"I've only ever been dealt bad hands. But I knew one day the universe would see that it made a mistake, and then I'd have run of the table. I got on that bus and Lady Luck smiled on me."
—Becky Sharpe[src]

Rebecca "Becky" Sharpe (c. 1993[1] – early 2018), nicknamed Hazard by Cisco Ramon, was a meta-human with the power to spread bad luck on people whilst giving herself good luck. She was briefly an ally of Team Flash until her body and powers were taken by Clifford DeVoe.


Becky Sharpe was born in Sarasota, Florida in 1993.

Moving to Central City in 2014, Becky had her car rear-ended four times, her identity stolen twice and a cat burglar stole her actual cat.

On October 10, 2017, Becky grabbed a coffee at CC Jitters, but her order got messed up and had dairy milk instead of soy. She rushed home to get to the bathroom and found her boyfriend Kenny cheating on her. Later, Becky went to work at Starlight Gateway Casino. That day, she was fired when she accidentally spit a drink on a player whilst fending off his advances. After finding her car clamped, she raced to catch a bus which despite her bad luck she did. While on the bus, a portal into the Speed Force opened to release Barry Allen from it. This caused a dark matter wave, affecting 12 people on the bus, including her.
Becky Sharpe running

Becky Sharpe running to catch the bus

Becky discovered her meta-human powers and begun using them to benefit herself, thinking that it was the universe's way of fixing the mistake it had made by giving her so much bad luck. Three weeks later, she robbed a bank with an Uber that brought her there waited outside and made her escape, despite being chased by the Flash, who her quantum field caused to trip when marbles fell onto the road. She then went back to her old casino and began playing where she used her powers to win big. However, this caused her quantum field to expand dramatically up and out, causing smaller cases of bad luck such as Barry accidentally cuffing himself with power-dampening cuffs, to larger ones such as a plane having two bird strikes and the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator activating and at risk of exploding. Fortunately, when the accelerator fired, the charge released from a hydrogen-electron collision neutralized her quantum field and returned everything to normal. The Flash was then able to capture her, taking her to the meta-human wing of Iron Heights Prison.[1]

When Warden Wolfe had discovered that Barry Allen was the Flash, he was moved into the same metahuman cell block as Becky and the other bus metas.

Amunet Black was then brought to the wing where Wolfe showed her and the others as possible goods for her to sell and she decided to take all of them. Becky was scared as Barry explained who exactly Amunet was and what was about to happen to them. Barry then managed to disable the locks to all of their cells and tried to organize a joint escape but Becky wanted to stay as she was scared of repeating what she did to Central City the last time she was out. She didn't want to hurt anyone else but Barry told her that if she stayed then Amunet would sell her and her powers would be potentially made to hurt countless people. She then decided to join all of them.

They journeyed to the ruins of the prison level below their wing to try and distance themselves from the power dampeners to get their abilities back and be free. As they moved through the tunnels, they ran into a maintenance man and the other prisoners wanted to kill him in order to make sure he didn't jeopardize their escape. Barry argued that they didn't have to kill him, just tie him up; Becky agreed and Barry moved to knock the man out. As Killgore moved to hack into a digitally locked door, she moved to befriend Barry as she looked at his hurt hand, showing some basic medical knowledge as she went through similar injuries herself prior to becoming empowered. Barry asked what she would do when she was freed and she didn't know as the last time she was free, she had jinxed many people just to have luck for herself. Barry told her that there were metas who tried to help people with their gifts and that their powers didn't make them who they were. She told him that she didn't believe that he killed Devoe as he clearly really cared about people.

When Deacon got the door open, they found themselves in the prison yard and they each felt their powers return. Becky thanked Barry for his help, as did the others. However, Wolfe appeared with his meta guards and fired a dampening restraint on Barry and ordered them all to return to their cells quietly if they wanted to live. They all were ready to resist Wolfe but he revealed that if vengeance was what they wanted, then they should have it on the one that imprisoned them in the first place, the Flash, and revealed that it was Barry. Immediately, the others turned on Barry, but Becky stood in the way and told them to leave him alone. When they wouldn't, she quickly jinxed them into hurting and knocking themselves out. Amunet then arrived to try to recapture them herself, but Becky used her power to jinx her into making one of the guards fire a gas cartridge to the floor beneath them, knocking them out and having Amunet incapacitate the guards instead.

