"My dad was right. Alice was a monster. She was a liar, a manipulator, a killer, but despite all that... she was still my sister."
Kate Kane on Alice[src]

Elizabeth Marie "Beth" Kane (born January 26, 1990),[1] known under the criminal alias Alice, is one of Gotham's most infamous criminals. She was the leader of the Wonderland gang, who were hellbent on taking over Gotham and undermining its sense of security until they were killed by an unknown individual sent by Safiyah Sohail. Beth is also the estranged daughter of Jacob Kane and the late Gabi Kane, the estranged twin sister of Kate Kane, the maternal cousin of Bruce Wayne, and the former close friend/sister-figure of the late Jonathan Cartwright. She was nicknamed the Skin Pirate by the media in late 2018.

After being betrayed by Kate and getting locked up in Arkham, Beth's psyche crumbled even more as she took on the mantle Queen of Hearts after her former tormentor, Mabel Cartwright. Not long after her imprisonment, Alice managed to completely take over the Arkham after having the warden killed and replaced by Jonathan, thus making him and Beth the "King and Queen of Arkham."

After learning a secret on how to pierce the Batsuit, Beth caused a breakout at Arkham and escaped, bent on getting revenge on her sister, all the while plunging Gotham into chaos alongside Jonathan and Hush. After fatally poisoning Jonathan when he wanted to leave her, Beth gave Hush a face that resembled her cousin, Bruce, in order to retrieve a weapon that could penetrate the batsuit and kill Kate.


Original multiverse

Early life

Beth and Kate playing together in Bruce Wayne's office.

Beth Kane was born on January 26, 1990 in Gotham City to Jacob and Gabi Kane, along with her twin sister, Kate. Growing up, Beth and Kate shared an inseparable bond, doing everything together. The sisters frequently visited Wayne Enterprises to see their cousin, Bruce Wayne, and once snuck into his office under Kate's persuasion. There, Kate noticed a pearl necklace in a square pyramid-shaped glass container and tried to touch it. However, Beth stopped her and convinced Kate to leave the office immediately.

Beth and Kate often snuck into the abandoned Burnside Orphanage to play ouija, taking turns scaring each other.[2] On Fridays after school, the sisters would go to a waffle stand at Burnside Park to eat chocolate-covered waffles.[3] At one point, Beth was taught how to play Bach's "Cello Suite No. 1, Prelude" by Jacob, who would tell her it was their song.[4]

Beth and Kate with their mother, Gabi, after their Bat Mitzvah.

On January 26, 2003, Beth and Kate had a Bat Mitzvah to celebrate their 13th birthday. After the party, the sisters waited as each of the guests left. Jacob's car was filled to the brim with their birthday presents so he decided to leave on his own, with Gabi driving her daughters home. After Jacob left, Gabi personally gifted Beth and Kate necklaces adorned with garnets, their birthstones, to symbolically represent the women they would become. She wanted the twins to stay connected to her, showing how her earrings matched their pendants. Beth and Kate happily accepted the gifts before embracing their mother.[1]

Beth and Kate moments before the accident.

While returning home with Gabi, Beth and Kate posed for a polaroid picture with their necklaces to remember the day. Suddenly, a school bus hijacked by the Joker then slammed into the back of the family's car and veered them off a bridge. The sisters witnessed Batman arrive and stop them from falling with his grappling hooks. Beth urged Kate to escape out the rear window while she tried in vain to rouse an unconscious Gabi. As Batman went to follow the Joker, Kate yelled for Beth to get out of the car and grab her hand. Just as Beth reached the window however, the car broke off from the grappling hooks and she cried out for Kate while falling into the river.[2]

When the car hit the water, Beth witnessed her mother's head being severed and launched through the windshield, much to her terror. As the river swept them away from the bridge, Beth did her best to remain calm while the car filled with water.[3] Somehow, she managed to swim out of the vehicle, alive and hardly injured.

Falling down the rabbit hole

Meeting Johnny

Beth awakens in the Cartwright house.

After escaping the sinking car and washing up on shore, Beth was found by Jonathan and August Cartwright whilst they were out fishing. The pair brought her to their home in the outskirts of Gotham to recover. When Beth woke up, she was immediately terrified, only wanting to see her father again. August tried to calm her down and explained that he wanted Beth to become friends with his son. Beth screamed at him in protest, desiring to go home, but he only left to get her food. She then noticed the boy covering his face and learned its left side was severely burned. Johnny confessed he is afraid of scaring people, to which Beth assured that he didn't scare her.

