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"Oh, goody! I've always wanted to ride in the Batmobile!"

The Batmobile is a vehicle that was used by Bruce Wayne during his time as the vigilante Batman. It is currently being used by Ryan Wilder to aid in her operations as Batwoman.


Before Batman disappeared from Gotham City, the Batmobile was his mode of transportation. Batman hid the vehicle in the Batcave so well that even Luke Fox did not know it was there.

Tommy Elliot, disguised as Bruce Wayne and inside the Batcave, wanted to be Batman, since he knew Batman's secret identity. Upon discovering the location of the Batsuit when Ryan Wilder turned on its GPS, Tommy started blasting the walls of the Batcave with a sticky-bomb launcher in hopes of finding the car, and as a result he was successful.

Tommy drove the Batmobile to the suit's location and began a pursuit as Ryan was forewarned by Luke of Tommy's approach and ill-intent. As Ryan drove her van in hopes of escaping, Tommy fired a missile at her from the vehicle's weaponry. Meanwhile, Luke and Mary Hamilton monitored the chase until Mary suggested that Luke should override the car's controls, rendering the vehicle immobile. Tommy then abandoned the Batmobile to find Ryan on foot.[1]

On Ryan's second night posing as Batwoman, Luke allowed her to use the Batmobile as she needed it to outpace a swarm of poison-laced bats that were following her due to her taking a sound-emission device that was drawing them to Gotham, plaguing its citizens.[2]

After Ryan altered the Batsuit to better fit her, she also painted red accents around the car and added red bat-symbols on its hood and trunk.[3]

The Batmobile was used to chase and capture a drug dealer; while Batwoman was driving, she swerved slightly in pain from her Kryptonite wound.[3]

Batwoman used the Batmobile to deliver Wolf Spider to Mary's clinic.[4]

The Batmobile has an A.I. that prevents accidents; Ryan was surprised to learn this, because she believed that her driving was improving.[5]

Batwoman let Alice ride in the Batmobile as they searched for Angelique Martin and Ocean, respectively. Alice, during the ride, almost activates the vehicle's self-destruct mechanism. To distract a sentry, Alice sounds the horn, to Batwoman's annoyance.[6]

Batwoman used the Batmobile to chase the car that was stolen by Eli.[7]

Batwoman drove around the streets of Gotham City in a search for Kate Kane while on the phone with Mary; after finding Kate, Ryan used the Batmobile to escort her back to Wayne Tower.

When trying to apprehend Kate and restore her memories, Ryan drove the Batmobile and utilized its weapons systems to stop Kate from escaping on her motorcycle.

Batwoman used the Batmobile to drive herself and Alice to Mary's graduation ceremony in order to stop the new Mad Hatter's gruesome attack.

Alice was sitting in the passenger seat of the Batmobile as Batwoman informed Renee Montoya that she would be escorting the criminal back to Arkham Asylum.

When Mary and Alice were on the run from the Bat Team, Batwoman and Sophie Moore followed Alice's tracking signal in the Batmobile.



  • Missile launcher: The Batmobile is equipped with small missiles.[1]
  • Remote activation: From the Batcave, the Batmobile can be remotely controlled in case it falls into the wrong hands.[1]
  • Flame resistance: The Batmobile can resist the heat of a nearby explosion.[2]
  • Bolas launcher: The Batmobile is equipped with a bolas shooter, which can wrap around an assailant's legs and immobilize them.[3]
  • Artificial intelligence: The Batmobile has an A.I. driving assistant which helps to avoid collisions.[5]
  • Self-destruct: The Batmobile has an option to self destruct from inside the vehicle.
  • Grapnel launcher: The Batmobile has the ability to fire a grappling hook from its front bumper, allowing it to latch onto other vehicles or obstacles.
  • Spiked tires: The Batmobile's tires can deploy spikes to allow for easier driving on different terrains, such as ice.

Known users

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  • The Batmobile, much like the Batsuit, was all black in design when utilized by Bruce Wayne.
    • Ryan Wilder's paint job allowed it to match her color scheme of black and red.

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, the Batmobile is Batman's iconic high-tech car. It is customized with various gadgets to help him in his vigilantism.
  • The Batmobile is a customized 2021 C7 Series Corvette.
  • The Batmobile was supposed to appear in what would have been the penultimate episode of the first season, had the COVID-19 pandemic not disrupted production. Caroline Dries explained: "We had already prepped and created the Batmobile and I already had that in my brain of like, 'Well, we have it. We're obviously going to use it.' So ultimately, we decided, 'Well, it's great to use it in the premiere, of course. And I wanted to give Ryan a new mode of transportation, ultimately. So she's going to adopt this car as her own... This 2021 Corvette kind of already looked like the chassis of what we were looking for. So our production designer souped it up, and then I sent photos of the mock-up to DC, and it goes through their channels, and they basically approved it'".[8]