"The suit is literal perfection."
Luke Fox to Kate Kane on the Batsuit[src]

The Batsuit,[1] also known as the Batwoman suit and formerly known as the Batman suit, is a protective suit designed by Lucius Fox at Wayne Enterprises. Its primary usage is to protect Bruce Wayne as Batman and later both Kate Kane and Ryan Wilder in their respective guises as Batwoman, both in well-being as well as civilian identity. After Bruce left Gotham, Kate took on the mantle of "Bat of Gotham" and had the suit modified by Luke Fox to fit her as such.


Bruce Wayne in the first Batsuit.

Batman suit

The Batsuit was made by Lucius Fox for Bruce Wayne's crusade for fighting crime as Batman after the murder of his parents. The suit is all black with a bat symbol outlined on the chest of the suit. It comes with a bat-like cowl with pointy ears pointed upwards. A black cape is attached as well from the shoulders. [2]

Batwoman suit

Fitting the suit for Kate

Kate Kane in the original Batsuit — feminized.

When Kate Kane first wore the Batsuit to save Sophie Moore from Alice. It was modified to fit her by Luke Fox, resulting in the whole of Gotham getting the misconception of the Dark Knight finally returning to the city after his mysterious disappearance during the night of Kate’s first appearance wearing it. In order to distance herself from Batman and be seen as her own hero, she added red accents to the symbol, boots and belt as well as adding a red wig to the cowl.

New upgrades

Kate Kane in the upgraded Batsuit.

After Crisis, Luke Fox made several improvements to the Batsuit to better fit and assist Kate in the field. Visually, the wig is a darker color and the cowl was shortened to expose the neck. He also upgraded the suit's meticulous scanning equipment and weapons features, such as Batarang launcher.

Fitting the suit for Ryan

"That suit is meant for a hero, not the lost and found."
Mary Hamilton[src]

Ryan Wilder in the second Batsuit.

Kate kept the suit with her upon her plane's explosion. However, when she disappeared, the suit crashed at shore and was recovered by Ryan Wilder.[3] Later, Ryan would make her own modifications upon the suit, donning it as the second batwoman but soon realizing that the outfit’s initial feminized version was tailored near-explicitly for Kate’s use. And compared to her predecessor’s, the aesthetics on the new Batwoman suit made by Ryan are more pronounced as well as streamlined, compact and tighter-fitting, given Ryan’s smaller physique in comparison to Kate’s, but now sporting conspicuous features such as the emblazoned Bat logo with a raised vertical portion at its middle just over and upfront the chest area and airtight tailoring that hugs and accentuates the curves and contours of the wearer’s body and comes complete with new afro-style wig dyed at the ends with reddish streaks. Luke also made new changes to the batsuit, like a new bat-belt.[4]


Original multiverse

When Bruce Wayne became the vigilante known as "Batman", Lucius Fox created a special suit for Bruce to fight crime, as well as to protect him from criminals and keep his identity concealed; Bruce continued to fight crime until he left Gotham City after killing the Joker.[5] The Batsuit remained in the Batcave for 3 years until Kate Kane arrived in Gotham. Kate began to use the Batsuit to fight crime as "Batwoman".[2]

New multiverse

When Bruce Wayne became the vigilante known as "Batman", Lucius Fox created a special suit for Bruce to fight crime, as well as to protect him from criminals and keep his identity concealed; Bruce continued to fight crime until he left Gotham City after killing the Joker. The Batsuit remained in the Batcave for 3 years until Kate Kane arrived in Gotham. Kate began to use the Batsuit to fight crime as "Batwoman".

Ryan finds the Batsuit.

After Kate mysteriously disappeared, following the explosion of her private jet, she is presumed dead and a woman, named Ryan Wilder discovered the Batsuit among the wreckage and briefly assumed the mantle of Batwoman, but she gave the suit back to Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton after concluding that she is not worthy to use it.[3]

But after saving Gotham's citizens, Ryan received Luke and Mary's blessing to operate as Batwoman in Kate's place, at least until Kate returns, becoming the second Batwoman and part of the Bat Team in the process.[6] Late, Ryan and Luke also made new changes to the Batsuit, like a new bat-belt and a new wig.[4]

Time Off for Good Behavior.png

Luke became concerned about Ryan when she faced three opponents who each carried lightning-casting guns; he did not believe the Batsuit could protect her from that much voltage.[7]

The cowl of the Batsuit allowed Ryan to bleed when she took a punch to the face from Black Mask.[8]