August threatens Beth in the basement.

Later, while Beth and Johnny were watching television, a news report of her disappearance came on and she asked August why he hadn't called the police. In response, August forcibly took Beth into the basement and locked her inside. She banged on the door to be let out, to no avail. In her cell, Beth noticed a nearby sink and saw a severed face floating in the water, causing her to scream and fall backwards in disgust. When August came to take the face out, Beth asked what he was doing with it but he only said it was for an experiment. August reiterated that Beth was here to become his son's friend, and this was her home now. After he left, Beth desperately called out to her father, wanting Jacob to come and save her.

Beth senses Kate but stays quiet as her sister searches for her.

Beth later managed to pry a screw out of a loose board on the wall and used it to pick the lock on her cell door. She then made her way into the kitchen and called her father. When Jacob picked up, Beth asked him for help but was cut off by August grabbing the phone and ripping it off the cord. He warned Beth that he would kill anyone who came for her and threw her back into her cell. Shortly after, Jacob and Kate showed up at the house and Beth heard Kate enter the basement, calling out for her and knocking on her cell. Remembering August's threat however, Beth forced herself to stay quiet. As Kate walked away, Beth silently cried to her sister that she loved her. August also convinced Jacob that Johnny called them as a prank, causing him and Kate to leave.

Johnny gives Beth a copy of Alice in Wonderland.

Beth then remained alone in her cell, crying. Johnny eventually approached the door and Beth pleaded with him to let her out. However, Johnny warned her that his father wouldn't let him, also admitting he doesn't want Beth to leave since he wants her to be his friend. Johnny slid the book Alice in Wonderland underneath Beth's door in order to keep her company and the two of them began forming a friendship.[5] Beth and Johnny even created their own secret code to make sure August didn't find out about their secrets.[6]

Becoming Alice

Beth receives a secret kitten for her 14th birthday.

One year after her kidnapping, in occasion of her 14th birthday, Beth was visited by Johnny, who brought her waffles and secretly a kitten she decided to call Chessy as in "Cheshire Cat". Later, the boy's father entered the room and she quickly hid the animal; he said that his son told him about the occasion and lights a candle on the waffles telling her to make a wish. After Beth did it, Johnny asked her what she wished for and the latter replied that she wanted to see her family again, to which the man noted that saying the wish out loud mean that it will never come true, then he exited the girl's cell together with Johnny as Beth cried alone in her cell.

Beth watches Chessy be killed.

Later, as her kidnapper tried to make Johnny a mask of skin grafts, ending up enraged and unpleased at the results as it looks too unreal, the girl tried to escape that nightmarish vision by reading the copy of Alice in Wonderland Johnny gave her an year prior. Few days later, Beth tailored a sweater for Chessy and showed it to Johnny, however the boy's father suddenly entered the cell discovering about the kitten and ruthlessly killing him in front of the kids despite them begging him to simply let him free.

Beth learns her father "replaced" her.

Then noticing how well done was the sweater Beth made for the kitten, he asked the girl about it but, not receiving any answer the man destroyed her copy of Alice in Wonderland in a fit of rage causing Beth to yell at him that her father would have killed him, her kidnapper spitefully claimed that he had already forgotten about her, showing an article about Jacob's marriage with Catherine Hamilton. Then he asked her about the sweater again and, after Beth admitted she has done it, the man started to teach her how to create masks of skin grafts, exploiting the ability of her fingers.

Beth "breaks" and becomes Alice.

