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"You can save this city, you do it every night. You're a beacon of hope to people. I just wish that you would try and use some of that hope for yourself."
Laurel Lance to Oliver Queen

"Beacon of Hope" is the seventeenth episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the eighty-sixth episode overall. It aired on March 30, 2016.



The scene opens on Brie Larvan, hacking into her own Iron Heights Prison document and changing her discharge date. A gatekeeper almost gets her while attempting to expel her from the PC, however not before she figures out how to change the discharge date to… today.

In the Arrowcave, the group is competing with escrima sticks. Oliver is taking out his relationship-put together threats with respect to the group. Oliver is as yet stressed over H.I.V.E., however the remainder of the group needs to set aside some effort to themselves, since they've figured out how to quiet down the city by taking Darhk off the board.

Alex has been extended to an employment opportunity by Ruve Darhk, however the group proposes he should accept a position at Palmer Tech.

In the flashbacks, Oliver and Taiana attempt to trap Reiter, whose enchantment is on the melt away… yet he's despite everything impenetrable.

At Palmer Tech, Felicity and Curtis are looking at attempting to figure out how to advertise the chip they need to fix her spinal wounds. Felicity sends Curtis home since he's debilitated, at that point Thea comes in to converse with her about Alex.

Malcolm heads to Iron Heights to converse with Darhk, revealing to him that no one at H.I.V.E. need him out of jail. They're pushing ahead with Genesis, however not with him.

Back at the sanctuary, Oliver is preparing when Laurel comes to mind him. She reveals to him she realizes he's been blowing a gasket since he misses Felicity. She says she needs to support him, and she thinks their past together gives her extraordinary understanding. He says he thinks he'd have strengthened at this point after all the agony he's suffered in the course of the most recent couple of years, however Laurel discloses to him that is an alternate sort of torment, and she's there for him.

At the Palmer Tech board, the gathering is as yet looking out for Felicity, causing them a deep sense of vexation, when one of the board individuals breakdown, and afterward hurls a haze of honey bees. Brie strolls in and says she needs the microchip from Felicity's spine.

Felicity is conversing with Thea when out of nowhere Brie appears on all the screens in the structure, disclosing to Felicity she needs to converse with her about the bio-chip, and that the board would value her collaboration.

Donna needs to get Felicity out of the structure, yet Felicity says they can't get a sign out of the structure, in light of the fact that Larvan has blocked interchanges.

At home, Curtis overcomes his sickness to run off to attempt to raise Oliver. Arrow comes in and gets some information about the honey bees, saying that he figures it's likely H.I.V.E. Oliver has just made sense of it's most likely Brie Larvan, and he prepares the group to get ready.

As the honey bees begin to draw nearer to Felicity's office, she, Thea, and Donna are going to move through the vents to get away.

At the nest, Curtis appears and drops in the wake of understanding that Oliver is the Green Arrow and Laurel is Black Canary.

At Iron Heights, a gathering of baddies heavily influenced by Murmur hop Damien Darhk and begin to thump him before a gatekeeper stops them.

At Palmer Tech, Felicity and friends leave the vents and get themselves the objective of a bee hive.

At the nest, Curtis awakens, still amped up for the experience of the refuge. He bounces on the PC and starts searching for data that can assist them with getting in to save Felicity. Oliver hesitantly consents to allow him to help, to Curtis' merriment.

In the flashbacks, Reiter monologs about how he would now be able to order early stage energies. He discloses to them that on the off chance that they give him his golden calf, he'll murder them rapidly. Oliver denies him, and he throws Taiana over the room.

At Palmer Tech, Felicity and friends bounce into a storage room to stow away.

At the nest, Curtis is experiencing difficulty with the PCs.

Back in the storage room, a solitary honey bee gets in with them… however Curtis has hacked it and made a way for them to meet Oliver and friends. Not long before that can occur, however, Brie effectively figures out how to show Curtis out of the framework and orders a crowd of honey bees to frame a man shape and assault Team Arrow.

Back at the den, Team Arrow gets Oliver; he's been stung by one of the robot honey bees, and now it's within him and self-repeating.

Back in the wardrobe, Donna is going crazy. Brie is in Felicity's office, which gives Felicity a thought.

In the den, Curtis gets a thought for how to slaughter the honey bees: shoot it with sonics, and it will disturb the hive-mind. Laurel can utilize her sonic shout, which she does — breaking a bunch of stuff in the den including Curtis' glasses, yet additionally executing the honey bees.

In the flashback, Oliver attempts to go hand-to-hand with Reiter, however it goes gravely for him. Reiter intends to make himself a divine being by giving up an ever increasing number of lives to his motivation — however as he's going to murder Oliver, his capacity dwindles and Ollie takes him out.

At Palmer Tech, Felicity and Thea take a lift that is intended to go directly from her office to the old Arrowcave. They set T-circles to detonate outside the lift entryways, which punctures the divider through which the board can get in. From that point forward, Felicity and Thea get out to face Larvan and send the lift first floor.

In the workplace, Larvan uncovers that she has a tumor on her spine, and requirements the chip so she can stroll after the medical procedure to evacuate the tumor. Felicity consents to give her what she needs, so she doesn't shoot Thea.

In the nest, Oliver goes crazy on Curtis when he attempts to infuse some levity into the circumstance, and Laurel needs to pull him aside to quiet him down. He discloses to her that Felicity helped give him trust that he could have the Green Arrow's life and still be upbeat. She discloses to him that life isn't reasonable, however that doesn't imply that he isn't an encouraging sign to the city.

At Iron Heights, the detainees from prior methodology Darhk again — yet Murmur slaughters them. Darhk has assumed control over control of his association by taking steps to have his family outwardly slaughtered.

