Sergeant Bates is a military sergeant of the U.S. Army.


After Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein's merged body exploded, Sgt. Bates reported to Wade Eiling that they had detected a thermonuclear detonation, approximately 30 miles north east of Central City. Eiling ordered Bates to deploy the RAP response team, and bring him Firestorm.[1]

Bates was part of the army strike team that ambushed Ronnie Raymond and Caitlin Snow at CC Jitters. The strike team shot up the coffee shop but Ronnie escaped out the back door. They then cornered Ronnie behind Jitters. However, Martin Stein alerted Barry Allen to Ronnie's predicament and The Flash arrived on scene, knocking down Bates and the rest of the soldiers. Eiling used kinetic needles to incapacitate the Flash but Caitlin then arrived with the S.T.A.R. Labs van and sped off with Ronnie and Barry as the strike team looked on.[2]

Bates later accompanied Eiling's team that went to S.T.A.R. Labs after Harrison Wells drugged Martin Stein. Bates dragged Martin's unconscious body out of the building.[2]


The Flash

Season 1


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