Bertrand Eldon was the former executioner at Blackgate Penitentiary turned vigilante known as the Executioner.


Early life

For 20 years, Bertrand worked at Blackgate Penitentiary executing criminals. Years later, he realized that all those he executed were innocent and were set up by a combined cabal of ADA Angus Stanton, detective Stu Donnelly and judge Raymond Calverick.[1]

Rampage as the Executioner and death

In 2019, feeling extremely horrible with himself and remorseful for the innocents he murdered, he donned the guise of the "Executioner" and attacked the three corrupt law enforcement starting with electrifying ADA Stanton. Later, he set up a trap that resembled a firing squad to kill Stu Donnelly, which he succeeded in but also accidentally shot Sophie Moore. Searching resources for the third execution method, he runs into Batwoman while searching for hydrogen cyanide, but his car knocked her out giving him the possibility to steal the gas. He would try to kill Judge Calverick in the courtroom but got interrupted by Batwoman once again. He attacked her but he is shot dead by Jacob Kane. His death caused a dead man's switch to trigger and make hydrogen cyanide fill the room, which was his plan for Calverick all along.[1]


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  • Keen intellect: Bertrand was able to deduce the people he executed were innocent and create a dead man switch.
  • Skilled Engineer: Bertrand was able to set up an automatic firing squad trap for Stu Donnelly. Along with being able to set up a dead man's switch to trap both Batwoman and Jacob Kane.


  • Executioner suit: Bertrand uses a suit to terrify his victims as the Executioner.[1]
  • Battle Axe: Bertrand uses an axe as his main weapon of choice.[1]



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, the Executioner was a carnival worker who murdered wanted criminals and claimed the reward. His first appearance in the comics was Detective Comics #191.
    • This version of the character also shares similarities with Lock-Up, the former security head of Arkham Asylum fired for use of excessive force, that later became a murderous vigilante to make his own justice.


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