"Do your worst. I've already faced the most terrible pain that a man can endure—the prospect that he will never again see the ones he holds most dear."
—Bernhardt Vogel to Nora Darhk[src]

Dr. Bernhardt Vogel (died 1962) was a scientist from East Germany who had invented cold fusion.


Early life

Being a family man, Bernhardt Vogel made sure his family was safety smuggled over to West Berlin sometime before 1962. That was the last time he ever saw them.[1]

Original timeline

Damien Darhk successfully killed Dr. Vogel, thus putting an end to the cold fusion and saving the oil industry.[1]

Current timeline

Damien Darhk tried to kill Vogel, but Ray Palmer and Nora Darhk rescued him and escaped. The following day, Damien tried to kill Vogel again but failed as Vogel was rescued by Damien's future version. Later, Damien kidnapped Nora and offered a trade: Nora for Dr. Vogel. His future version agreed, but Darhk tricked him and threw Nora out of the roof, but not before he shot Vogel. Future Darhk used his magic to catch Nora, and Damien tried to use the situation for his advantage. Darhk shot his future self, but Future Darhk caught the bullets with his magic. The two started fighting, while future Darhk tried to catch Nora. During the fight, Darhk was impressed by his opponent's magic powers and noted that he should study it in the future. Eventually, Nora finally tapped into the Spirit Totem and defeated the younger Darhk. Dr. Vogel later died from his injuries, but not before he gave Ray Palmer all of his notes on cold fusion.[1]


"I'm not gonna leave you here. Your family needs you, and the planet needs your brilliant mind."
Ray Palmer to Bernhardt Vogel[src]
  • Genius-level intellect/Master scientist/Physicist: Bernhardt Vogel was a renowned German physicist who invented the formula for cold fusion, an energy source that could have replaced fossil fuels and essentially saved the world (and was stated by Ray Palmer to have energy equivalent to the Big Bang), while putting the oil industry out of business. As of the 21st century, Vogel remains the only person to have ever accomplished this feat.[1][2]
    • Bilingual: Vogel spoke his native German along with fluent English.


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Season 3


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