Beth complied with said request, desperate at the shock that no one would come to rescue her, eventually making Johnny's first realistic skin mask. Later, Johnny came into her cell, thanking Beth for helping him "look normal" and bringing some fishing wire to fix the book in order to keep it together as binding. Traumatized at the thought of being forgotten and abandoned, Beth looked intensively at one of the book's illustration with the quote "It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person, then". This ultimately "broke" Beth, who took the phrase to heart; she radically changed the tone of her voice, declaring that from now on, she would call Johnny her little "Mouse" and he could call Beth "Alice", before inviting him to a "tea party".[6]

Abused by the Queen of Hearts

Alice meets Mabel

Sometime after becoming Alice, August's mother, Mabel came to live with the 'family'. After coming to his home she immediately scolded him for smoking his pipe while she had an oxygen tank and complimenting him for "fixing" Johnny's face, prior to demanding when he intended to fix hers, causing him to reply he was working on it. Alice treated her with kindness, however Mabel treated her with hatred as she was jealous of Alice's beauty. Mabel began treating the girl like a servant, savagely beating her when her tea was too sweet, pouring it on her hands when it was too hot, cutting out her hair, violently attacking her whenever she didn't get what she wanted to eat and making her address her as "your majesty". August allowed this abuse, while Johnny was too afraid of his family to try to stop it, despite caring for Alice as the only friend he ever had.

Alice kills Mabel

Nine years later one day in the autumn of 2013, Mabel was putting on a pair of earrings and she asked Alice for a compliment. Alice, recognizing the earrings as those belonging to her mother, asked Mabel where she got them to which Mabel answered they were a gift from August. It was at that moment that Alice discovered the horrible truth; August hadn't only found her, but he also discovered Gabi's head and kept it in a freezer inside his workshop, hoping one day to successfully give it to his own mother who wished to regain her beauty. Alice sadistically burned Mabel alive using her oxygen tank as a makeshift flamethrower as revenge for what Mabel planned to do with her mother's remains and all the abuse she put Beth through, awakening her desire to escape August even more so.[1]


A few months later, Beth finally escaped from August under unknown circumstances that led to her and Jonathan believing August was killed in the process.[7] She remained deeply close to Jonathan.[8] It is still unknown as to why, after her escape, she didn't make her way back to Gotham, to reunite with her family.

Meeting Safiyah

Sometime after her escape, she met a dangerous criminal in Coryana named Safiyah Sohail, a woman who would become a criminal associate of hers and whom she had come to greatly fear and despise.[9] Somehow, she found out that her step-mother Catherine faked her death only fourteen months after she was kidnapped, thus leaving her to suffer for more than a decade under the Cartwright family home.[10] In preparation for seeking revenge, Beth studied her father and sister's lives quite rigorously, she learned almost everything she could about them, how she attended Gotham Prep, how determined she was of joining her father in the Crows Security, her expulsion from Point Rock Academy and of her relationship with Sophie Moore. Beth felt nothing but hateful envy towards her sister and yet, despite no longer feeling any sense of compassion for her father due to his willingness to give up on her, she still very much cared for Kate and probably her cousin Bruce, most likely because she learned he never gave up on finding her. In addition to getting revenge on Catherine and her father, she desired to either "remove" Mary Hamilton from the picture or have her suffer unspeakable amount of pain, as she felt nothing but irrational jealousy and hatred towards her, ever since she was told by August, that her father "replaced" her with Catherine's daughter.[2]

Terrorizing Gotham City as Alice

Reuniting with Kate

Alice and the Wonderland gang hold Sophie Moore hostage.

By late 2018, still calling herself "Alice", Beth formed the Wonderland gang and ambushed an event to turn off Batman's spotlight and kidnapped Sophie Moore, having set up a base at Burnside Orphanage. Kate came after them after deducing their whereabouts from surveillance footage. She was ultimately knocked out and strung up, after which Alice talked to her, explaining how she'd kidnapped Sophie as she was Jacob's favorite daughter, despite them not even being related. She promptly knocked Kate back out, sending her to a makeshift clinic run by Mary Hamilton to get rid of her. Planning to ambush the city's movie in the park event, Alice made use of the gang's mole inside Crows Security, Agent Chuck Dodgson.

Alice strangles Batwoman.

They took Sophie to a building manned by Dodgson, forcing her to stand on a plank overlooking the park to use her as a hostage against Jacob Kane. Her gang was suddenly attacked by an unknown bat vigilante. Beth tried to make Sophie fall but was attacked, and during the scuffle she nearly strangled the vigilante with a rope. However, the bat vigilante managed to break free in time to save a falling Sophie after which Beth fled the scene. Later, Beth admired a photo of her and Kate together and sought to rule over Gotham alongside her.[2]

Alice promises to make Jacob suffer.

