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"You know it's true what they say? 'Behind every great man is a strong woman.'"
—Beth Breen[src]

Beth Breen was the corrupt former CFO of Spheerical Industries. She was arrested on two counts of murder and conspiracy for using the Biomax technology to control the late Jack Spheer against his will.


Working at Spheerical Industries

Beth Breen worked with Jack Spheer as the Chief Financial Officer of his company, Spheerical Industries, and was one of the major investors in the Biomax project. When Jack tried to perfect the Biomax nanobots, he tested the nanotechnology on himself and realized there was a dangerous side effect in which the nanobots took over the subject's mind. He wanted to shut down the program but Beth knew that scrapping it would be a huge financial loss for the company. Jack's body had fused with the Biomax, so Beth used a neurotransmitter to control him in order to continue production on the cutting-edge technology. She also arranged for falsified human test trials, payoffs to the selected candidates, and lab technician Joe Watkins to be fired when he realized that the Biomax hadn't actually been tested. Beth and Jack then claimed that the Biomax nanobots were now perfected and ready for distribution.[1]

Biomax plot

Jack and Beth present the Biomax.

Beth and Jack went to National City to launch their campaign with a press-filled presentation. They were met with much ovation and afterwards, Beth pulled Jack away from conversing with his ex-girlfriend, Lena Luthor, to talk with the shareholders.

Later however, Beth realized there were leaks within the company that tried to go to both Kara Danvers and Snapper Carr to expose the truth about Biomax, including Joe and one of the "test subjects", Derrick Simmons. She controlled Jack and had him kill the two before they divulged the truth to Kara and Snapper, respectively.

Beth reveals her plan to Lena.

The next night, Lena came to confront Jack at a Spheerical Industries lab about the murders but he didn't know what she was talking about. Beth then took control of Jack, revealing herself as the real culprit and that he was simply was an unwilling pawn. She explained that Jack's decision wasn't financially responsible so Beth had to step in to save Spheerical Industries. She criticized Lena for abandoning "the breakthrough of the century" to "clean up after [her] brother". Lena protested that Biomax wasn't functional, but Beth dismissed her, explaining how with Jack as her figurehead, the nanotechnology's medical capabilities would be used in every hospital, army base, and eventually, home. Lena believed Beth was going to kill her but she pointed out that this also wasn't financially responsible. Instead, if Beth controlled Lena as well, she would gain access to L-Corp to further the Biomax program.

Beth tried to have Jack inject the nanobots into Lena, but Supergirl showed up and saved her. Beth then commanded Jack to attack Supergirl with the Biomax swarm. When confronted by Lena, Beth kicked her in the mid-section and boasted at having achieved a black belt. However, Lena quickly recovered and knocked her out with a couple punches. As Lena moved to override the Biomax, Beth warned her that the nanobots had merged with Jack and disabling them would kill him, but was promptly knocked out again. Lena disabled the Biomax at Jack's urging, killing him.

Beth was sent to jail to answer for her crimes. Snapper published an article in CatCo Magazine that exposed all of Beth's actions to the public.[1]


"Poor, sweet boy actually wanted to scrap the whole thing just because of a pesky little side effect that removes free will. Not financially responsible. Luckily, I was there to step in."
—Beth Breen to Lena Luthor[src]

Beth is an immoral, selfish and ruthless individual, aiming to freely market dangerous nanotechnology for the sake of fame and money without regard for the potential consequences on its subjects. She will not hesitate to kill those who oppose her or use them to her advantage; Beth turned Jack Spheer into her figurehead when he wanted to discontinue the Biomax project and callously used him to murder two individuals who tried to bring the truth about the project to light.

Beth is cunning, pragmatic and always thinks ahead; when Lena Luthor discovered her plan, Beth tried to take over her mind as well in order to get access to L-Corp's resources for the Biomax project instead of simply killing Lena. She is also arrogant and prideful, believing herself to be "a realist" and felt justified in her actions to ensure a prosperous future for Spheerical Industries. Even on the verge of defeat, Beth displayed no remorse for her crimes and even sadistically informed Lena that overriding the Biomax program would kill Jack.


  • High-level Intellect/Business acumen/Skilled tactician: As a businesswoman, Beth knew how to market products to ensure they reach the masses and was in charge of overseeing Spheerical Industries's financial affairs. She had considerable knowledge on the Biomax technology, using a neurotransmitter to control Jack Spheer and weaponize the nanobots that merged with him. Beth intended to pin her crimes on Jack if anyone caught onto her plan, and would have succeeded if Supergirl and Lena Luthor hadn't stopped her.
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Beth is a black belt, which makes her a capable fighter. However, she was taken down rather quickly by Lena in single combat, most likely because the latter caught her off-guard.[1]


Former equipment

  • Jack Spheer: After Jack was infected with the Biomax nanobots, Beth gained control over him and used him as a figurehead to promote the nanotechnology and eliminate anyone who got in her way.



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