"Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is about reality. Batman gave up on us. It's been three years, Gotham. The Bat's not coming back. Mayor Akins, help us say goodbye to Gotham's outdated tradition. It's time to turn off the signal."
Catherine Hamilton-Kane[src]

The Bat-Signal is the iconic distress signal that Gotham City used to turn on whenever the city needed Batman's help. In 2018, the signal was turned off to signify the permanence of Batman's absence in the city, after waiting for him to return for three years.


A customized searchlight, named the Bat-Signal, was created to notify Batman whenever someone needed his help. Though he disappeared in 2015, the citizens of Gotham would turn it on at night, in hopes of Batman's return.

In 2018, after three years of waiting for him, the government of Gotham decided that they should turn off the signal, once and for all. An event was held at Gotham Art Museum to switch off the signal, but was interrupted by Alice, who terrorized the party.[1]

At one point, the Bat-Signal was smashed by Alice.[2]

Luke Fox later created a new Bat-Signal for Kate, so citizens could contact Batwoman when needed.

In December of the same year, when John Deegan altered reality, Barry Allen, Kara Danvers, and Oliver Queen were looking for him in Gotham when Barry came across the covered up Bat-Signal. He showed it to Oliver, who didn't believe that Batman was real, just to prove him wrong.[3]


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  • Gotham City was famous for the visible light of the Bat-Signal that turns on every night, until they ultimately turned it off in 2018.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, the Bat-Signal is a large projection lamp that casts the silhouetted shape of a bat across the sky of Gotham City. Commissioner James Gordon incorporated it as a means of contacting Batman, whenever he was needed and it was placed on the roof of the headquarters of Gotham City Police Department.


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