The Batcave was the headquarters for Bruce Wayne until he left Gotham City. It houses Bruce's equipment and suit for his superhero persona, Batman, in his absence, which is overseen by his close acquaintance Luke Fox. The base is now used by Kate Kane as Batwoman.

The Batcave is located in Gotham City beneath Wayne Tower.


The Batcave was originally used by Bruce Wayne as his headquarters as Batman. When his cousin Kate Kane eventually discovered his secret identity and desperately needed to save Sophie Moore, she overtook as the new Bat superhero and used her cousin's headquarters as hers.[1]

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  • Unlike in the DC comics, the Batcave in the Arrowverse; is located beneath Wayne Tower instead of Wayne Manor.
  • As a nod to the primary Batcave under Wayne Manor where there is an actual life sized mechanical T-Rex, the Batcomputer has a toy T-Rex on display called Dino, whom appeared to be a childhood toy of Bruce's.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, the Batcave is located beneath Wayne Manor in Gotham City.
    • However, in some of the DC comics and adaptations have shown smaller bunkers for Batman's tech underneath Wayne Tower.




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