The Bat-Belt is a utility belt with many compartments, originally used by Bruce Wayne and later Kate Kane and Ryan Wilder. Both used for containing their various gadgets as Batman and Batwoman respectively.


The Bat-Belt consist primarily of a strap and buckle, that houses many pouches or cylindrical cartridges attached to its outside, each containing one of the user's various gadgets.[1]

Batman's Bat-Belt

The Bat-Belt, like the Batsuit, was made by Bruce for fighting crime as Batman after the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Like the suit, it was completely black except for the bat logo in the middle which had some yellow.[1]

Batwoman's Bat-Belt

While being used by Kate and Ryan as Batwoman, it had then been modified by Luke Fox. Later on, it was painted with a shade of red during Kate battle with Tommy Elliot.[2]


The Bat-Belt was designed to be used by Bruce Wayne. Later, when Bruce retired and left Gotham City for unknown reasons, it was left behind.[1]

When Kate took on the Batwoman identity, Luke Fox created a new belt.[2] That was also later adapted to the new Ryan Wilder batsuit, after the disappearance of Kate.[3]



  • Portable Weaponry: Most of Batman and Batwoman's specialized weaponry and technology that is portable can be found on their belt.[4]
  • Voice filter: The belt is equipped with a voice filter that allowed the wearer to disguise their voice.[4]

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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics, the Utility Belt is one of Batman's most important tools in fighting crime, first appeared in Detective Comics #29 (July 1939).
    • In the comics Batman's belt was primarily yellow, later changed to a golden-brownish color in modern incarnations. Batwoman's belt, on the other hand, is red, unlike the show where it's totally black.


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