The Batbike[1] is a Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron used by Batwoman as her model of long distance transport during her vigilante's activities in Gotham City.


After the Crisis, Batwoman started to use an world-class motorcycle equipped with several weapons for long-distance travel around Gotham City. The bike was designed and created by Luke Fox in order to avoid rising suspicious due to Batwoman going around with the same bike Kate Kate possessed. He gave her the bike a few days before her birthday, however it was a mere coincidence.[2]


  • Grappling launcher: The Batbike can shoot grappling hooks that can offensively pull people and objects.[2]
  • Smoke darts: The Batbike is equipped with smoke darts that generate a massive smoke screen to facilitate the driver's escape.[1]
  • Tracker: Luke placed a device on the bike to locate it if needed.[3]



Season 1



Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics the Batcycle, also known as Batblade or Batpod, was first and foremost used by the female members of the Bat-Family and after several years, it was eventually adopted by the Dark Knight himself.


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