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"I think that years ago, you saved Lyla's life. Now, I don't know if you can be that hero again. But I think you deserve the chance to try."
Oliver Queen to Ben Turner[src]

Benjamin "Ben" Turner,[1] better known as Bronze Tiger, is a mercenary, a former member of Task Force X, and a former inmate at Slabside Maximum Security Prison under the name Inmate 5545,[2] before being released. He is the romantic partner of Sandra Hawke and the father of Connor Hawke. As Bronze Tiger, he was the former enemy-turned-friend of Oliver Queen, John Diggle and Lyla Michaels, a friend of Laurel Lance/Black Canary and an ally of Team Arrow. After he finished his parole, Ben Turner helped Team Arrow stop Emiko Adachi and the Ninth Circle.


Early life

At some point, Ben had a son named Connor Hawke with Sandra Hawke.[3]

Alliance with China White

Ben had formed an alliance with China White. He agreed to help her and the Chinese Triad with their business as he would get a chance to fight and kill The Hood. Together with China White, he conducted a series of raids on transports with medical supplies for the Starling City hospitals. In their second raid, The Hood confronted China and attempted to shoot her. Turner slid down between the two trucks and easily blocked the arrows aimed at them. China then fled with the truck, as Turner and The Hood engaged in an intense fight. While fighting the police showed up and tried to arrest them, forcing both to flee the scene.[4]

The Hood fights Bronze Tiger and China White.

During a third raid, they were again confronted by the Hood. This time Turner and China double teamed The Hood. During the brawl, the Hood knocked down China. Ben attacked The Hood but they were separated when John Diggle almost ran them over while driving the truck away. China following, Diggle and Turner, lured the Hood in a labyrinth of piled up crates. He then managed to sneak up on the Hood twice, cutting him with his claws and disappearing before The Hood could respond. A third time, the Hood sensed him coming and shot multiple arrows at him. While blocking most, an arrow struck him straight in the shoulder. Turner was skeptical that The Hood thought he could stop him. He stabbed at the Hood, though the Hood pressed a button and the arrow electrocuted him, incapacitating him. On the news it was revealed that he and China White were incarcerated.[4]


Ben breaking out of prison.

Turner later escaped out of prison with the help of a weapons dealer who then hired him to steal a prototype of the Markov Device out of the Merlyn Mansion. While there he and the henchman assisting him got confronted by the Arrow and Roy. He engaged in a fight against the Arrow after which he managed to flee with the truck containing the device, while the Arrow had to stop Roy Harper from killing one of the henchmen.

Ben meets the Arrow.

After concluding his contract with the arms dealer, they were attacked by the Arrow, who quickly incapacitated the arms dealer and one of his henchmen. Turner managed to sneak up on the Arrow and stabbed him in the shoulder. He then got attacked by Roy. The weapons dealer then tried to detonate the device into creating an earthquake. Surprised by the supernatural strength of Roy, Turner ultimately was overpowered and knocked down. The Arrow managed to get Roy to assist him into destroying the device in time.

He was later revealed to be arrested and in jail again. Here he was confronted by Amanda Waller who offered him a position in her squad as a way to get out of prison.[5]

Work with the Suicide Squad

Turner was released from his imprisonment by A.R.G.U.S. to participate in a mission with the Suicide Squad. He posed as John Diggle's bodyguard and faked getting shot by Deadshot in order to help Diggle gain Gholem Qadir's trust. Later, when Qadir captured and was about to kill Lyla Michaels, Ben killed him.[6]

The following two paragraphs are considered non-canon, due to the fact that they occurred in Arrow: Season 2.5.

Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, and Ravan Nassar.

In late 2014, Bronze Tiger was working as part of the Suicide Squad, killing members of the extremist sect Onslaught in the Republic of Kasnia.[7] Afterwards, he and Deadshot were training in the A.R.G.U.S. headquarters, taking out ten men in 7 seconds.[8] Later, he and the rest of the squad were deployed to head to Kahndaq to take out Onslaught, with Diggle joining them. Bronze Tiger disguised himself as a member of Onslaught, and, following a distraction provided by Lawton, began killing members. After Ravan Nassar deployed a bomb near an Onslaught truck, the Squad found a survivor, hoping to use him to lead them to Khem-Adam's stronghold.[9]

