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For the eponymous character, see Beebo.
"Beebo hungry."
"And your god hungers for battle!"
Beebo and Freydís

"Beebo the God of War" is the ninth and midseason finale episode of the third season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the forty-second episode overall. It aired on December 5, 2017.




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Central City on Christmas Eve 1992, and a young Martin Stein is queuing for a Cuddle Me BeeBo doll (the blue fluffy "must have" toy that everyone seems to want) to give to his 5-year-old daughter Lily as a Hanukkah gift. When the store clerk tells everyone that they have run out, they notice a single one on display, and a fight breaks out between desperate parents trying to get it. Martin uses a toy bow and arrow to get the last Cuddle Me BeeBo, but the rest of the parents chase him. As Martin runs, he is transported away – and into the path of a marauding band of Vikings.

On the Waverider, Leo Snart is conducting counselling sessions with the Legends to try and help them grieve for their lost comrade Martin. As Leo is talking to Jax, a time quake happens in the Temporal Zone. Gideon tells them that there is a level 12 anachronism (because the normal 1-10 rating didn't do the size of the anachronism justice), and that Leif Eriksson has settled in North America in 1,000 AD and what was the USA is now called "New Valhalla". Nate tells them that although the Vikings did discover the Americas 492 years before Columbus did, they returned home when Eriksson discovered Christianity. In the new version of the timeline, the Vikings stayed and conquered the entire continent.

In 1000 AD, Nate and Jax are watching the Viking camp. Leif Eriksson and his sister Freydis are discussing the land they have arrived on. Eriksson wants to return home, his sister wants to stay. Eriksson says that the Christian monks have told him that conquering the land will mean that their people will never know peace; Freydis says that "the blue god" has told them that it is their destiny to conquer this new world. Nate tells the Legends that this is the anachronism is not an object, it is a new god. Sara and Mick spot the young Martin being held captive. Jax rushes in and rescues Martin. Sara tells them they have to return to the Waverider, but Martin says they can't and they have to retrieve the BeeBo doll. Mick refuses to get killed over a toy and drags Stein back to the ship – but we discover that the Vikings are worshipping BeeBo as their new god.

Back on the ship Martin tells them about why the Vikings think BeeBo is a deity. Originally the Vikings thought that BeeBo could only communicate through Martin (which is why he is still alive), but as his translations were not what Freydis wanted to hear, she usurped his position and has started twisting BeeBo's words to suit her own agenda. The Legends realise they have to go and retrieve BeeBo. Zari takes Martin to clean up, and they run into Ray, Leo, and Mick. Martin greets them and asks where his older counterpart is. Leo says "at peace", and the others quickly cover for him, saying that Stein is with his family for the holidays. Jax is angry that Sara doesn't seem to trust him around Martin. Nate asks if he was planning to warn Martin about him dying. Jax admits he was, but doesn't think it's a coincidence that they ran into Martin just after the older Stein had been killed. Nate agrees, mentioning how they've also run into a younger Ray Palmer, Mick's father, and Martin Stein's homicidal ancestor. Jax wonders if it is fate saying that they need to step up, by Amaya tells him that they need to honour Martin's sacrifice, not try and overturn it. Ray asks what would happen if young Martin, knowing what will happen to him, decided not to create the Firestorm matrix, or meet Jax, or set foot on the Waverider, and tells Jefferson that Martin would not have wanted Jax to change the past to save him in the present. Jax asks them how they would know what Martin would want.

On the bridge, Sara, Nate, and Ray are discussing plans to retrieve the BeeBo doll. Nate points out it is Yuletide (the pagan forerunner to Christmas), and Lief Eriksson is holding a big feast to celebrate. As they are talking, they receive an incoming transmission from Agent Sharpe. She offers her condolences about the death of Martin, and then suggests that the Legends not screwing up fixing a level 12 anachronism would be "a BeeBo day miracle". It turns out that December 25th has been transformed into "BeeBo day", a time when families exchange gifts, sing silly songs, and discover they can't live under the same roof as each other. Ava sees the look on Sara's face and realises that "BeeBo Day" is part of the anachronism. As the changes to the timeline are cementing fast, Sara asks Ava for help, and Agent Sharp portals on to the Waverider.

The Legends, and Ava, dress up as Vikings to infiltrate their Yuletide feast. Freydis is suspicious, but Sara tell them that they've brought booze, and they are welcomed in. After an argument with Leo about his drinking, Mick leaves the feast and finds BeeBo. He notices a drinking horn next to the doll and takes it, but is captured by Freydis who accuses him of stealing from their god. Mick is dragged back to the feast and the Vikings bring in BeeBo to render judgement over him. Freydis claims that BeeBo has demanded that Mick be burnt alive. As Mick is thrown on to a burning pyre, Leo puts it out with his cold gun. Ava and Ray claims this shows that their god did not want Mick burned. The Vikings seem to agree, but then Amaya and Nate, who are trying to sneak the BeeBo doll away are discovered when Amaya accidentally squeezes the toy. Sara and Ava draw their swords to defend their comrades.

