"Batwoman to Batcave."
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The Batcave was the headquarters for Bruce Wayne, until he left Gotham City after killing the Joker. It houses Bruce's equipment and suit for his superhero persona, Batman. In his absence, it is overseen by the late Lucius Fox's son, Luke Fox. The base was used by Kate Kane as the superhero Batwoman up until her disappearance.

The Batcave is located in Gotham City beneath Wayne Tower.[1]


The Batwoman suit on display

The Batcave was originally used by Bruce Wayne as his headquarters as Batman. When his cousin Kate Kane eventually discovered his secret identity and desperately needed to save Sophie Moore, she became Batwoman and uses her cousin's headquarters as her own.[1]

To hide her from Crows Security, the surviving doppelgänger of Beth Kane is brought to the Batcave.[2]

Luke runs facial recognition software in the Batcave as Kate has a party in The Hold Up to bait Nocturna.[3]

Mary's first time in the Batcave

Mary discovers Batman's secret identity in the Batcave when Luke accidentally tells her.[4]

Parker Torres is brought to the Batcave by Kate to help to find the location of Hush; Parker is amazed that there are actual bats in Batwoman's underground hideout. Mary is not pleased with her arrival.[5]

While Luke researches Tim Teslow, Mary mends Kate after her fight with him and finds it surprising that Kate has cracked ribs though she wore the Batwoman suit during the skirmish.[6]

Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton were present at the Batcave when they attempted to contact Kate during a plane crash, later learning that she was in fact in the plane and had disappeared after the crash. When "Bruce Wayne" returned to Gotham, Luke showed him around the updated Batcave and relinquished the Kryptonite Kate was given by Supergirl. "Bruce" then searched the Batcave for the Batmobile and used it in pursuit of the Batwoman suit. Luke and Mary arrived at the cave too late and instead contacted the current possessor of the suit, Ryan Wilder, and aided her in escaping Tommy.[7]

After Ryan officially joins the Bat Team, Mary gives her a tour of the batcave.[8]

Ryan removed her Desert Rose from its pot and planted it in the batcave. A month later, Ryan had a meeting of the Bat Team where she gave three rules of conduct.[9]

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  • Unlike in the DC comics, the Batcave in the Arrowverse is located beneath Wayne Tower instead of Wayne Manor.
  • As a nod to the primary Batcave under Wayne Manor where there is an actual life sized mechanical T-Rex, the Batcomputer has a toy T-Rex on display called Dino, that appears to be a childhood toy of Bruce's.[10]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, the Batcave is the hideout and base of operations for Batman and his assorted allies, usually being situated under Wayne Manor. It debuted in Batman #12 (September, 1942).
    • Despite the primary location being under Wayne Manor, there are multiple Batcaves with locations being under Arkham Asylum, Wayne Tower and even the Moon.


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