"I want the Man of Steel to suffer. I want him to know what it feels like to lose everything. Starting with you."
—Ben Krull[src]

Ben Krull is a former reactor engineer. After surviving high radiation exposure and the death of his wife, he became the villain dubbed Reactron by the Daily Planet.


Becoming Reactron

A reactor engineer at the Bakerline Nuclear Power Station, Ben and his wife Alyssa were both exposed to radiation when terrorists attempted to start a melt-down at the power station. Though Ben survived, Alyssa didn't, prompting Ben to blame Superman for the death of his wife, who didn't have enough time. Using an advanced bio medical tech suit, Ben fought Superman over the years, with neither coming out on top. Despite their stalemate over the years, Ben came close to killing Superman during one of their countless encounters.[1]

Seeking out Supergirl

At a junkyard, Ben watched the news confirming Supergirl's relation to Superman. Wanting Superman to know what it was like to suffer and lose everything, Ben sought Supergirl out as she was helping with the aftermath of a multiple car collision. He then proceeded to attack her, with the two battling until Supergirl managed to damage Ben's suit. Krull then went to Lord Technologies, abducting CEO Maxwell Lord, as he needed someone with a background in nuclear fission to fix his suit. Back at the junkyard, Ben demanded that Maxwell fix his suit, otherwise people were going to be building memorials to the latter. After Supergirl tracked down Krull's location, the two fought once more, with Krull swiftly defeating and nearly killing her before Superman arrived, prompting him to flee. Krull later crashed Cat Grant's party for the special issue of CatCo Worldwide Media's monthly magazine, looking for Supergirl. Soon after arriving, Krull was baited away outside by James Olsen as Superman's best friend. While flying after James, firing nuclear energy blasts at him, Krull was once again engaged by Supergirl, and was defeated after she took out the core of his suit and encased it in lead.[1] Afterwards he is arrested by the police.


  • Expert Engineer: Ben was a reactor engineer before the accident and was capable of building a nuclear powered exo-suit to sustain his life after being exposed to a lethal amount of radiation.


  • Reactron suit: Ben wears a biomedical tech suit, during his exploits as the villain Reactron. Powered by Thorium 232, the suit enables him to fire highly concentrated bursts of energy, increase in strength, and flight.
    • Energy Blasts: Ben’s suit can fire incredibly powerful energy blasts similar to that of Firestorm and is capable of hurting a Kryptonian with these blasts.
    • Enhanced Strength: Ben’s exo-suit enhances his strength to near Kryptonian levels.
    • Flight: Ben’s suit gives him the ability to fly. It is unknown how fast he can fly but as the suit can hurt Kryptonians, he may be able to fly as fast as Kryptonians.



Season 1


Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Ben Krull first appeared as first a member of the Nuclear Legion, and later a recurring villain of Supergirl.