Bath is a city in England.


Love in surplus

At some time in 1802, Lord Remington, accompanied by his coachman Sunjay, arrived in Bath. Sunjay used the ashes of the Hindu god Kamadeva on the citizens of Bath to act on their impulse for love. This action alerted the Legends, who were currently in April 2019.

A week passed in Bath and the Legends arrived, only for Zari Tomaz to be almost hit by a horse drawing a carriage, whose coachman turned out to be Sunjay. He politely helped Zari up, and was ordered by Lord Remington to hurry along.

Later at a wedding, Jane Austen, her sister Cassandra, and the Legends witnessed a lust outbreak where several people revealed their true feelings to the people they truly loved. After conversing to Jane and gathering information from some women, the Legends figured out that Sunjay, who introduced himself as the actual Kamadeva, was their target all along, and imprisoned him in the Waverider.

After Sunjay told his true story and almost married Zari, the Legends ultimately confiscated Kamadeva's remains and left Bath.[1]

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