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"The suit is literal perfection."
Luke Fox to Kate Kane on the Batsuit[src]

The Batsuit,[1] also known as the Batwoman suit and formerly known as the Batman suit, is a high-tech protective suit designed by Lucius Fox at Wayne Enterprises. The suit was formerly worn by Bruce Wayne and later by Kate Kane during their crusades as Batman and Batwoman respectively.

The suit's current primary usage is to protect Ryan Wilder during her vigilante endeavors as Batwoman, both in her well-being as well as her secret identity.

After Bruce left Gotham City, Kate took on the mantle of Gotham's protector, and had the suit modified by Luke Fox to fit her as such. A year later, following Kate's disappearance, the mantle was again passed on to Ryan; the current Batwoman, where she made her own alterations to the suit.


Bruce Wayne in the first Batsuit.

Batman suit

The birth of the Batsuit

The Batsuit was created by Lucius Fox to assist Bruce Wayne in his crusade of fighting crime as the vigilante "Batman" following the murder of his parents. The suit was made with high-tech resources from Wayne Enterprises, granting Bruce extreme protection from a great variety of threats. The suit was all black with a bat-shaped symbol outlined on the chest of the suit. It sports a bat-like cowl with pointy ears pointed upwards. A black cape is attached as well from the shoulders. The bat-motif was a scare-tactic adopted by Bruce to terrify his enemies.[2] At some point, Bruce added abdominals into the suit as a means of intimidation, which were later removed.[3]

Public adaptation

At some point, after becoming well-known to the citizens of Gotham City, Batman was seen as an idol; as such merchandise was made of him. An example of said merchandise was a replica-Batsuit sold at a party store in Gotham.[1]

Batwoman suit

Fitting the suit for Kate

Kate Kane in the original Batsuit - feminized.

When Kate Kane first wore the Batsuit to save Sophie Moore from Alice. It was modified to fit her by Luke Fox, resulting in the whole of Gotham getting the misconception of the Dark Knight finally returning to the city after his mysterious disappearance during the night of Kate’s first appearance wearing it. In order to distance herself from Batman and be seen as her own hero, she added red accents to the symbol, boots, and belt, as well as a red wig atop the cowl. As a result of the Batsuit being feminized, the bat-symbol on its chest became more vertically stretched, leading to insignias like the Bat-Signal being updated to reflect the new symbol.

New upgrades

Kate Kane in the altered Batsuit.

After Crisis, Luke Fox made several improvements to the Batsuit to better fit and assist Kate in the field. Visually, the wig is a darker color and the chin-piece of the cowl was removable, allowing Kate to expose her neck. He also upgraded the suit's meticulous scanning equipment and weapons features, such as the Batarang launcher.

Public inspiration

After gaining Gotham's trust, like her predecessor, Kate's version of the Batsuit became well-known to the public, which led to a citizen creating her own suit to operate as Batwoman; albeit a much less skilled one.

A New Batwoman

The lost and found

"That suit is meant for a hero, not the lost and found."
Mary Hamilton[src]

Ryan Wilder in the upgraded Batsuit.

Kate kept the suit with her upon her plane's explosion. However, when she disappeared, the suit crashed at shore and was recovered by Ryan Wilder. Ryan used the suit unaltered during her first few days as Batwoman.[4]

Fitting the suit for Ryan

Later, Ryan would make her own modifications upon the suit, donning it as the second Batwoman but soon realizing that the outfit’s initial feminized version was tailored near-explicitly for Kate’s use. And compared to her predecessor’s, the aesthetics on the new Batwoman suit made by Ryan are more pronounced as well as streamlined, compact and tighter-fitting, given Ryan’s smaller physique in comparison to Kate’s, but now sporting conspicuous features such as the emblazoned Bat logo with a raised vertical portion at its middle just over and upfront the chest area and airtight tailoring that hugs and accentuates the curves and contours of the wearer’s body and comes complete with new afro-style wig dyed at the ends with reddish streaks. The cape, instead of just being primarily black, is now dyed red at the end up to the user's waist. Luke also made new changes to the Batsuit, like a new bat-belt.[5]

New upgrades

Going into her second year as Batwoman, Ryan made a few changes to the suit, such as adding a longer wig that extends past her chest as opposed to the previous shorter afro.