After torturing the survivor, the Squad learned Khem-Adam's hiding-place: a cave network beneath the mountains of the Ahk-Ton Desert. Bronze Tiger and the others stormed the stronghold, but after a brief fight with Khem-Adam, Ben was apparently killed with his own claws. Deadshot carried his body away, to bury him in his home country.[10]

Inmate at Slabside

Oliver Queen was arrested and imprisoned in Slabside Maximum Security Prison and encountered Ben Turner, who, along with Danny Brickwell and Derek Sampson, targeted Oliver because he was the reason they were all imprisoned. All three of them attempt to jump Oliver in the cafeteria and almost had him killed but the fight was broken up and Turner was taken in solitary confinement right before telling Oliver that he was gonna die when he got out.[11]

Days later, Turner was released from solitary. When Oliver approached him, Brickwell and Sampson in the cafeteria, Turner was about to attack him before being told to stand down. The three of them later went to Oliver in the courtyard regarding the removal of prison guard Peter Yorke and Turner handed Oliver a knife.[12]

Brick then made a deal with Oliver to arrange a meeting with the inmate known as “The Demon”. However, Brick set Oliver up, sending Turner and two other inmates to kill him. Oliver managed to defeat the attackers, tied Turner up and interrogated him. Turner then revealed that Brick was holding wrestling matches in the prison. Oliver then forced Turner to take him to Brick. Ben argued that Oliver was unfair in his judgment of others, revealing how he saved Lyla Michaels from Gholem Qadir, surprising Oliver due to Diggle never telling him about it. After arriving at the wrestling match, Turner watched Oliver battle Sampson. Later, he, Sampson, and Brick saw Oliver as he was being sent to Level 2 of the prison.[13]

Turner was later framed by another prisoner, Stanley Dover, for the murder of Officer Dunbar. Stanley has stabbed Dunbar repeatedly in the showers, before planting one of Turner's knives behind one of the tiles and asking Oliver to "prove his innocence". Olive then found Turner's knife and presented the evidence to the security guards, resulting in Stanley being released and Turner imprisoned in solitary once again. However, a slip of the tongue of Stanley's has alerted Oliver to his guilt, as he "overheard" that it was Turner's knife that was planted to "frame" him.[14]

Laurel organizes a meeting between Ben and his son.

On his day of release from Slabside, Oliver went to the solitary, apologizing to Turner and promising to contact A.R.G.U.S. regarding his situation. Turner initially refused to accept the apology, distrusting Oliver to keep his word, but Oliver referenced Lyla Michaels' experience with Turner, saying that maybe he deserved another chance if he tried to reform and become a hero. Although cautious about teaming up with Oliver, Turner later joined him when the prison was compromised by Ricardo Diaz and assisted him in gathering weapons for a confrontation with Diaz and other prisoners, saving captured security guards and defeating his former allies, Brickwell and Sampson. Turner ended up confronting Sampson in a one-on-one battle, managing to throw him from high ground, leading to Sampson catching on fire, killing him. Turner has later returned to his cell after the prison takeover, finding "The Count of Monte Cristo" book left for him by Oliver to read as he did, and acquire hope. He was also approached by a prison guard whom he saved from certain death before, and the guard thanked him for saving everyone's lives, leading Turner to contemplate his redemption.[2]

Ben joins Team Arrow in their final battles against the Ninth Circle.

After Laurel Lance assures him that they are doing all they can to secure Ben early release, he reveals that he witnessed the death of criminal Ricardo Diaz, and in exchange for a visit with his son, reveals that Diaz's killer was Emiko Adachi.[15]

Later, Ben was released from Slabside and helped Team Arrow in the fight against Emiko and the Ninth Circle.[16]


"Look... no offense. But the old Green Arrow, he wasn't the best. He saw the world in black and white, but now you - you know there's gray out there, too. Maybe that makes you a better hero."
—Ben Turner to Oliver Queen[src]

When first introduced, Turner displayed a warrior-like mentality, eager to fight opponents of a similar skill-set to his own. He displayed disappointment with the Arrow's new, more heroic approach to stopping criminals rather than killing them outright. Turner can also be relentless and stubborn, having been shot with an arrow (not knowing it was electrified) and said that it won't stop him. He is shown to be a bit like a mercenary. He knew about the earthquake device and it's devastating effects, but didn't care so long as he got paid. Turner also shows curiosity about his clients, such as why someone would break him out of prison or why someone would want the earthquake device.

