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"Why don't I get any Bat-toys? Can I at least have a Batarang?"

The Batarangs are non-lethal throwing weapons, similar to shurikens or boomerangs; they are the signature weapons used by Bruce Wayne, Kate Kane and Ryan Wilder, as Batman and Batwoman respectively.


Original multiverse

When Bruce first started crime-fighting as the Dark Knight, he created non-lethal weapons for his crusade which he stores in the Bat-Belt.[1]

When Kate took over for her cousin, she tried using Bruce's Batarang, only to find that it didn't fly in the intended direction when she threw it. For that reason, she asked Luke Fox to make Batarangs designed to work for her. The only noticeable difference between the two designs are that Kate's are thicker and sharper.[2][3][4]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Ray Palmer had requested to upgrade Kate's Batarang. Kate reluctantly agreed and later Ray gave her a Batarang filled with compressed light energy from the A.T.O.M. Exosuit.[5]

New multiverse

A Batarang was the first projectile used to attack Mobius during the Battle on Earth-Prime.[6]

Around Halloween, 2020, Batwoman threw a Batarang to stop a robber from shooting Ryan Wilder; during the same skirmish, Ryan used the same Batarang to help Batwoman.[7]

While Hush was shooting at her, Batwoman threw a Batarang at him and it stuck him in the leg, hurting him enough to make him flee. Later, Jacob Kane found the weapon as evidence of the battle.[8]

Titan is stabbed with a batarang.

As Batwoman talks to Apollo Teslow, Tim Teslow arrives, seeking revenge. She throws a Batarang and, despite piercing his shoulder, it seems to have little to no effect on him.[9]

Ryan Wilder, not knowing how to use the Batsuit, accidentally fired a Batarang into the leg of a member of the False Face Society.[10]

Needing practice in throwing, Ryan as Batwoman threw four Batarangs at a member of the False Face Society; Luke reprimanded Ryan because each projectile is rather expensive and is at a limited supply. When Batwoman faced Victor Zsasz, Luke had not replenished the supply, but later, apologetically for how he was treating her, Luke presented Ryan, who promised to practice, with a Batarang.[11]

Ryan hoped to use a Batarang as a way to gain the trust of Evan Blake when she wanted to enter an illegal auction; Blake admired the item and asked Wilder which Batwoman was the original owner, to which Ryan responded, "Current model".[12]

Batwoman cut Kilovolt with a Batarang. Later, before she confronted Ellis O'Brien, Batwoman threw her Batarang at him.[13]

Batwoman used a Batarang to stop Black Mask from killing Sophie; Sophie used the same Batarang to free herself from her binding. During the fight between Batwoman and Black Mask, Sophie again used the Batarang as a projectile and threw it into the gang leader's back to stop him when he threatened to shoot Batwoman. When he removed the projectile, Black Mask commented that he liked the balance of the Batarang as a weapon.[14]



  • Projectile weapon: Batarangs are mainly used to be thrown as shuriken or a boomerang like-weapon.[3]
  • Recording device: A Batarang was used as a recording device when Kate Kane needed to listen in on John Deegan and Roger Hayden.[4]
  • User specification: Bruce Wayne had designed his batarangs to specifically work for him. Luke Fox later did the same for Kate, and presumably again for Ryan Wilder.[15]
  • Energy field: Ray Palmer had requested to upgrade Kate's suit and weapons. Kate reluctantly agreed and Ray gave her a Batarang filled with compressed light energy from his suit.[5]

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  • According to Luke Fox, each Batarang costs approximately $1,000.[11]