"To remake this company. To use the technology that helped me walk again, to make people's lives better. To make Palmer Tech into the beacon of hope."
Felicity Smoak to Thea Queen on her new mission
"Beacon of Hope" is the seventeenth episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the eighty-sixth episode overall. It aired on March 30, 2016.


Brie Larvan breaks out of jail and turns up at Palmer Tech threatening to kill everyone unless she gets the bio-chip that is implanted in Felicity's spine. When Oliver realizes that Felicity, Thea and Donna are trapped in Palmer Tech with everyone else, he looks to a surprising ally to help Team Arrow save the day.[src]


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Preparation ran from January 21 until January 29, 2016. Shooting ran from February 1 until February 11, 2016, with a break on February 8 for Family Day.[1]


  • After Laurel sidesteps around using Felicity's name, Oliver claims that she's "not Voldemort", a reference to the main antagonist of the Harry Potter series.
    • Thea additionally makes fun of Oliver for actually having knowledge of Harry Potter. He claims to have read a few of the books and is surprised that there are films. Not all of this can be attributed to Oliver's time spent on Lian Yu, as he was first stranded there on 2007, where five of the films had already been released.
  • Curtis compares the projected price of the bio-chip to the first Digital Equipment Corporation VAX, a high-end minicomputer from the late 70s.
  • When Thea bursts into Felicity's office just after the latter's mother, she claims that they are like Tribbles, creatures from the Star Trek franchise which are known for their often-excessive reproduction rate.
    • Additionally, when one of the mechanical bees enters Oliver's body and begins replicating, Curtis compares it to Borg, a group of aliens from the same franchise who forcibly transform individuals into drones by injecting nanoprobes into their bodies.
  • When Curtis first sees the Arrowcave, he exclaims, "holy frak", a reference to an expletive popularized by the Battlestar Galactica franchise. It is also repeated by Curtis and Felicity in the episode "Lost in the Flood".
    • This same exclamation is frequently used by Cisco Ramon.
  • Curtis compares the robotic bees hitting critical mass to "John Hurt in Alien", referencing the actor's character in the 1979 film, Gilbert Kane, who is killed by a chestburster.
  • Curtis is surprised that Oliver is Green Arrow instead of "Neal Adams from data processing" at Palmer Tech. This is a reference to comic book writer and artist Neal Adams, who made critical acclaim with Green Arrow during the 1970s.
  • Curtis asks Laurel to use her Canary Cry by giving it "the full Mariah Carey".
  • When Donna sees the secret elevator in the Palmer Technologies building, she likens it to the 2002 Jodie Foster film, Panic Room.
  • Brie Larvan mentions her "favorite scene from My Girl", likely referencing a scene in which the character Thomas J. Sennett is fatally stung by a bee.
  • Felicity reminds Thea that they are in a "Die Hard movie with bees", referencing the film series that have been a favorite of Stephen Amell in real-life.
  • After Curtis comes up with the idea to upload a virus to the collective of bees, Quentin likens it to the 1996 film Independence Day, in which the characters upload a virus to the alien mothership, allowing them to implant a nuclear bomb (effectively decimating the enemy).
  • The nickname which Curtis calls Brie, "Bee Arthur", is a pun on the actress Bea Arthur.
  • When Paul goes to heat up soup for Curtis, the latter describes it as "terrific", referencing his comic book alter ego, Mr. Terrific.
  • The episode's title is mentioned a number of times later in the episode, referencing Team Arrow's need to be a beacon of hope for others, as no one else is, as well as being one of many bee puns featured in the episode.
  • The broadcast version concluded with a hotline for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, formerly known as the Christopher Reeve Foundation. It was founded by the late Christopher Reeve, best known for playing Superman from 1978–87 who’s said to be the same as Clark Kent (Earth-96). He also portrayed Earth-167’s Dr. Virgil Swann on Smallville. The CW released a special PSA online the day after the airing, that featured Emily Bett Rickards and a representative from the foundation.


  • During the training session scene when Diggle asks Oliver what advice he would give to him, Thea is standing tired. However, two shots after that, Oliver and Diggle begin to fight but Thea - along with Laurel - is lying on the ground.
  • The inside of the Palmer Tech delivery entrance door has the logo of Signal Systems etched in the glass. Signal Systems is located on the Vancouver Film Studios lot.



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