"A red wig? And I'm the crazy one."
Beth Kane[src]
  • Identity concealment: Bruce Wayne, Kate Kane, and Ryan Wilder uses a black bat-like mask to conceal their identities, to keep their friends and families safe from harm.[9] Kate was able to have a conversation with and shake the hand of her father without being recognized.[10] Furthermore, the batsuit's dark hue contrasts with the wearer's natural skin complexion, making the latter whiter and paler than when the suit isn’t worn for outside observers.
    • Red wig: Kate added a fake red wig a to the Batsuit, few weeks after she became Batwoman so her enemies don't mistake her for Batman.[9] After Ryan acquired the suit, she added a modified wig to the suit.
"People aren't afraid anymore. An army may not scare them, but that will."
Kate Kane to Luke Fox[src]
  • Intimidation: Both Bruce and Kate use the suit to be terrifying to their enemies.
  • Kevlar armor: From the outfit itself to the cape fastened to the shoulders and trailing from the back it, Lucius Fox made the entire suit out of a military-grade kevlar woven with enriched carbon nanotubes of his own design; this means that in spite of the thin and skintight layering over the wearer's body and seemingly cloth-like pliability it shows when worn, the suit’s main fabric is nothing short of legitimately resilient. Nothing except for a projectile fired from a specially-made rail gun, coil accelerator or a piercing projectile of pure Kryptonite is able to pierce the suit from a distance.[11] Luke demonstrates how the suit is strong against most firearms by firing a Desert Eagle Mark IX .50 AE at the suit and showing zero damage with the bullet shell merely bouncing off. Apparently, even the cape itself is just as resilient and capable of stopping gunfire this way even as it insubstantially flutters in the wind behind its wearer.
  • Beacon: For prudent reasons, an advanced tracking system was built to keep track of the Batsuit along with whoever it was who happens to be wearing it. This system is dependent on a beacon included into the suit’s construct and can therefore be spotted as well as kept track of, from the Batcave, via satellite imaging and uplink. However, for reasons probably in respect of the wearer's privacy, this beacon can be deactivated by pushing the appropriate button on one of the gauntlets - upon which, the Batcave's discernment of the suit along with its ongoing movements (or lack thereof) shall "go blind" until such time that the suit’s beacon gets reactivated.
  • Damage recording: The suit's carbon fibers record any deformation caused by damage to the suit in order to record blunt force trauma and bullet impacts for later analysis. This recording is so precise, it can even record the impact of a license plate on the suit[12] and even determine critical rupture in case the suit’s afforded protection is somehow severely bypassed.[3]
  • Internal Injector(s): Built somewhere into the Batsuit is a scaled-down, drug-delivery system that can be remotely incurred from the Batcave. This innovative feature allows substances loaded beforehand into the suit - namely but probably not limited to adrenaline — to be injected directly into the wearer's somatic system in the case of an emergency (i.e. incapacitation via exposure to a paralytic).
  • Temperature regulator: The Batsuit possesses a built-in temperature system that, either by manual operation or remotely from the Batcave, is able to regulate its wearer's thermal readings to make external monitoring register that individual’s bodily temperature as hot or as cold as intended, even if it feels perfectly room temperature for the person inside - allowing the suit’s user to bypass traps, weaponry and means of detection that are reliant on warmth or lack of it, in order to be triggered, track or identify their designated target. Conversely speaking, this function may also help serve as either an internal heating or cooling system.
  • Vitality Monitoring: An array of sensors installed and lining the interior of the Batsuit, assuming they are active, allows the wearer's vital readings to be monitored from the Batcave. These sensors are so refined and highly-calibrated that not only can they determine if the wearer was drugged or exposed to a malignant factor or substance, but also provide a very good chance the nature of said malignance.

Batwoman using night-vision lenses.

