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|status= Alive
|status= Alive
|occupation= [[Vigilante (concept)|Vigilante]]
|occupation= [[Vigilante (concept)|Vigilante]]
|affiliation= [[Legends]]
|family= {{F|page=Zari Tomaz's father|Unnamed|(father)}}<br/>{{F|page=Zari Tomaz's mother|Unnamed|(mother)}}<br/>{{F|Zari Tomaz|(sister)}}
|family= {{F|page=Zari Tomaz's father|Unnamed|(father)}}<br/>{{F|page=Zari Tomaz's mother|Unnamed|(mother)}}<br/>{{F|Zari Tomaz|(sister)}}
|homeuniverse= Earth-1
|homeuniverse= Earth-1

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Behrad Tomaz[1] (2019[2]) was the younger brother of Zari Tomaz and the son of an unnamed man and woman.


Early life

Behrad Tomaz was born around 2019 in Seattle, Washington,[3] soon after his family moved there from Washington.[4] Behrad had an older sister, Zari, and the two were very close; Zari would read Behrad his favorite bedtime story, The Prince of Timbuktu, anytime he couldn't sleep.[5]

In 2021, after A.R.G.U.S. established a dictatorship over America, Behrad and his family were forced to move to a ghetto district. [6] Sometime later, Behrad and Zari joined the resistance, with Behrad becoming a vigilante wielding a mystical amulet in his family's possession.[7]


Due to Behrad's vigilantism and magical abilities, A.R.G.U.S. made him a high-priority target. In 2042, A.R.G.U.S. raided his family's home and killed Behrad.[7][1]


In 1895, Nora Darhk supposedly summoned Behrad's spirit, instead having Mallus possess her, convincing Zari that he was in fact Behrad.[1]

When Sara Lance was corrupted by wearing the Death Totem, she made a glamor of a child version of Behrad to lower Zari's guard. Behrad innocently asked her to read The Prince of Timbuktu to him and they recited a few lines of the story together. However, Zari accepted that Behrad was gone, causing the glamor to disappear and Sara to reappear.[5]

Powers and abilities

Former Powers

  • Air Totem: Behrad's powers came from this totem, which allowed him to channel and harness the power of air.
    • Aerokinesis: The Air Totem granted Behrad the power to manipulate the element of air.[7]

Former Equipment

  • Air Totem: Before his death, Behrad was the owner of the Air Totem.[7]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3

Season 4


Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Adrianna Tomaz (Zari Tomaz's comic book equivalent) has a brother, Amon Tomaz, who goes by Osiris. He has a portion of Black Adam's powers every time he speaks his name, having been granted them by Black Adam himself.


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