When operating in the Suicide Squad, Turner was displayed to work well with others. He easily played the role of bodyguard and did not seem to be shocked when Mark Scheffer got blown up. He also displayed immense loyalty to his comrades. When Lyla Michaels was threatened by Gholem Qadir, Turner quickly killed him.

In addition, Turner also does not tolerate anyone who believes they understand him, such as when Oliver only thought him to be a criminal who had no ethics, revealing to the latter that he had saved his friend, Lyla Michaels' life when at the time, he had a choice not to. Turner also seems to value himself as honorable.

When Oliver was incarcerated in Slabside Maximum Security Prison, Turner along with Danny Brickwell and Derek Sampson wanted vengeance on him since they were in prison because of him, making numerous but failed attempts to kill Oliver. However, Turner is not without redeeming qualities and a heart, as compared to the completely amoral manner displayed by Brick and Sampson, not only did he take the time to tell Oliver that he was the one who saved Lyla's life, which earned him the benefit of a doubt from Oliver, but Turner also didn't look at all pleased to see Oliver being moved to Level Two of Slabside, even seemingly looking sad. Even after Turner was framed by Stanley Dover for the murder of officer Dunbar and Oliver accused him of it and he became more vengeful against Oliver and aimed to kill him, when Oliver gave him a chance to redeem himself by siding with him against their inmates and Ricardo Diaz, Turner took it and valiantly and selflessly fought the vast number of his fellow inmates to save the prison guards of Slabside. He seemed to contemplate his own redemption when a guard thanked him.


"Turner escaped?"
"He killed ten guards on the way out."
Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak[src]
  • Peak of human physical condition: As a highly skilled former assassin turned superhero, Turner is in excellent physical condition. While fighting the Arrow, he was able to slice any arrows shot at him and proved physically powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with and even at times overpower him. He could effortlessly physically toss aside and knock out the inmates with a single punch during his time as Oliver's ally and even quickly overpower and injure Danny Brickwell despite his own physical strength and resilience as well as successfully fight back and eventually overwhelm Derek Sampson.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Turner is proven to be a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, being able to fight evenly against Oliver Queen and even at times overpower him. His style appears to include karate, tae kwon do, muay thai, wushu, tang so doo and wing chun. His preferred tactics in combat are to supplement his hand-to-hand combat skills with his claws, making him highly dangerous in both close and mid-range, able to easily deflect projectiles with them. Turner's skill made Oliver choose him to aid him in his battle with Ricardo Diaz and the majority of the prisoners of the Slabside Maximum Security Prison, in which he was able to effortlessly defeat many inmates and swiftly overpower Brick twice and could also fight on par against Derek Sampson and eventually overwhelm him.
    • Master knife wielder: Turner is an excellent knife-fighter, using a knife skillfully when scuffling with and pressuring Oliver in prison and able to overpower Derek Sampson with his knife.
  • Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain: Turner is one of the only known individuals to have been shot with an arrow and still continue fighting. He was beaten by the Mirakuru enhanced Roy Harper without sustaining any serious injuries and was later seen in prison having recovered just a short time later.
  • Stealth: Using his surroundings as a cover, Turner was able to sneak up on Oliver twice, cutting him before disappearing. He was also able to infiltrate a heavily guarded rooftop. In his last encounter, he managed to surprise the Arrow and injure him after jumping from a container.


  • Claws: As Bronze Tiger, Turner used knuckle dusters with long, claw-like blades to fight, using them both offensively and defensively. The claws appear to resemble tekko-kagi, a common weapon among Japanese ninjas. He later replaced them for a pair of retractable claw blades.
  • Shiv Knife: While in the Slabside Maximum Security Prison, Ben Turner had his own knife that was from a scissor. He gave this to Oliver when Danny ordered him to kill Peter Yorke. He later gave this to Oliver to battle Diaz.




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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Benjamin "Ben" Turner, also known as Bronze Tiger, is one of the world's greatest martial artists, and has worked as both a hero and a villain. Having studied under the O-Sensei, he is an ally to Batman and Richard Dragon; Professor Ojo would later brainwash him into turning evil. He has been a member of G.O.O.D., the League of Assassins and the Suicide Squad.
  • A promo for "Identity"​ featured unaired scenes that revealed where Turner came from and how he met Chien Na Wei.
    • A deleted scene for the same episode revealed that Turner and Chien were romantically involved.