Original multiverse

When Bruce Wayne became the vigilante known as "Batman", Lucius Fox created a special suit for Bruce to fight crime, as well as to protect him from criminals and keep his identity concealed; Bruce continued to fight crime until he left Gotham City after killing the Joker.[6] The Batsuit remained in the Batcave for 3 years until Kate Kane arrived in Gotham. Kate began to use the Batsuit to fight crime as "Batwoman".[2]

Julia Pennyworth briefly used the suit to fool the agents of Crows Security and divert their attention away from Kate.[7]

New multiverse

Ryan finds the Batsuit.

After Kate disappeared following the explosion of her plane home from National City, she was presumed dead. A woman named Ryan Wilder discovered the Batsuit among the wreckage of Kate's plane and briefly assumed the mantle of Batwoman, but she later gave the suit back to Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton after deciding that she is not worthy to wear the symbol.[4]

The next day, during a pro-Batwoman rally, Ryan insisted to Luke and Mary that she don the cape and cowl once more to instruct the protestors to return to their homes due to an imminent terrorist attack from Alice. After successfully thwarting Alice's plan and saving Gotham's citizens, Ryan received Luke and Mary's blessing to fully operate as Batwoman in Kate's place, becoming the second Batwoman and leader of the Bat Team in the process.[8]

"Have you seen the damn wig?"
Ryan Wilder to Luke Fox

Later, Ryan also made new changes to the Batsuit, like a new bat-belt and a new wig.[5] Luke became concerned about Ryan when she faced three opponents who each carried lightning-casting guns; he did not believe the Batsuit could protect her from that much voltage.[9] The cowl of the Batsuit allowed Ryan to bleed when she took a punch to the face from Black Mask.[10]

Kate uses kryptonite to deface the Batsuit.

After Kate Kane (who'd been brainwashed into believing she was Circe Sionis) convinced the Bat Team to give her back the suit, she knocked them out and trapped them in the Batcave. A short time later, she took the suit and cut it up; using a piece of green kryptonite to carve a diagonal line through the suit's emblem.[11] She redid the suit in a version without the cowl, which she wore in the last battle against the Bat Team. After Kate's memories were restored, the suit was repaired by Luke, with Mary placing it on its display in the Batcave.[12]



"New look!"
"New Batwoman."
Victor Zsasz and Ryan Wilder[src]
  • Identity concealment: Bruce Wayne, Kate Kane and Ryan Wilder respectively use a black bat-like mask to conceal their identities; to keep their friends and families safe from harm.[13] While wearing the suit, Ryan was able to have a face-to-face conversation with her ex-girlfriend, Angelique Martin without being recognized.[14] Furthermore, the Batsuit's dark hue contrasts with the wearer's natural skin complexion, making the latter appear lighter than when the suit isn't worn for outside observers.
    • Synthetic wig: Kate added a synthetic red wig to the Batsuit a few weeks after she became Batwoman so her enemies didn't mistake her for Batman. The wig was removable, as the hairless cowl could occasionally be seen on display in the Batcave.[13] After Ryan acquired the suit and received Luke and Mary's blessing to fully operate as Batwoman, she swapped out the original wig for a tightly curled, brown variant with streaks of red on the sides. Similarly to Kate, Ryan did this so people wouldn't mistake her for her predecessor
Ryan Wilder to a False Face Society member[src]
  • Intimidation: Bruce, Kate and Ryan respectively use the suit to terrify their enemies. Ryan sometimes does this by hanging upside-down in the similar fashion of a bat.
  • Beacon: An advanced tracking system was built into the suit and utilizes a beacon included in the suit's construct and therefore; can be located as well as kept track of from the Batcave via satellite imaging and uplink. Enabling this tracking beacon will activate a green light on the suit's left gauntlet. Inversely, the beacon can be deactivated by pushing the appropriate button on one of the gauntlets - upon which, the Batcave's discernment of the suit will disappear until the beacon is manually reactivated.
  • Communications system: Inside the suit's cowl is a communications system connecting the suit's wearer to the Batcave via an encrypted communication line. The comms system can be turned off with the flip of a switch on the suit's utility belt. This system can also pick up various radio freequencies being used within close proximity of the suit.
  • Damage recording: The suit's techno-carbon fibers record any deformation caused by damage to the suit in order to record blunt force trauma and bullet impacts and upload said recordings to the Batcomputer for further analysis. This system can also determine critical rupture points in the suit in the event that its protection is somehow severely bypassed. This recording system is so precise, it can even record the impact of a license plate on the suit.[15]
  • Disruptor: In the suit's left gaunlet is a disruptor which can temporarily override tech-based weapons and render them useless. This feature requires the gauntlet to be charged, however, and without such preparation, it will take 30 seconds to be activated remotely.

Batwoman gliding.

