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Bell was the deputy director of A.R.G.U.S..[1][2] He was later revealed to be a spy working for the Ninth Circle.[3]


Bell came to ARGUS as a deputy director at the time when Team Arrow and FBI tried to locate the elusive criminal Ricardo Diaz. Although assisting Lyla Michaels, Samanda Watson from FBI and others, he had some crude relationship with them, especially with Lyla, the latter suspecting that Bell might be a mole working with Diaz and later an individual who is criminal and terrorist financier named Dante. When Lyla and Diggle activated Ghost Initiative, they came close about Dante's trail. At the Quraci ambassy, Bell had a meeting with Quraci princess Noor Harjavti and Dante. Lyla and Diggle realised that he was a mole and was working with Dante and the Ninth Circle.


Bell was killed by Dante, when Ricardo Diaz informs Dante that he has walked into an A.R.G.U.S. trap.[3]


Following Bell's death, his involvement with the Ninth Circle is covered up by the Pentagon.[3]



Season 7


  • Bell suffers from diabetes.