Beth sat at the table in her old childhood home, which now belonged to an older man and woman, and hosted a tea party, giving the members of the Wonderland Gang a pep talk. Once they disbanded, Dodgson entered and explained that he couldn't find Beth's butterfly knife that she had left during her fight with Batwoman. When told her mission was getting personal, Beth became angry and exclaimed to Dodgson that it was personal as her father had given up on finding her and she wanted to make him suffer. She then angrily bashed on the table and screamed for her knife. She also eventually murdered the old couple by slitting their throats and left their bodies in the house for The Crows to find.

Kate protects Beth.

One of the members of the Wonderland Gang later returned with a message from Kate Kane, "waffles", which Beth knew immediately meant that she wanted to meet up with her. The two then met up in an old park and Beth teased Kate, not directly telling her if she was in fact Beth. However, Kate directly asked what had happened during the crash and Beth explained the events as they had happened and after their conversation, Beth offered up a blood sample in order prove to their father it was actually her before several Crows turned up and pointed their guns at her, including Jacob. Kate stood in front of Beth to protect her and ordered them all to stand down, eventually convincing Jacob that he shouldn't kill Alice in case it was Beth. He finally complied and ordered Beth to be taken to Arkham Asylum.

Kate saves Beth.

After she was loaded into the back off the Crows transfer truck, Beth informed Kate that she had sent Dodgson to kill her step-sister, Mary, as she didn't like to share her sister with someone else, prompting Kate to quickly leave. On the way to Arkham, the transfer truck was bombed by Hamilton Dynamics in an attempt on Beth's life by Catherine Hamilton-Kane. After the truck had fallen off the bridge and was completely underwater, Batwoman entered through a hole in the side and placed a rebreather onto Beth's face, allowing her to breathe and waking her up. She realised Batwoman's identity as Kate and caressed her face until the Crows began shooting in the water, sending off another explosion and launching the two in opposite directions. Later, in her lair, Beth wrote Kate a small note reading, "You have our father's eyes." and also included a dead bat in the box, letting Kate know that Beth knew her secret.[3]

Alice mocks Kate.

One night, while Beth was sleeping, she dreamt of when she was younger and trapped in the Cartwright house. As she discovered a floating face in a sink, she woke up, terrified. Later, she turned on the Bat-Signal in order to call upon Kate, which it did. Beth mocked her and made fun of the situation she had gotten herself into, making Gotham believe Batman was back. She then demanded to know where Kate had taken Dodgson who then explained that he would only be returned if Beth would stop killing people. She reluctantly accepted Kate's challenge but only for Dodgson's sake. She then grabbed a baseball bat and smashed the Bat-Signal.

Alice in Kane penthouse.

While the Kane family were out at Tommy Elliot's party, Beth infiltrated their penthouse by wearing a stolen Crows uniform. She drank at martini and licked a cupcake before noticing a photo of Jacob, Catherine, and Mary, crushing it under her foot. When a Crows member suddenly appeared, Beth swiftly threw one of her knives into his chest, killing him and only realizing that she broke her oath to Kate when it was too late. She then called Jacob at the party and began playing the cello piece that he taught her, constantly teasing him about losing Beth. She insulted him for not even being capable of protecting his own home, making him realize where she was before she abruptly hung up the phone. She then discovered a box of her childhood keepsakes, smiling at the memories and appreciating the map that Kate made in order to look for Beth.

Beth rescues Kate.

Later, after the party was cut short by Tommy activating bombs within the building and fighting Batwoman on the roof, he had her holding on for dear life from a drop in the elevator. However, before he could kill her, Beth hit him in the back of the head with a baseball bat and allowed Kate to climb back onto the roof. Kate seemed proud that Beth could be capable of saving her but her hopes were crushed when she learned of her murdering a Crows member. She exclaimed that the innocent Beth was gone and that she hoped Kate would stop thinking of her as her sister. She then forcibly removed Kate's hand from her shoulder and walked off.[4]

Alice blackmails Catherine.

When Catherine Hamilton-Kane was digging up the graves of Beth and Gabi in order to cover up her involvement in the doctoring of the bone fragments, she was confronted by Beth who threatened to expose Catherine's wrongdoings if she didn't hand over a "top secret weapon" developed by Hamilton Dynamics. If she refused, Beth explained that she would tell Jacob all about what Catherine did and smugly walked off with her rabbits by her side. Later, Catherine took another attempt at Beth's life by sending her men to her lair, however, the Wonderland Gang members quickly defeated the three men who were promptly taken hostage by Beth.

