Beatrice is the current leader of the Ninth Circle.


Early life

At some point, Beatrice was recruited into the Ninth Circle and rose through the ranks; to the point that Beatrice earned herself a place on the Ninth Circle council.

Becoming the new leader of the Ninth Circle

After Emiko Adachi's vendetta against Oliver Queen, made her sloppy and she wound up exposing the Ninth Circle's existence to the public; as a result, the council removed her as the leader of the Ninth Circle and gave the position to Beatrice, which Emiko herself was completely unaware of. Beatrice was (presumably) ordered by the council to kill Emiko for her insubordination.

Conflict with Emiko Adachi and Team Arrow

Beatrice arrived at Palmer Tech (presumably) summoned by Virgil, to kill Emiko Adachi when she failed to destroy Star City as planned, but mainly because her vendetta against the Queen family resulted in the Ninth Circle's existence being revealed to the public; with Team Arrow disabling their weapons and Oliver Queen trying to convince Emiko to become a better person, Beatrice and Virgil turned on Emiko and they fought. Ultimately, Beatrice beat Emiko badly and they left before blowing up the building with Emiko and Oliver still inside. However, the latter managed to escape at the last second, though he remained mourning his half-sister afterwards.[1]


Beatrice is tough as nails and has no tolerance for insubordination; for example, she ruthlessly killed Emiko Adachi for her failure to destroy Star City, but mainly because Emiko's vendetta against the Queen family resulting in the Ninth Circle's existence being revealed to the public.[1]

After Beatrice makes it clear to Emiko that the council is no longer tolerating her insubordination (as her actions resulted in their organization being revealed to the public) when the latter (arrogantly/delusively) states that the "Ninth Circle answers to me", Beatrice then threw a knife into her stomach to get her point across, as well as making clear to Emiko that she is no longer the leader of their organization.


  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Beatrice is an exceptionally skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, as she was able to overpower Emiko Adachi in in their first/only confrontation and seriously injure her; to the point that she left the former leader of the Ninth Circle bleeding to death.[1]
    • Master knife wielder/Knife thrower: Beatrice is a highly skilled knife-fighter and knife thrower, as she was able to hit Emiko in the stomach with a throwing knife before she could even react; she would have nailed another in her head, if Oliver Queen had not deflected it.[1]


  • Throwing knives: Beatrice hid numerous throwing knives on her person to whip out at a moment's notice.[1]



Season 7

Behind the scenes


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