  • Night vision lenses: The suit includes night vision lenses for fighting in dark rooms completely shut in darkness. Bruce had used these; due to his dislike for night vision goggles (he was probably inconvenienced due to the cowl going between the eyewear and his eyes) Kate later used them for her own suit when tracking down Beth Kane.
    • Electronic detection: The lenses also allow the user to detect electronics by tracing electrical activity that run in active technological contraptions as they operate. This allowed Kate to single out Parker's firewalled phone from everyone else (whom, as Luke correctly deduces, lacks the firewall of same level that Parker has in her particular smartphone) when tracking her down.
    • Infrared: A visual setting that permits viewing through the infrared spectrum and this, in turn, allows the beholder to perceive thermal signatures and readings from heat sources that are within the user’s sighting distance.
    • Visual echolocation: Themed after the nocturnal creature that the Batsuit was modeled after, this Cowl-Cam function was designed to enable the detection of vibrations in the air - represented as erratically pulsing flashes of light coming from the source of the vibration , permitting the viewer to "see" sound(s) unperceivable otherwise to the naked ear. This allows the wearer to potentially home in or track targets hidden in plain view, if not beyond the line of sight.
  • "Cowl cam": Luke Fox upgraded the night vision Lenses equipped in the Batsuit's cowl with the cowl-cam setting. When invoked, this augmented perspective brings about greater clarity to the eye(s) behind the lenses - highlighting what the wearer sees in a HUD-like manner so the user may assess the technologically processed visual data on the go. But that aside, as with the other various sensors and monitoring installations embedded into and virtually lining every inch in and out of the Batsuit, the cowl-cam's uplink allows it to capture images or record video of whatever the lenses see while they're active, in realtime to be instantaneously sent and forwarded to Luke at the Batcave's control panel.[13]
  • Comms: Featured into the Batsuit in a vocal communication uplink that establishes and promotes private telecommunication between the outfits wearer and whoever it is manning the Batcave.
  • Internal Defibrillator: When Kate washed up ashore unconscious and only feet away from searching cops, Luke activated a defibrillator in the suit remotely to wake her up.
  • Bat-Belt: The suit contains a utility belt that stores many of the Batsuit's signature tools, such as a grappling gun and Batarangs.
  • Batarang launcher: When Luke Fox upgraded the suit; he added a Batarang launcher on the right gauntlet which activates when the button on it was pressed.[13]


  • Green Kryptonite: According to the late Lucius Fox via his journal; Green Kryptonite is the only known substance in existence that can penetrate the Batsuit.[14] Indeed, a bullet-shaped piece thereof, fired at Ryan Wilder by Tommy Elliot while the former was donned in the suit, was able to pierce through the outfit just deeply enough to leave a shallow infliction though it clearly tainted the wearer's skin underneath.[3]

Former weaknesses

  • Rail gun: After becoming Batman, Bruce Wayne had a handheld rail gun commissioned by Wayne Enterprises Research & Development, designed to be able to penetrate the Batsuit; in case the suit ever fell into the wrong hands. The rail gun's fires an electromagnetically charged projectile that moves fast enough to penetrate the suit's armor.[1] However, at some point after the rail gun was reclaimed from Tommy Elliot, Kate Kane had the weapon melted down; eliminating the threat that it posed to the Batsuit and the individual wearing it.
  • Coil accelerator: Sometime after Bruce Wayne become Batman, Catherine Hamilton had a handheld coil accelerator gun with capabilities similar to that of the rail gun's commissioned Hamilton Dynamics, designed to be able to penetrate the Batsuit; as she saw the bat vigilante as a threat to exposing her illegal activities to the public. After Batman's inexplicable disappearance, Catherine halted the project's development, only to renew it again following Batwoman's emergence finally completing a functional prototype. However, Beth Kane had Jonathan Cartwright stole the finished product and then proceeded to kill the only scientists on the entire planet, who knew how to make the Coil accelerator, as well as removing and destroying the power cell that gave the coil accelerator it's lethal function; eliminating the threat that it posed to the Batsuit and the individual wearing it.

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  • The suit is weak against the rail gun, which is a parallel conductor that generates a pulse of electromagnetism, accelerating the velocity of the projectile.
    • It's the most lethal weapon that Bruce ever built. It is the only gun that shoots a shot strong enough to penetrate the suit. Bruce had it built in case the suit ever fell into the wrong hands. Thus, whoever is in possession of the gun, has the only gun out there that can kill Batman.
    • However, the disruptor in the gauntlet Kate has, when activated, the light will flash green and the gun will be neutralized.
  • On the CatCo cover for Winter 2020, as well as when she attended Gothamites' rally to turn on the Batsignal, she was seen wearing a version of her suit that fully exposed her neck and jawline. This is later revealed as one of Luke Fox's upgrades after the Crisis. However, it is unknown why this is an upgrade as this lowers the protection of the suit.
    • It is possible that the suit is altered due to the comfort of the suit while being worn by Ruby Rose during the shooting.
  • According to Kate, though the suit renders its wearer bullet-proof, it apparently does not spare her from a stinging sensation that she gets when fired at with ammunition.
  • Apparently, while the outfit is virtually impervious to harm, it is feasibly alterable and even repairable seeing how Luke Fox was able to re-tailor and convert the original Batsuit into a feminized version that Kate Kane used, as well as conduct needed repairs to it in the off-chance that the attire sustains lasting damage, which was presumably how he mended the damage done to the suit by a rail gun that Luke employed — demonstrating to Kate that she is far from completely invulnerable whilst wearing it at Batwoman. Ryan would later effect her own alterations into the suit for it to better serve her in crime-fighting.


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