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The Bat-Signal is the iconic distress signal that Gotham City uses to turn on whenever it needs Batwoman's help. It was first incorporated as a means of contacting the Batman by the GCPD, and its use is strongly associated with them.[1]


Somewhat after Batman's debut in Gotham, a customized searchlight named the Bat-Signal was created to notify the vigilante whenever someone needed his help. After Batman disappeared in 2015, the citizens of Gotham would turn and GCPD began using it to contact the newly-appeared Batwoman instead.[2]

In 2020, GCPD Commissioner Forbes refused to turn on the Bat-Signal when his son Steven Forbes and Bryan Akins were kidnapped by Mouse because of his homophobia. However, after a crowd gathered to protest outside the department building that very night, he seemingly retraced his steps.[1]

Sometime after this, Sophie Moore used it to call Batwoman to inform her that her boss discovered that she had worked with her and punished her for it, leading the two to eventually share a kiss.[3]

August Cartwright is left next to the Bat-Signal.

After she discovered about August Cartwright's double life as Ethan Campbell, Alice kidnapped him, interrogated him to find out where Mouse was[4] and later knocked him out leaving him close to the Bat-Signal for Kate to find him.[5]

After Kate killed Cartwright and Jacob Kane helped her burying his body together with Alice, when the latter escaped into the shadows, Kate looked up and saw the Bat-Signal; then she stopped a robber as Batwoman albeit getting a bit too violent with him.[6]

After Batwoman went on a one-week hiatus, the Bat-Signal was still flashed out every night.[7]

Jacob summons Batwoman.

Jacob Kane used the Bat-Signal to summon Batwoman and inform her that he disliked her being in Gotham City and wanted her to leave.[8] A couple of nights later, Mary Hamilton activated the signal in order to get the attention of her father, who declared that allies of Batwoman would be arrested, so that he would meet with her and Batwoman.[9]

Days later, Jacob, who was told by Alice that Kate was Batwoman, activates the Bat-Signal in hopes that Batwoman would arrive because Kate's private jet had exploded and she had not been seen since; Jacob begins to cry as no one comes.[10]

Sophie activated the Bat-Signal to attract Batwoman to ask her if she and the Crows could work together in their search for Kate Kane.[11] Months later, Sophie uses the Bat-Signal again to summon Batwoman to tell her that Agent Russell Tavaroff has a blood sample that can be used to learn her secret identity.[12]

Sophie, rhetorically, because she knew Ryan was Batwoman, suggested to Ryan and Mary that they use the Bat-Signal to call Batwoman for help.[13] The Bat-Signal is used by the GCPD to summon Batwoman to help with a cannibal outbreak.[14]

The Bat Team used the Bat-Signal in order to summon Luke Fox. Both he and John Diggle saw it across the sky and realized it was signaling in Morse code. Luke and John managed to read it; the code translated to "Need Fox Help".[15] The Bat-Signal was destroyed during the blackout caused by the Black Mask.[16]

After the blackout, the Bat-Signal was repaired. It was later used by Renee Montoya to summon Batwoman and ask her for assistance in locating the Bat Trophies.[17]



  • Relay signal: When activated, the Bat-Signal sends a notification to the Batcave.[18]




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  • In the DC comics, the Bat-Signal is a large projection lamp that casts the silhouetted shape of a bat across the sky of Gotham City. Commissioner James Gordon incorporated it as a means of contacting Batman, whenever he was needed and it was placed on the roof of the headquarters of Gotham City Police Department.