the Canary. The two fight until Barton uses some pipes to trap her. Before he can kill her, the Arrow intervenes and takes him down with two arrows. He tells Barton that he is going back to jail, but the Canary cannot accept that, and kills him by impaling him with one of her eskrima sticks before disappearing.[1]


"What comes next is really quite exquisite. The sound of an esophagus slowly hardening. Like a symphony."
—Barton Mathis[src]

Barton was a disturbed psychopath who took sadistic pleasure in killing women and dressing them up like dolls; for no apparent reason. He seemed to have a fetish for their skin as he commented a lot on this. After getting arrested by Quentin Lance he seemed to have a personal grudge against him (completely disregarding the fact that he deserve getting arrested for his crimes) as he wanted to kill his daughter, Laurel in front of him.


  • Stealth: Despite being wanted by the police he was able to move around and kidnap women. He was even able to abduct both Laurel Lance and Quentin near a police station.
  • Skilled tactician: Barton was able to quickly solve problems and exploit opportunities. He ambushed Quentin and took his gun; he was able to escape the Arrow twice. When confronted by Sara, he pulled a chain to make pipes fall on her and pin her.


  • Within The New 52, Barton Mathis is a supervillain and the third character in the DC comics to adopt the moniker of Dollmaker. He made his first appearance in Detective Comics #2, in November of 2011. The Barton Mathis version of The Dollmaker is a deranged surgeon who runs an organ transplantation racket and uses the empty husks of his victims to create life-sized puppets. His alias is derived from his rag-doll appearance, the result of his own sewing. Dollmaker is assisted in his organ trafficking ring by a gang of patchwork madmen, his "family".
  • Barton is one of two Arrowverse characters to have become the Dollmaker in the comics. The other is Winn Schott.



Season 2

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