  • Gliding capabilities: The suit's cape can extend and stiffen, allowing the wearer to glide through the air as a means of aerial transportation.
  • Internal defibrillator: The suit has a built-in defibrillator which, in case of emergencies, can be used to jumpstart the wearer's heart.
  • Internal injectors: Built somewhere into the Batsuit is a scaled-down drug-delivery system that can be remotely incurred from the Batcave. This innovative feature allows substances loaded beforehand into the suit - including but not limited to adrenaline — to be injected directly into the wearer's somatic system in the case of an emergency (i.e. incapacitation via exposure to a paralytic).
"I'm bulletproof, bitches!"
Ryan Wilder
  • Kevlar armor: From the body armor itself to the cape fastened at the shoulders and trailing from the back it, the entire suit was manufactured out of a military-grade kevlar woven with enriched carbon nanotubes of his own design; this means that in spite of the thin and skintight layering over the wearer's body and seemingly cloth-like pliability it shows when worn, the suit’s main fabric is nothing short of legitimately resilient. The suit is impenetrable against all commercial and military firearms, including the Desert Eagle Mark IX .50 AE. Even the cape itself is just as resilient and capable of stopping gunfire this way even as it insubstantially flutters in the wind behind its wearer. Nothing except for a projectile fired from a specially-made rail gun, coil accelerator, or a piercing projectile made of pure green Kryptonite is able to pierce the suit.[16]
  • Temperature regulator: The Batsuit possesses a built-in body-temperature regulation system that can be controlled remotely from the Batcave. The regulator is able to manipulate the wearer's thermal readings to make external monitoring register that individual’s bodily temperature is as hot or as cold as intended - even if it feels perfectly room temperature for the person inside - allowing the suit’s user to bypass traps, weaponry, and means of detection that are reliant on temperature in order to be triggered, to track, or to identify their designated target. Conversely speaking, this function may also help serve as either an internal heating or cooling system. However, the regulator is potentially pervious to malfunction in the case of extreme temperatures.
  • Vitality monitoring: An array of sensors installed and lining the interior of the Batsuit, assuming they are active, allows the wearer's vital readings to be monitored from the Batcave. These sensors are so refined and highly-calibrated that not only can they determine if the wearer was drugged or exposed to a malignant factor or substance, but also provide a very good chance the nature of said malignance. The suit can also detect high voltage readings.

Batwoman using the suit's lenses.

  • White lenses: The suit is equipped with a pair of white lenses that cover the eye holes in the cowl when activated. These lenses serve a multitude of functions.
    • Cowl-cam: The lenses have a cowl-cam setting which, when invoked, highlights what the wearer sees in a HUD-like manner so that they may assess the technologically-processed visual data on the go. The cowl-cam's uplink streams a live feed of the lenses' line of sight to the Batcomputer, which allows the feed to be captured, enhanced, or analyzed.[17]
    • Echolocation: Themed after the nocturnal creature that the Batsuit was modeled after, the lenses have an echolocation setting to enable the detection of vibrations in the air, which are visually represented as erratically pulsing flashes of light coming from the source of the vibration. This function permits the wearer to visualize vibrational frequencies otherwise unperceivable to the naked ear.
    • Electronic detection: The lenses have a setting to detect electronic devices by tracing electrical activity that run in active technological contraptions as they operate.
    • Infrared: The lenses have a setting that permits viewing through the infrared spectrum, allowing the wearer to perceive thermal signatures and readings from heat sources that are within the their field of vision.
    • Night-vision: The lenses include a night-vision setting for improved visibility in rooms completely engulfed in darkness.
  • Batarang launcher: The suit features a Batarang launcher on its right gauntlet which can be triggered by pressing a button in the same location.[17]
  • Bat-Belt: The suit contains a utility belt which stores a variety of useful tools; such as batarangs and the grappling gun.


  • Green Kryptonite: According to the late Lucius Fox via his journal; green Kryptonite is the only known element in existence that can penetrate the Batsuit.[18] Indeed; a bullet-shaped piece of green kryptonite was fired at Ryan Wilder by Tommy Elliot while the former was donned in the suit and it was able to pierce through the armor, and inflict a kryptonite infection upon the wearer.[4]
  • Extreme electrical surges: While providing strong insulation from most electric currents, the Batsuit cannot withstand massive amounts; if exposed to an excessive amount of electricity, the suit will report the power surge to the Batcomputer and the wearer will be vulnerable to the effects of the current.[19]