Before they could take advantage of their luck, Becky and Barry were shot from behind by DeVoe, with a pulse blast that disabled all of the meta's powers. He then used the claws in his chair to absorb the powers of all the other bus meta's, but chose to implant his mind into Becky killing her in the process before Barry could save her. Using her body, Devoe then used the chair to kill Wolfe, and then vanished.[2]


Becky's death was avenged when Ralph Dibny regain full control of his body; forcing Clifford DeVoe's consciousness out of the latters body, after transferring his conciousness into his hoverchair, but perished once-and-for all when his wife Marlize removed the chair's power source; putting an end to DeVoe's madness.


Becky Sharpe often has a very bubbly, positive look to her despite her constant bad luck. However she is mostly stuck in depression as she believes the universe is out to get her. She also believes that everyone else deserves the same fate she once suffered, just to balance out the sudden shift between luck and misfortune that her powers enabled her to experience.

Following her incarceration at Iron Heights Prison, Becky had undergone a significant reform, having come to terms with how her powers can affect people. She displayed a timid side of herself whilst in the meta-human wing at Iron Heights and displayed hesitance when the other super-powered inmates plot their escape, fearful of the misfortune she may bring outside should she leave the prison's walls; it was only after receiving encouragement from Barry Allen did Becky finally relented, not wanting her powers to be exploited by the likes of Amunet Black. Even when she learned that Barry is the Flash, she chose to defend him against the other vengeful bus meta-humans; as Becky did not hold a grudge against Barry for putting her in prison.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After Becky was struck by the dark matter energy after the Flash was released from the Speed Force, this altered her DNA and cells, enabling her to access her new-found powers.
    • Jinxing: Becky has the ability to give off a quantum field, giving good luck to herself and bad luck to anyone in close proximity to her, presumably by displacing the ambient luck from those people and then channeling it into herself.[1] However, prolonged and deliberate use of her powers to amass more luck for her benefit increases her quantum field, allowing her to spread bad luck over a greater range. Apparently, her powers work passively by nature; meaning that, at base levels, they only operate to turn things on her favor (i.e. finding money on the ground to consistently winning the lottery). But in the event that an otherwise unfavorable outcome is imminent or at least in potential of happening, Becky's probability field becomes more "aggressive" to the point where bad things (however improbable) will occur to those who stand, or will stand, in her way leaving Becky unhindered and unscathed, along with anyone or anything she might be protecting in her endeavors. As a side note, because of her meta-human abilities doing the job for her and that Becky only has to be present at any given location for them to influence probability itself localized around that area to Becky's advantage, she has practically no means of predicting, with detailed precision, how outcomes to complex scenarios would play out while under her influence — making her powers more defensive than offensive during confrontations.[2]


  • Hydrogen-electron charge: After a hydrogen and electron collision, a charge is given off that is enough to temporarily negate Becky's powers.[1]
  • Power-dampening tech: If Becky is wearing power-dampening cuffs, she can't use her powers.[1]


  • Blackjack dealer suit: Becky wore a specified uniform as a blackjack dealer, and kept it even after being fired.[1]


The Flash

Season 4


  • Becky is severely lactose intolerant.[1]
  • She has a Myspace account.[1]
  • Her favorite Japanese food item is kobe beef.[1]
  • Becky's shoe size is 6.[2]
  • Unlike most of the other bus meta-humans; Becky is genuinely not a villain, as she doesn't intentionally hurt innocent people.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Hazard is a super villain and an enemy to Infinity, Inc., whose powers allow her to manipulate probability.
  • Becky's blackjack dealer suit, while never worn in her meta-human persona, is designed after Hazard's alter-ego suit from the DC comics.
  • In the Arrowverse, Becky is good, unlike her DC comic book counterpart, however, her DC comic counterpart took a heel face turn when she refused to murder a young boy on account of who his father was.


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