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"I didn't design the damn suit."
"I can tell... because I don't see the Batwoman in you, and maybe that's because... I don't see the you in Batwoman.
Ryan Wilder and Victor Zsasz

"Bat Girl Magic!" is the third episode of the second season of Batwoman, and the twenty-third episode overall. It aired on January 31, 2021.



Victor Zsasz

Victor Zsasz.

While Victor Zsasz was celebrating his latest kill of a cheating husband and his paramour by cutting himself, he receives a phone call to do another job.

Ryan Wilder, dressed in the Batwoman suit, is distracted as she tries to stop a drug sale; she needs to see her parole officer before she violates and goes back to jail. Luke Fox tells her to stop wasting Batarangs, at $1,000 a piece. Susan Stevens tells Ryan that she needs to have employment so Mary Hamilton gives Ryan a job as manager of The Hold Up.

Victor's new job is to get information on the recipients of the Desert Rose cure so he kills two people in Hamilton Dynamics, drawing the attention of the news and the Bat Team. Since Victor puts a special lotion on his cuts, he is easily traced, and Batwoman succeeds in getting the flash drive, but Victor insults Batwoman with his quick observation; she is wearing a suit that does not fit her, literally and mentally. Victor fires a rocket launcher at Batwoman to avoid a fight.

There are too many people on the list for the Bat team to protect them all but, since Ryan has prior knowledge of Victor, she knows where to find him to learn who hired him, Safiyah Sohail.

Meanwhile, Jacob Kane who tells the Crows to learn who is leading the False Face Society, tries to access Kate Kane's phone, but does not know the pass code and wishes Sophie Moore was available.

Coryana (Earth-Prime)


Sophie and Alice awaken in Coryana in handcuffs. Tatiana is told to baby-sit Sophie as Safiyah and Alice talk about the past and the transgressions that Alice has done to Safiyah; Alice is more interested in the death of her twin sister. Safiyah says that she had nothing to do with that and someone is framing her. Safiyah shows Alice Kate's necklace as proof that she knows the true whereabouts of Kate and will reunite them if Alice does a job for her.

Sophie refuses to promise Tatiana that Alice will have a free pass in Gotham so the women fight, but Safiyah saves the handcuffed Sophie and is impressed with her tenacity, before knocking the two foreigners out and sending them back to Gotham.

Victor goes to Mary's clinic to kill Mary because Safiyah does not want the secret of the panacea to become widespread, but Batwoman stops him quickly after she has changed the suit to fit her style.

Ryan Wilder batarang

New batarang.

Luke and Mary have a candid discussion about the scientific odds that Kate survived her plane accident. Though Luke still has faith, Mary mourns. Luke has decided that he will stop being so hard on Ryan and gives her a batarang to apologize; Ryan promises to practice.

Jacob accesses Kate's phone and sees a painting by Jack Napier.

Agent Whelan is informed that the False Face Society Leader wears a black mask.

After Sophie returned to Gotham, she goes to the Crows headquarters and tells Jacob that Kate may be alive.



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