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"Uh, Rory, where are we?"
"Uh, some island in the Caribbean."
"Wouldn't happen to be Cuba, would it, Mick?"
"Please tell me you didn't take us to 1962."
"Why? What happened? Oh."
"Rory, you just dropped us in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
—The Legends upon discovering a Soviet ballistic missile.

"Bay of Squids" is the fourth episode of the sixth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the eighty-sixth episode overall. It aired on May 23, 2021.



John F

President John F. Kennedy

Kayla's cryochamber fell in Cuba in 1962, where she was captured by the Russian army in Cuba.

Nate Heywood and Zari Tarazi had an awkward talk. Esperanza Cruz was training while Behrad Tarazi slept. Mick Rory informed Ava Sharpe that Kayla is in Cuba, 1962 which makes Ava excited and Mick takes the leadership of the team and informed the rest of the team about the mission and they traveled to 1962.

After arriving in Cuba, the Legends stole a truck to escape the Russian army. The Legends open the box and find a missile warhead and discover that Mick unknowingly led them to the Cuban Missile Crisis and realized that Mick did not camouflage the Waverider. While in The White House, General Kilgore showed President John F. Kennedy photographs of the Waverider and assumed that the Soviets were planning a bombing. while Mick showed the rest of the team including Behrad on how to enter the Russian army base but Ava decided that she would be in charge of entering the Russian base.

Fidel Castro

El Comandante Fidel Castro

Behrad and Ava were allowed to enter the Russian base and Mick and Spooner tried to enter the Cuban Army base. Nate and Zari managed to enter the White House and Nate met JFK and the rest of the senators and entered the meeting room where Kilgore showed the images of the Waverider thinking that it was a Russian bomber and Nate mentioned that it was a spaceship and try to convince them not to launch missiles between them. Ava and Behrad were taken where Kayla was to do a vivisection and Ava was left alone to do the vivisection since Behrad cannot bear blood and a soldier confused him with Che Guevara and took him with the Commander of the Cuban Army, Fidel Castro and Behrad pretended to be Che Guevara's brother and Castro believed that Behrad was the brother of his friend Che. JFK was informed that someone stole a missile where there was a man of steel and the Russian ambassador accused them of attacking Cuba with the man of steel and Kilgore showed newly arrived images showing the man of steel who was actually Nate.

Nate tried to convince that the man of steel was not real and told them about another soccer game, but Kilgore managed to convince JFK to respond to Cuba while in the vivisection area the anesthesia had been released and Ava and the other doctors started laughing and all the doctors fell asleep except Ava. Behrad and Castro spoke and Castro told him that the CIA is trying to kill him with an invasion of mutant squid and Castro revealed that he has a nuclear missile to eliminate Washington. Ava managed to take Kayla away while Mick and Spooner returned the missile to the Cuban Army and Spooner felt her powers increase, and she felt that Kayla was furious and could understand her and saw that Ava was in danger and Mick and Spooner went to the rescue and Kayla woke up and attacked Ava and Mick prevented Kayla from eating Ava and Kayla escaped and Mick and Spooner took Ava from the base. Behrad played a song for Castro to convince him to avoid war, but the Cuban Army was already preparing the missile and Castro was convinced not to launch the missile when suddenly Kayla appeared before Castro, but was saved by Behrad which made Castro go worry about ordering to launch the missile while Ava was in the medical area along with Mick and Spooner. Behrad contacted them about the missile launch.

After they found out that the Soviets lost the missile, Kilgore finally managed to convince JFK to respond to Cuba and Zari forcibly sent a message to the Soviets declaring war on Cuba and all was lost, but Ava still believed that Behrad could do it but Castro He received a call from Che and Behrad was discovered fleeing the base and Ava tasked Mick with getting back inside the mission and avoiding the war. Mick and Spooner returned to the Soviet base where they met Kayla again, who was trying to escape in the missile, Mick made a deal with Kayla promising to return her spaceship if she helps them find Sara and Kayla accepted the deal, while Castro activated the missile.

Kayla and Mick in the Waverider

Kayla in her human form.

Nate managed to convince JFK not to send a missile to Cuba, so Kilgore got angry because they were all soft and Nate was revealed to be the man of steel and Kilgore took Zari hostage and the nuclear soccer ball then Nate, JFK, Bobby and the others got together to make a strategy and Nate and his team confronted Kilgore and his soldiers in a football game and managed to get the ball while the missile kept approaching JFK decided not to send the missile and accepted their destination except for Kilgore. Kilgore came out shooting the missile, but unexpectedly the missile did not explode, However, it fell on top of Kilgore and everyone celebrated in the White House because they managed to survive.

Mick took Kayla to the Waverider leaving Spooner in Cuba. Ava apologized to Mick and Mick promised to find Sara and Ava stayed with the others, wishing Mick luck. Nate and Zari arranged things and met with the others and now without the Waverider they decided to stay in the Constantine's house. While that was happening Mick did not understand anything of what Kayla was saying, so Kayla used her Image Inducer transforming into a human making an impression on Mick.



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  • This is the first episode of the series to not feature Caity Lotz (Sara Lance). It is also the first episode of the series to not feature Adam Tsekhman (Gary Green) after being promoted to a series regular.
    • With Lotz's absence, this means that there is no cast member to be present in every episode of the series.
    • This leaves Mick Rory as the only character to have appeared in every episode of the series (though he only appeared as Chronos in "Night of the Hawk").
  • The episode's title is a reference to the Bay of Pigs, an inlet of the Gulf of Cazones on the southern coast of Cuba and the site of the Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961.
  • When Mick punches a Cuban army officer out of a truck, the Wilhelm scream can be heard.
  • Zari speaks French to Rory saying "Este-ce que tu parles francais" which, in English, means "Do you speak French?"


  • In the official press release for the episode, Adam Tsekhman's name was misspelt as "Adam Tsekham".
  • The nuclear football is presented as a control board which enables a single person to simply press a few buttons and thereby order missile launches. In reality, the football just contains a series of codes, which must be called in/transmitted by at least two separate individuals in order to authorize a launch.
  • General Kilgore is shown wearing an Infantry Branch insignia on his blouse lapels. General officers do not wear branch insignia. The only insignia on their blouse lapel is "US".
  • The alien in the pod is eventually released to be Kayla, which is hard to believe since Kayla wasn't trapped in a pod when she was jettisoned from the alien ship. She was freely thrown from the ship when Sara released the rest of the pods, to prevent Sara from being pulled out of the ship by Kayla. The rest of the Legends even saw the pods disappear into the temporal zone stream; Kayla was shown to disappear without a pod herself.