For the criminal known as Alice, see, Beth Kane.

Beth is Wally West's caretaker in an erased future.


In an erased future, the night after Iris West died at the hands of Savitar, an enraged Wally West sped off to battle Savitar. The next day, Joe West found a paralyzed Wally with a broken spine. After this event, Beth was hired to be Wally's caretaker at the West house.[1]

In the year 2024, Cisco Ramon and a past version of Barry Allen met with Beth to see what happened to Wally, and Beth went upstairs shortly after. That night, she was tucking Wally into bed, when shortly after, Barry sped Joe to S.T.A.R. Labs.[1]

However, it is unknown of Beth's current whereabouts in the current timeline, due to the sacrifice of H.R. Well's death, preventing Wally from confronting Savitar alone and thus the hiring of Beth to be Wally's caretaker.[1]


The Flash

Season 3


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