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"The fox knows many things, the hedgehog knows one big thing."
—Behrad Tarazi to Ava Sharpe[src]

Behrad Tarazi[1] (born January 2020[1]), previously named Behrad Tomaz in an erased timeline and known as B to his family and friends, is the technician of the Waverider, a member of the Legends and the wielder of the Air Totem.

Behrad is the son of an unnamed man and Nasreen Tarazi, the younger brother of Zari Tarazi, and the close friend of Sara Lance, Ray Palmer, and Nate Heywood.

In the original timeline, Behrad was killed by A.R.G.U.S. agents, leading to Zari gaining possession of his totem and joining the Legends. However, due to the events of Heyworld, the timeline changed and Behrad survived to join the Legends instead. He was ultimately slain by the Fate Atropos, who sensed he'd been fated to die before the timeline change. He was later resurrected by Charlie using the Loom of Fate.


Original timeline

Dystopian future

Behrad Tarazi was born in January 2020[1] in Washington, D.C. to Nasreen Tarazi and an unnamed man. Soon after his birth, his family moved to Seattle, Washington.[2] Behrad had an older sister, Zari, and the two were very close; Zari would read Behrad his favorite bedtime story, The Prince of Timbuktu, anytime he couldn't sleep.[3]

Behrad with his family in the original timeline.

In 2021, after A.R.G.U.S. established a dictatorship over America, Behrad and his family were forced to move to a ghetto district.[4] Sometime later, Behrad and Zari joined the resistance, with Behrad becoming a vigilante wielding a mystical amulet in his family's possession.[5]


Due to Behrad's vigilantism and magical abilities, A.R.G.U.S. made him a high-priority target. In 2042, A.R.G.U.S. raided his family's home and killed Behrad.[5][6]

Current timeline

Member of the Legends

Behrad with the Legends.

The Legends created Heyworld as part of a plan to show humans that magical creatures were nothing to fear. They succeeded, but in doing so changed history, namely Zari's. Since the plan worked, the anti-meta-human act never happened which in turn caused Behrad to never be killed and Zari never joins the Legends. As a result, Behrad joined the Legends instead of Zari and everyone's memories were changed to reflect this, with no one remembering that Zari was ever there.[7]

When Behrad joined the Legends, he told his parents that he was doing administration. After the events of Heyworld, Behrad became famous, to the point of being the cover of a magazine.[1]

During his time with the Legends, Behrad had a brief romantic relationship with Charlie.[8]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Behrad, as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[9] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[10]

New multiverse

Early life

Sometime in 2023, Behrad became a huge fan of the comedy Bud Stuy.[11] As Behrad grew up in the 2030's, he was in the shadow of his sister; as she was called "Dragon Girl", Behrad was nameless and called "Dragon Girl's brother". To combat this and to have something of his own, Behrad became a hamburger cook, which he enjoyed. Later, when he discovered the Air Totem, he whole-heartedly claimed it as uniquely his own.[12]

In January 2020, Behrad was stated by Ava Sharpe to be on the Waverider when a giant Beebo attacked Star City.[13]

Learning about the Encores

Behrad visits his younger self in 2020.

After the Crisis, Behrad began to record Kevin Harris' documentary; Meet the Legends, along with the other Legends. Behrad celebrated his birthday by seeing himself, as a newborn, in the hospital. When Sara, Mick and Ray arrived at the Waverider, Behrad welcomed them. After a temporal quake in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1917 hit the timeline, the Legends went to investigate and found that Grigori Rasputin was resuscitated. Then the Legends went back to the ship and planned a way to kill Rasputin. Behrad went with Sara to fix Gideon who was failing and take the documentary guys back to 2020. While fixing Gideon, Behrad gave Sara a drawing of her with Oliver and Laurel, in honor of Oliver's recent passing.

Behrad in Russia, 1917.

Behrad and Sara were going to drink when they received a video call from Constantine and Gary Green, saying that Astra released the worst souls from Hell, and Rasputin was one of them. After the recent failed mission of the Legends and trying to kill Rasputin, Behrad advised Nate with his problems. Behrad and Sara also received a video call from Rasputin who said he was going to kill the Romanov family and steal the throne, so he and Sara decided to stop him. They disbanded Rasputin's servants and prevented the Romanovs from killing, so Rasputin hypnotized Behrad and ordered him to kill Sara. After Rasputin was blown up, Behrad came out of the trance. After the last fight, Ray and Behrad cleaned up the A.T.O.M. Exosuit on Waverider. Afterwards, he and the Legends gave an interview to their fans, where they said that all this was a lie. They went back to the ship and Behrad help Nate fix Gideon, then he went to his room.[1]

Kidnapping Zari

At the birthday dinner.