At Felicity's office, Thea and Felicity contend; Thea attempts to persuade Felicity to return to the group, yet Felicity wouldn't like to.

At the sanctuary, Curtis is attempting to break the honey bees. He's made sense of their overhaul convention, and stacked a PC infection onto a sharpened stone.

In the workplace, Larvan has made sense of that Felicity encouraged Barry send her to jail, and is prepared to assault them with her multitude.

Group Arrow heads to Palmer Tech, when the Bee Man begins pursuing them. They figure out how to get to Felicity's office, catching Brie, and terminating a bolt into the Bee Man. While Oliver battles it, Curtis hacks into the honey bees' framework so the infection can work… however before he can initiate anything, the honey bee he's been contemplating in the nest returns to life. As he and Lance are running from it, Felicity breaks a light and uses it to short out the Bee Man. Arrow obliterates the honey bee with a percolator, permitting Curtis to hack the honey bees and take control, making them sting Brie into obviousness after she's shot Oliver and is undermining Thea and Felicity.

At the nest, Oliver expresses gratitude toward Curtis for his assistance and apologizes for being so short prior.

The group discloses to him that Larvan overdosed on poisons from her honey bees and is in a state of insensibility. Curtis says he's going to head home, and Oliver discloses to him he's consistently welcome in the nest and in the group.

In the flashback, Oliver gets together all the weapons in the territory and checks Taiana, who is alive however oblivious. She awakens to see that Reiter is no more. She needs to prevent him from discovering his object of worship, however Oliver says that they will go salvage her companions and murder Reiter's men first.

Back at home, Curtis tells his better half that he's upset for evaporating throughout the day, and guarantees no additionally vanishing acts.

Back at Palmer, Thea inquires as to whether she misses the Team Arrow surge. Felicity says she was never in it for the surge; she needed to have any kind of effect. Thea requests that her rejoin the group, and Felicity says she's seen another path as a legend: to incorporate Palmer Tech with an encouraging sign.

Somewhere else, Merlyn approaches Andy Diggle for help assaulting Team Arrow.


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Preparation ran from January 21 until January 29, 2016. Shooting ran from February 1 until February 11, 2016, with a break on February 8 for Family Day.[1]


  • After Laurel sidesteps around using Felicity's name, Oliver claims that she's "not Voldemort", a reference to the main antagonist of the Harry Potter series.
    • Thea additionally makes fun of Oliver for actually having knowledge of Harry Potter. He claims to have read a few of the books and is surprised that there are films. Not all of this can be attributed to Oliver's time spent on Lian Yu, as he was first stranded there in 2007, by which time five of the eight films had already been released.
  • Curtis compares the projected price of the bio-chip to the first Digital Equipment Corporation VAX, a high-end minicomputer from the late 70s.
  • When Thea bursts into Felicity's office just after the latter's mother, she claims that they are like Tribbles, creatures from the Star Trek franchise which are known for their often-excessive reproduction rate.
    • Additionally, when one of the mechanical bees enters Oliver's body and begins replicating, Curtis compares it to Borg, a group of aliens from the same franchise who forcibly transform individuals into drones by injecting nanoprobes into their bodies.
  • When Curtis first sees the Arrowcave, he exclaims, "holy frak", a reference to an expletive popularized by the Battlestar Galactica franchise. It is also repeated by Curtis and Felicity in the episode "Lost in the Flood".
    • This same exclamation is frequently used by Cisco Ramon.
  • Curtis compares the robotic bees hitting critical mass to "John Hurt in Alien", referencing the actor's character in the 1979 film, Gilbert Kane, who is killed by a chestburster.
  • Curtis is surprised that Oliver is Green Arrow instead of "Neal Adams from data processing" at Palmer Tech. This is a reference to comic book writer and artist Neal Adams, who made critical acclaim with Green Arrow during the 1970s.
  • Curtis asks Laurel to use her Canary Cry by giving it "the full Mariah Carey".
  • When Donna sees the secret elevator in the Palmer Technologies building, she likens it to the 2002 Jodie Foster film, Panic Room.
  • Brie Larvan mentions her "favorite scene from My Girl", likely referencing a scene in which the character Thomas J. Sennett is fatally stung by a bee.
  • Felicity reminds Thea that they are in a "Die Hard movie with bees", referencing the film series that have been a favorite of Stephen Amell in real-life.
  • After Curtis comes up with the idea to upload a virus to the collective of bees, Quentin likens it to the 1996 film Independence Day, in which the characters upload a virus to the alien mothership, allowing them to implant a nuclear bomb (effectively decimating the enemy).
  • The nickname which Curtis calls Brie, "Bee Arthur", is a pun on the actress Bea Arthur.
  • When Paul goes to heat up soup for Curtis, the latter describes it as "terrific", referencing his comic book alter ego, Mr. Terrific.
  • The episode's title is mentioned a number of times later in the episode, referencing Team Arrow's need to be a beacon of hope for others, as no one else is, as well as being one of many bee puns featured in the episode.
  • The broadcast version concluded with a hotline for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, formerly known as the Christopher Reeve Foundation. It was founded by the late Christopher Reeve, best known for playing Superman from 1978–87 who’s said to be the same as Clark Kent (Earth-96). He also portrayed Earth-167’s Dr. Virgil Swann on Smallville. The CW released a special PSA online the day after the airing, that featured Emily Bett Rickards and a representative from the foundation.


  • During the training session scene when Diggle asks Oliver what advice he would give to him, Thea is standing tired. However, two shots after that, Oliver and Diggle begin to fight but Thea - along with Laurel - is lying on the ground.
  • The inside of the Palmer Tech delivery entrance door has the logo of Signal Systems etched in the glass. Signal Systems is located on the Vancouver Film Studios lot.