On the Waverider Zari is trying to distract Jax. She encourages him to tell young Martin about what happened to his older self. At that point Stein walks in and asks if they can take him back to Central City to be with his family, even if it means he doesn't have the BeeBo toy. Jax offers to take him in the jump ship, and Zari tells him that he has a chance to tell Martin everything.

In the Viking camp the Legends are still fighting the Vikings. Nate passes BeeBo to Ray but he is tackled to the ground. As the toy flies through the air, it is burned by Mick using his flamethrower, and Eriksson declares this shows that BeeBo was a false god. Freydis still wants them to conquer the new land, but Eriksson decrees that it is time for them to return home. Ava says that it looks like the Legends have saved "Odins Day". Amaya asks her what happened to Christmas, but Agent Sharpe doesn't recognise the name. The anachronism, it would seem, has not been mended. Just then a bolt of lightning comes from the sky and Damien Darhk appears, claiming he is Odin. Nora says he is there to lead the Vikings in to battle to conquer the new world. The Legends retreat.

In the Temporal Zone, the Waverider is hit by a series of time quakes as the anachronism gets worse. Sara asks Ava if she can get backup from the Time Bureau.

Jax and Martin have arrived in Central City in 1992. Jax tried to give him a letter with instructions not to open it until 2017. Martin realises that the contents of the letter have something to do with his future and refuses to take it, pointing out that although it might be his future, it's Jax's past that would be being changed. Martin knows something bad has happened to his future self based on the reactions of others. Jax asks him to think of his family, and Martin reluctantly takes the letter.

On the Waverider Mick is trying to find some alcohol, but can't find any because Leo has destroyed it all. Leo tells him he is using alcohol to try and numb feeling of fear and anger, and tells Mick about his Earth-X doppelgänger Micky, a kind selfless individual far removed from the crude version of Mick from this universe. When Micky was killed, Leo was devastated, and one of the reasons he chose to stay on the Waverider on Earth-1 was to be able to process his grief, as well as helping the Legends process theirs. Mick says he doesn't care, and tells him that the version of Leonard Snart he knew was a cold-hearted criminal. Mick tells Leo that he doesn't like him and suggests he returns to his universe.

Ava tells Sara that the Time Bureau is not going to help them out, revealing that ever since Rip Hunter was sent to prison, the Time Bureau has been in disarray, Damien Darhk has recruited more allies, Grodd was not only saved from being killed in Vietnam, but also has his own means to travel through time, and that scores of agents have been killed trying to face Damien Darhk and his daughter. The Time Bureau has decided that the Darkhs are too powerful to fight. Director Bennett orders Ava to return to the Time Bureau. Sara tells her to screw orders, saying she needs her with them. Sharpe tells her that this fight with Darhk is not one she can win and leaves. Sara calls the rest of the Legends to the bridge and tell them that backup isn't coming, and that the Time Bureau thinks Damien Darhk cannot be defeated. She says that she isn't prepared to lose anyone else after Stein, and tells them to take the Waverider and leave. The rest of the Legends refuse. Sara tells them she has a plan.

Sara walks into the Viking village and demands to speak to "Odin". When she sees Damien she tells him to leave now and she'll spare his life. Darhk refuses and breaks her neck. It turns out that Sara is describing her plan – which Nate points out sucks. Zari suggests that they all go to face Darhk together. In Z's version of the plan they manage to defeat Damien – but realise that they can't beat him, and Nora, and the Vikings as well. The Legends tell Sara that if Martin's death has taught them anything it is that they must stick together. In the Viking camp for real this time, Sara is brought before Damien and manages to fire an arrow at him, but he catches it. Nora commands the Vikings to protect her father. As they storm toward the Viking longhouse, they are confronted by a flying BeeBo doll who tells them he has risen from the grave. In truth the doll is being controlled by a miniaturised Ray Palmer. "BeeBo" tells the Vikings that they must return to Greenland. Nora tries to take out BeeBo with an arrow but misses. Mick tries to shoot her with his flamethrower but she is able to block the flames. Leo also attacks her with his cold gun, and the two of them together are able to defeat her. Damien senses that his daughter is in danger and summons a lightning bolt to knock everyone down so that he can make his escape. As he pulls out his time stone to make his escape, Sara declares "not this time" and grabs his shoulder, and is teleported away with him.

She finds herself in another dimension where a voice greets her. Sara demands to know who they are. The voice says "I am Mallus" and says that he will soon be free. Just then she is pulled out of Mallus's realm through a rift by Ava Sharpe. Sara is surprised she came back. Ava says that it is "a Christmas miracle".