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Behrad brought Nate Heywood to 2044 Washington, D.C. where his family's house is to celebrate his father's birthday. Behrad told the family that Nate was one of his professors from grad school; since Behrad rarely visited, his parents were very happy to see him. After meeting Zari Tarazi and mistaking her for Zari Tomaz, Nate told Behrad about the message that he had found on the Waverider from his alternate timeline lover, causing Behrad to think Nate was crazy.

After the birthday dinner, Zari realized that she recognized Nate and Behrad from Heyworld over twenty years earlier and questioned why they hadn't aged. To keep Zari from telling their parents about his time-traveling exploits, Behrad opened a doorway which led his sister to the Waverider.[14]


Atropos kills Behrad.

When Atropos arrived on the Waverider to take the two pieces of Loom of Fate, Behrad tried to stop her, but Atropos killed him by cutting the thread of his life, sensing that he was dead in the original timeline.[15]


"I'm back!"
—Behrad on Ultimate Buds[src]

Behrad on "Ultimate Buds".

Zari Tarazi told Clotho that, if she could have any wish, it would be to be with her brother again;[16] Behrad appeared with Zari on the television show "Ultimate Buds" where the two were roommates, as Clotho granted every Legend their dream life. Behrad removed the Air Totem and excused himself; when he returned, his sister was acting differently. He watched as the totem responded to her commands as he accompanied her to another TV show. After going through various shows, Behrad's memories suddenly returned and he found himself reunited with the Legends. However, Behrad also realized that he was dead; he was assured by the others that he was alive now and needed to make the most of it.[17]

Clotho soon split Zari's thread of life into two strings; this gave both versions of Zari a physical form. Realizing that he now had two sisters, Behrad was not very pleased to see that one was a paramour of Nate Heywood. Upon returning to "Ultimate Buds", he helped the show get canceled because he could not accept the price of living as a fictional character. With the other Legends, he decided to confront the Fates.[17]

He went with Zari Tarazi, John Constantine, Sara Lance, and Astra Logue as their group was assigned to find and destroy the Loom of Fate; when they did, they became part of the plan to defeat Atropos. While Sara fought the Fate, he and his sister used the Air Totem in tandem to push Atropos into the Loom where Sara pulled her thread of life and entangled it in the other threads that the Loom was manipulating. Behrad fled as the Loom and the deity exploded. Running to the Waverider, the Legends jumped four months into the future.

Behrad fixing the Waverider.

He participated in the Legends' final fight with the Encores. He used the Air Totem against Joseph Stalin and General Custard when they tried to shoot him.

Behrad prepping for battle.

Behrad noticed that Zari Tomaz was Nate Heywood's paramour, but he teased Tarazi about her relationship with John Constantine. However, every time he was near Tomaz, he felt pain; at one moment, he had a vision of A.R.G.U.S. agents killing him, but that never happened to him. Tomaz explained that this happened in her timeline. Later, when the two different versions were playing with their brother, a scar developed, from where Atropos had pulled Behrad's life thread and started bleeding heavily. Though Behrad dismissed it, Tomaz realized that he could not handle the contradictory timelines that his sisters represented. She had a meeting with the Legends, and Behrad watched as Tomaz returned to the Air Totem.[18]

Abduction of Sara

Behrad and the Legends see the aliens floating in the Temporal Zone.

Behrad was found by Ava Sharpe informing him that Sara disappeared, and they asked where Nate is and he told them that Nate is with David Bowie. Upon finding Nate and receiving David Bowie's video where Sara is abducted by aliens, Behrad is sent with Mick Rory to find Esperanza "Spooner" Cruz to help them find Sara, but they are knocked out by Esperanza, who captured them believing they were aliens. He and Mick managed to escape and be saved by Ava. They took Esperanza to the ship and told her they were the good guys and not aliens and they tried to communicate with Sara, but John was about to die if it didn't work out so Zari took the totem and saved John. Behrad was with Esperanza in the medical area to remove the chip to feel aliens, but they realized that Esperanza had nothing and Behrad convinced her to stay in the team temporarily, and she accepted, and then they went out with the others observing the aliens floating in the Temporal Zone.[19]

Behrad, Nate and Zari prepare hamburgers.

