Batoon Medical Research Laboratories is a business in Star City that manufactures Oplimid, a diabetes drug.


After disbanding his team, Oliver Queen contacted Anatoly Knyazev and enlisted the Bratva to kill Adrian Chase. In exchange, Oliver allowed the Bratva to steal Oplimid in Star City. Anatoly led a group of his men to Batoon Medical Research Laboratories to steal Oplimid which they would use to create a powerful new drug that would generate revenue for the Bratva. Team Arrow, acting without Oliver, detected the break in and confronted Anatoly and his men outside the medical lab but John Diggle let the Bratva steal the drugs and later confronted Oliver about it. According to a city hall briefing, the company was barely hanging on and the Bratva's heist put the company in serious difficulty and endangered hundreds of jobs.[1]



Season 5


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