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The Bat-Belt is a utility belt with many compartments; it is attached to the Batsuit and is currently being utilized by Ryan Wilder during her vigilante endeavors as Batwoman.


The Bat-Belt consists primarily of a strap and buckle. The utility belt contains many pouches and cylindrical cartridges attached to its outside, with each compartment containing various gadgets.[1]

Bruce Wayne's Bat-Belt

The Bat-Belt, like the Batsuit, was made by Lucius Fox for Bruce Wayne to assist him in fighting crime as Batman. Like the suit, the utility was completely black, with the exception of a slightly yellow bat-symbol on the buckle.[1]

Kate Kane's Bat-Belt

While Kate Kane and Luke Fox modified the Batsuit for the former's new vigilante persona of Batwoman, the Bat-Belt was painted red to match the added wig and new bat-symbol.[2]

Ryan Wilder's Bat-Belt

After Ryan Wilder found the Batsuit in the wreckage of Kate's plane crash, she donned the suit and left the Bat-Belt unaltered, only later swapping out the suit's wig after re-tailoring it.


The Bat-Belt was created by Lucius Fox to be used by Bruce Wayne during his crusade as Batman. Later, when Bruce retired and left Gotham City for unknown reasons, it was left behind.[1]

When Kate Kane later created and assumed the identity of Batwoman, she and Luke Fox repainted the Bat-Belt red.[2]

When Ryan Wilder found the Batsuit after the disappearance of Kate, she kept the Bat-Belt the same, and continued to utilize it throughout her vigilante escapades.[3]



  • Batarangs: In one of the Bat-Belt's compartments is a limited supply of Batarangs, a sharp metal projectile that acts as a boomerang.
  • Communications system: The Bat-Belt has a switch which allows for easy toggling of the suit's comms system.
  • Grappling gun: The Bat-Belt holds Batwoman's grappling gun, which allows her to scale tall buildings and pull enemies/obstacles towards her.
  • Laser saw: One of the Bat-Belt's compartments holds the laser saw, which can cut through virtually anything.
  • Voice filter: The Bat-Belt is equipped with a voice filter which allows the wearer to disguise their voice.[4]

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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics, the Utility Belt is one of Batman's most important tools in fighting crime, first appeared in Detective Comics #29 (July 1939).
    • In the comics Batman's belt was primarily yellow, later changed to a golden-brownish color in modern incarnations. Batwoman's belt, on the other hand, is red, unlike the show where it's totally black.