Behrad and Zari argued and fought over the Totem, and continued to argue upon arriving in California in 1955 at the Big Bang Burger restaurant to find an alien. Behrad teamed up with Nate and Zari to pretend to be cooks at the restaurant to discover the secret of the sauce and Behrad showed off, as he made hamburgers in his youth. He and Zari argued, which caused them both to put down the totem. They had to work together with Nate again and found that sauce drives people crazy, and they served a lot of burgers to calm everyone down. After completing the mission, he apologized to his sister, and they were glad to see that they now both have bracelets.[12]

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Upon arriving at Constantine's house, Behrad and the others began asking Astra questions, and they were turned into objects and Behrad became a candle and later an animated version of the candle. He was later released and together with the Legends they helped Astra defeat Aleister Crowley. They were saved by Astra and by defeating Crowley, everything returned to normality.[20]

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Birthday mission

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Original timeline

In 1895, Nora Darhk supposedly summoned Behrad's spirit, instead of having Mallus possess her, convincing Zari that he was, in fact, Behrad.[6]

Sara as a Young Behrad.

When Sara Lance was corrupted by wearing the Death Totem, she made a glamor of a child version of Behrad to lower Zari's guard. Behrad innocently asked Zari to read The Prince of Timbuktu to him and they recited a few lines of the story together. However, Zari accepted that her brother was gone, causing the glamor to disappear and Sara to reappear.[3]

Current timeline

Once Zari found out about her brother, Behrad's death, she became entirely focused on the mission for the Loom of Fate as she knew it could bring him back to life.[15]

When all three pieces of the Loom were found, reviving Behrad became Clotho's top priority, despite the protests of Astra Logue and John Constantine; however, Clotho was unsuccessful and the resulting explosion from the attempt damaged the Waverider.[21]


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Powers and abilities


  • Abilities via Air Totem:

    Behrad catching bullets midair.

    Behrad's powers come from this totem, which allows him to channel and harness the air.[8]
    • Aerokinesis: The Air Totem grants Behrad the power to manipulate the element of air.[5] Behrad is able to use the air to block bullets being fired at him.[8]
      • Air blasts: Through the Air Totem, Behrad can fire offensive or defensive blasts of air from his hands.[8]


  • Expert engineer: Behrad has been proven to be highly trained with machinery, as he was able to help Nate in repairing the Waverider.[1]
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Behrad is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist; as he can defeat multiple opponents with ease.[8]
  • Singing: Behrad seems to be a decent singer.[18]
  • Dancing: Behrad is a talented dancer, as when he performed in Mr. Parker's show with Zari Tarazi.[18]


Original timeline

  • Air Totem: Before Behrad's death, he was the owner of the Air Totem.[5]

Current timeline

  • Air Totem: In the new timeline, Behrad joined the Legends instead of Zari, he is once again in possession of the Air Totem.[7]
    • Totem wristband: In the new timeline, Behrad joined the Legends instead of Zari, he has the Totem wristband that she wore in the original timeline.[1]
  • Time courier: Behrad used a time courier to send Zari to the Waverider.[14]


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  • Behrad is the third male Legend to not be from the present, after Rip Hunter and Scythian Torvil.
  • Behrad's close friendship with Ray Palmer and Nate Heywood in the new timeline is likely because in the original timeline, the two were his sister Zari's close friend and romantic interest, respectively.
  • Behrad uses cannabis. He apparently keeps a stash for really bad days, as Sara told him to get it after too much stress from the documentary of their latest mission.[1]
  • At 6' 3", he is the tallest Legend.
  • Behrad has a special recipe for nachos.[22]
  • Behrad does not like blood.[23]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Adrianna Tomaz (Zari Tomaz and Zari Tarazi's comic book equivalent) has a brother, Amon Tomaz, who goes by Osiris. He has a portion of Black Adam's powers every time he speaks his name, having been granted them by Black Adam himself. Like his Arrowverse counterpart, he was shockingly killed off only a few months after being introduced.
  • According to Shayan Sobhian, the reason for the change of Behrad's last name is because of the timeline change.
    • The last name Tarazi is their original family name, however, due to the disapproval of religions in the original timeline, they were forced to change their last name to Tomaz. As this timeline was erased, their last name was no longer Tomaz.
  • Chris Olson was a stunt double for Shayan Sobhian in the role of Behrad Tarazi.