"Jerry Bertinelli, of the eponymous crime family and the last of his kind. The rest of your family is either dead or incarcerated."
Cayden James[src]

The Bertinelli crime family were a local crime syndicate in Star City. The family was headed by Frank Bertinelli, before his incarceration, and was subsequently taken over by another family member, Pino Bertinelli after Frank's death. In 2016 Pino was killed and the organization had been taken over by Tobias Church.[1] Church's reign was short-lived, as he was soon killed by Prometheus.[2] After several Bertinellis before him died or were incarcerated, Jerry Bertinelli was forced to take control of the organization.[3] After his death by Ricardo Diaz's hands, the Bertinelli crime family was disbanded.


The Bertinelli crime family like other crime families made their fortune through crime actives.


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