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Bats are an order of animals that are known to inhabit or have inhabited multiple versions of Earth.



Supergirl claimed that she was once bitten by a bat at the D.E.O. desert facility.[1]


Parker Torres was fascinated by the bats that flew about the Batcave.[2]

Alice screamed because bats flew near her as she tried to read Lucius Fox's journal; Mouse explained that bats ate the rats that were native to the sewers.[3]

Bats arrive in Gotham.

To get Safiyah Sohail's attention, Alice taped a rat to Mouse' s body to attract some bats so they could feed on his blood from him, thus devouring the poison that killed him. Mouse's body was then brought to Mary Hamilton's secret clinic where the bat left Mouse's body and was captured and trapped by the team. The Bat Team then discovered Alice's plan. She used a device to control several infected bats and force them to attack Gotham citizens during a protest. Ryan Wilder, wearing the Batwoman suit, was able to drive the bats away before trapping and exploding them in a Crows' bus.[4]

The bats in the batcave were distributed by the screams of Ryan as she suffered from Kryptonite poisoning.[5]

Silas White has the power to become a bat. When the Superfriends pursued Silas, he transformed to escape, but flew into Martian Manhunter and was caught.[6]



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  • Bats inspired Bruce Wayne to create his alter ego, Batman.
  • According to Mouse, bats eat rats, as predator among prey.