On the Waverider, Ava asks Sara about the dimension. Sara tells her that it was occupied by Mallus. Agent Sharpe returns to the Time Bureau to confirm to them that Rip's worries were justified. Gideon confirms that the timeline has been fixed and that the Vikings returned to Greenland. Jax asks if that's the only correction to the timeline. Gideon confirms that Martin Stein still dies in 2017. Zari wonders if Martin didn't read it. Jax goes to visit the younger Martin in 1992. Stein tells Jax that he burned the letter explaining that by the time he dies he will have watched his family grow up, had adventures, and made a friend who was willing to risk everything to try and save him. Martin tells Jax that he needs to let him go, and to go and live his life properly. The two are able to say goodbye properly. Back on the Waverider Jax tells Sara that he needs to leave. Whilst he's there he won't be able to move on. He packs up his things and takes a last look around the ship. As he goes in to Martin's old lab, the rest of the team are there with Christmas lights and food. Mick and Leo also reconcile. Jax makes a toast – that when they came together they might all have been broken pieces, but together they've built something amazing. They've built a family.

Back on Earth, Jax says goodbye to Sara and departs. As Sara returns to the Waverider, there's someone waiting for her in the cargo bay. John Constantine has come on board the ship asking for her help with a demon that is possessing a little girl – and the demon knows her name.




Preparation ran from October 3 until October 12, 2017. Shooting began on October 13 and ran until October 25, 2017.[1]


  • This is the first episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow to not feature Victor Garber (Martin Stein/Firestorm) as a series regular due to his casting in the Broadway revival of Hello, Dolly!.
  • This is the last episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow to feature Franz Drameh (Jefferson Jackson/Firestorm) as a series regular.
  • The fictional Beebo craze that takes place in 1992 is similar to the real-life Tickle Me Elmo craze in 1996. In addition, the signs inside the toy store look exactly like the street sign used on Sesame Street.
  • When 1992 Martin Stein attempts to procure a Beebo doll with a bow and arrow, the theme music from Arrow can be heard in the background.
  • This episode contains several references to the Back to the Future trilogy.
    • Martin exclaims, "Great Scott!" after being time-displaced, possibly a reference to the phrase commonly spoken by the time traveler Doc Brown in these films.
    • When Jax requests that Martin open a letter on a specific date, the latter claims to have seen Back to the Future, referencing the 1989 film Back to the Future Part II, in which Emmett Brown has a letter saved for 70 years by the postal service for Marty McFly to open on a specific date at a specific time, detailing how his sudden disappearance was the result of time travel, having sent him back in time.
      • This may also be a reference to the first Back to the Future film, where Marty seemingly witnesses Doc's murder in 1985. He accidentally travels back to 1955 and gives 1955 Doc a letter containing details about the latter's future, which he says Doc shouldn't open until 1985.
      • Despite having seen the film, older Martin has previously claimed not to have known who Doc Brown was.[2] This may be the result of a side-effect of the aberration older Stein caused, which led to Lily's birth. However, he expresses a dislike of the film, indicating he may simply have forgotten details of the movie.
  • Zari and Jax play Mortal Kombat II, playing as Mileena and Jax Briggs, respectively.
  • Voiced by Ray Palmer, Beebo praises Jesus Christ as the one true God, while also saying that doesn't mean that science, global warming or evolution aren't real. This is confirmed to be the case in Earth-1, which has God, angels, and demons coexisting with dinosaurs and meta-humans, and Eobard Thawne was shown to stop global warming in "Doomworld".
    • The line also parodies the stereotype of Christian people denying that science, global warming, and evolution exist.
  • Young Martin is seen shopping from Toys Are We, a reference to the Toys "R" Us toy shop.
  • When Zari blows him with wind, Darhk sarcastically asks, "What, are you going to huff and puff till you blow my house in?" This is a clear reference to the Big Bad Wolf's famous line in the fairy tale The Three Little Pigs.
  • As of this episode, Sara Lance, Ray Palmer, Mick Rory, and Gideon are the only founding members of the Legends remaining on the team; Rip Hunter, Jefferson Jackson, and Kendra Saunders retired, Carter Hall, Martin Stein, and Leonard Snart died, and Nate, Amaya Jiwe, and Zari Tomaz joined more recently.
  • John Constantine mentions to Sara that he saved her soul, referring to the events of "Haunted".
  • The events of this episode are alluded to in Post 71 "In Memorium Beebo 1992-2018" of The Chronicles of Cisco.
    • This likely means that the events of this episode are historically documented, or the Legends told Cisco about them.
  • Leif Eriksson referred to the Native Americans as "Skræling", which is the actual name the Norse used to describe the peoples they encountered in North America. Their view of the natives as "fierce warriors" is also historically accurate.
  • Ray's reference to the coefficient of "sinusoidal depleneration" is a homage to the Turboencabulator, a fictional machine described with technical-sounding, but meaningless terms.