The Batarangs are non-lethal throwing weapons, similar to shurikens or boomerangs; they are the signature weapons used by Bruce Wayne and Kate Kane, as Batman and Batwoman respectively.


When Bruce first started crime-fighting as the dark knight, he created non-lethal weapons for his crusade which he stores in the Bat-Belt.[1]

When Kate took over for her cousin, she had Luke Fox create her own batarangs. The only difference between the two are Kate's are thicker and sharper.[2][3][4]

While Hush was shooting at her, Batwoman threw a batarang at him and it stuck him in the leg, hurting him enough to make him flee. Later, Jacob Kane found the weapon as evidence of the battle.[5]

Tim Teslow is stabbed by a Batarang without flinching

Titan is stabbed with a batarang.

As Batwoman talks to Apollo Teslow, Tim Teslow arrives, seeking revenge. She throws a batarang and, despite piercing his shoulder, it seems to have little to no effect on him.[6]



  • Projectile weapon: Batarang are mainly used to be thrown as shuriken or a boomerang like-weapon.[7]
  • Recording device: A Batarang was used as a recording device when Kate Kane needed to listen in on John Deegan and Roger Hayden.[8]
  • User specification: Bruce Wayne had designed his batarangs to specifically work for him. Luke Fox later did the same for Kate.[9]
  • Energy field: Ray Palmer had requested to upgrade Kate's suit and weapons. Kate reluctantly agreed and Ray gave her a Batarang filled with compressed light energy from his suit.[10]

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