Belle Crocker was the girlfriend of the Ghost.


Early life

In 1955, Belle was assisting the Ghost in his plan to explode all TV on the city in exchange for a ransom of one million. When Nightshade shows up, they had a brief fight and Nightshade manage to jam the Ghost's machine before it burns and explode. Nightshade got the time to save Belle telling her that he is dead.[1]

The Ghost's resurrection

35 years later, Russell shows up in a bar and finds Belle as a pianist and singer. Belle is surprised to see him alive and exactly how he looks like 35 years before. Russell than uses a remote and blow up a TV. Later, Belle brought Skip to their lair and show him Russel alive to prepare their next move. Later, when Russell wants to wire himself into a machine, so he can control everything in the city, Belle doesn't want to have any part of it since she has already move on with the past, and she leaves. Nightshade unmasked, visits Belle at the bar and he convinces her to give up The Ghosts location. When Russell appear on TV announcing a ransom of one billion dollar, she cries wanting Russell to stop.[1]


The Flash


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