Former weaknesses

  • Rail gun: After becoming Batman, Bruce Wayne had a handheld rail gun commissioned by Wayne Enterprises Research & Development, designed to be able to penetrate the Batsuit in case the suit ever fell into the wrong hands. The rail gun fired an electromagnetically-charged projectile that moved fast enough to penetrate the suit's armor.[1] However, at some point after the rail gun was reclaimed from Tommy Elliot, Kate Kane had the weapon melted down; eliminating the threat that it posed to the Batsuit and the individual wearing it.
  • Coil accelerator: Sometime after Bruce Wayne become Batman, Catherine Hamilton had a handheld coil accelerator gun with capabilities similar to that of the rail gun's commissioned by Hamilton Dynamics. This weapon was designed to be able to penetrate the Batsuit, as she saw the bat vigilante as a threat to exposing her illegal activities to the public. After Batman's inexplicable disappearance, Catherine halted the project's development, only to renew it again following Batwoman's emergence, finally completing a functional prototype. However, Beth Kane had Jonathan Cartwright steal the finished product and they then proceeded to kill the only scientists on the entire planet who knew how to make the coil accelerator, as well as removing and destroying the power cell that gave the coil accelerator it's lethal function, eliminating the threat that it posed to the Batsuit and the individual wearing it.

Known users

Former users


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  • Unlike in the DC comics; there is only one version of the Batsuit in existence.
  • According to Kate Kane; the suit cost $10.8 million to make.
  • The suit's failsafe; the rail gun is a parallel conductor that generates a pulse of electromagnetism; accelerating the velocity of the projectile.
    • The rail gun is the most lethal weapon that Bruce Wayne ever built. It is the only gun strong enough to penetrate the suit. Bruce had it built in case the suit ever fell into the wrong hands, thus; whoever is in possession of the gun has the only gun out there that can kill the suit's wearer.
    • However, there is an override to this failsafe; if the disruptor in the suit's gauntlet is activated; the gun can be neutralized and thereby render the suit completely inpenetrable.
  • On the CatCo cover for Winter 2020, as well as when she attended Gothamites' rally to turn on the Batsignal, Kate was seen wearing a version of the suit that fully exposed her neck and jawline. This is later revealed as one of Luke Fox's upgrades after the crisis. However, it is unknown how this is an upgrade as this lowers the protection of the suit.
    • It is possible that the suit is altered; due to the comfort of the suit while being worn by Ruby Rose during the shooting.
    • This alteration was fixed by Ryan Wilder; as when she donned the suit her neck and jawline were covered by the cowl.
  • According to Kate; although the suit renders it's wearer bulletproof, it (apparently) does not spare them from a stinging sensation that follows a gunshot.
  • While the suit is virtually impervious to damage, it is feasibly alterable and even repairable seeing how Luke Fox was able to re-tailor and convert the original Batsuit into a feminized version for Kate Kane, as well as conduct needed repairs to it in the off-chance that it sustains lasting damage, which was presumably how he mended the damage done to the suit by a rail gun that Luke employed. Ryan would later effect her own alterations into the suit for it to better serve her in crime-fighting.
  • It is possible that there has only been one Batsuit ever. Kate reused Bruce's suit, albeit with some slight modifications to better fit her body. Ryan found and used Kate's suit, and for a while did so without it being altered. She eventually made even more modifications in order for the suit to further conform to her. When Kate was brainwashed into believing she was Circe Sionis, she completely defaced and militarized the suit. After Ryan thwarted Kate and restored her memories, it is very likely that Luke repaired and tailored the suit back into Ryan's version, as opposed to making a new one.
    • This idea is further supported by the fact that the suit's creator, Lucius Fox, is deceased, and even his son Luke admitted that he couldn't replicate his father's work. Luke has also been able to repair multiple bullet holes in the suit's armor, from the rail gun's demonstrative shot to a Kryptonite bullet wound.
  • In "Power", Roman Sionis claims that Batman built shaped abdominals into his suit as a means of intimidation. However, when Kate found Bruce's suit on display before Luke altered it to fit her, the suit had no such feature.
    • This could be a change resulting from the crisis or it could be that Bruce simply removed them from the suit before leaving Gotham.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Bruce Wayne created several different types of Batsuits; to be used in several different types of situations or environments; such as the Arctic Batsuit to be used in extremely cold temperatures and environments.
  • On set, there are two versions of Ryan Wilder's Batsuit; one is for stunts and the other is for regular shots. The stunt version of the Batsuit features white-colored text on the inside of the cape (presumabely warning labels) and is overall more flexible for Javicia Leslie; who performs all of her own stunts on the show.