"Just another day on the Bat team?"
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The Bat Team[1] is a vigilante team operating in Gotham City.


Year One: Building the team

Sometime after Bruce Wayne left Gotham City, Bruce's cousin, Kate Kane, returned and befriended Luke Fox. They then began working together to primarily defeat the Wonderland gang and their leader, Kate's twin sister, Beth Kane, with Luke providing the tech support for Kate.[2] However, the duo have since also faced many other threats in the city, such as Natalia Knight,[3] Duela Dent,[4] and Tommy Elliot.[5]

After Mary Hamilton revealed to Kate that she'd figured out her secret identity, she officially became a member of the team.[1]

The Bat team investigates Titan.

In mid-2020, the team became wanted due to their association with Batwoman, whom the Crow's leader, Jacob Kane, blames for the massive Arkham breakout that was led by his estranged daughter, Beth.[5]

Year Two: A new Batwoman

Ryan Wilder finds the Batwoman suit.

Upon her leaving National City, the plane carrying Kate Kane crashed landed and while the Batwoman suit was recovered by Ryan Wilder, Kate was nowhere to be found.[6] Since the citizens of Gotham needed "Batwoman" because she is a symbol of hope and courage in a city full of crime and depravity, Ryan is allowed by the team to wear the suit. Later, Ryan officially joins the Bat team because it is feared that Alice has a grand scheme for Gotham.[7]

Ryan at the Batcave.png

The Bat team has a meeting about whether Batwoman should work with Crows Security in trying to find Kate; Ryan is heavily against it, but Mary and Luke are for the alliance. Luke persuades Ryan, ultimately. However, after two Crows agents leave Wolf Spider for dead after hitting him with their SUV, Ryan declares that she is the leader of the Bat team and that Luke and Mary will stop comparing her to Kate.[8] Ryan, after the funeral of Kate and inspired by Bruce Wayne, establishes three rules for the Bat Team to follow so that there is a legacy left after they remove Gotham's villains.[9]

Later, Sophie Moore joins the Bat team[10] after discovering the secret identity of the current Batwoman[11] and erasing Ryan's criminal record from the Crows' database to keep others from discovering it.[12] To save the lives of Ryan and Mary from Cluemaster, Sophie is permitted to enter the Batcave while Luke saves Stephanie Brown from her father's schemes.[10] Days later, as Sophie quits the Crows, Crows agent Russell Tavaroff shoots Luke when Luke reaches for his phone.[13]

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