Alice watches as Catherine's men are tortured by hers.

She lined them up in three chairs and teased them with a pair of hedge clippers before picking Catherine's right-hand man, Shane McKillen. She placed the clippers around the man's pinky finger and cut if off. Later, after Shane returned to Catherine, Beth called her and informed her that it was too late to go through with their deal and promptly hung up.[10]

Alice patches Dodgson up.

In the middle of the night, Beth snuck into a local morgue and proceeded to cut the skin off of several corpses. Once she had three perfect rectangles of skin, she placed them in a suitcase and left. The next day, Beth is reunited with Dodgson who was recently released by Kate, albeit severely injured. She helped patch him up and made sure that he told Kate nothing that could ruin their plan, or it was off with his head. He assured that he didn't just as the lights in the room were shut off and many of the Wonderland Gang members were knocked out by a bo-staff-wielding Batwoman. Beth screamed that she wasn't afraid of the dark only for Kate to knock her out as well. Beth was then taken by Kate to the Batcave.

Kane sisters on the road.

Later, Beth woke up chained to the ceiling within a cell and joked to Kate about the setup. Kate demanded Beth tell her how all of this had happened to her, how she became Alice. At first, Beth refused until Kate called their father but abruptly hung up, knowing he would trace, Beth quickly explained that she would tell her story if she was set and free and the two started on their road trip. Beth told her sister all about her kidnapper's house, his son and how he could mimic voices. However, before she got any further, she abruptly changed the subject and directed Kate down the road of a nearby diner, Dusty's.

Beth and Kate talk in the diner.

At the diner, Beth remained handcuffed with a pair of sunglasses on, eating a small basket of fries and continued her story. She explained how she began to warm up to her kidnapper's son and experienced a slight friendship with him until she saw a report of her disappearance on TV and was locked in the basement where she first discovered a floating face in the nearby sink. After hearing more of Beth's story, Kate began to feel dizzy and eventually passed out, realising that Beth had somehow had her beer drugged. Unbeknownst to Kate, Beth arranged for her old friend, Jonathan Cartwright, to pose as a waiter and drug Kate's drink. The two took her to the old, abandoned Cartwright house where Beth had been held captive.

Alice watches Jacob in agony after stabbing him.

Later, Kate woke up chained to a wall in the same basement Beth was held in during her time in captivity. Beth then explained how years ago, Kate almost found her but instead of sensing her like twins should, Kate walked away and left Beth to rot. She then did the same to Kate, leaving her chained up and locking the door behind her. After both Jacob and Sophie arrived to rescue Kate, Beth confronted her father who exclaimed that he now believed her and asked her to step outside for them to talk. However, once he asked where Kate was, Beth became angry and ended up stabbing him in the stomach.

Mouse and Alice reunited.

She was about to kill him before Kate entered, holding Jonathan hostage and ordered she let their father go. Beth refused, believing Kate didn't have it in her, however, Sophie entered and exclaimed that she did. Beth knew it was true and let Jacob go, taking Jonathan with her as she fled. Later, the two sat in one of Beth's hideouts and discussed the outline of her plan to destroy the Kane family.[5]

Revenge on Catherine Hamilton-Kane

Alice holds Dean Deveraux captive.

In order to initiate her plan for revenge on Catherine, Beth needed Mouse to infiltrate Hamilton Dynamics and steal a powerful weapon. She kidnapped Hamilton employee, Dean Deveraux and used stolen skin to make Mouse look exactly like him. However, when the two got into a heated argument about Kate changing Beth, she became angry and ordered him to just go along with her plan. While waiting for Mouse's return, Beth played checkers with Deveraux until she received a call from who she thought was Kate who asked about her plans. It turned out to be in fact Mouse calling, causing Beth to become angry with him, however, he quickly spoke over her and accused her of keeping secrets from him and helping Kate, even killing Deveraux in his fit of rage, much to Beth's horror.

Alice and Mouse look up at Wayne Tower.

Later, Beth found Mouse sitting alone in the street and looking up at Wayne Tower. She explained to him that she never wanted to replace him to Kate. When asked why she was helping Kate, Beth explained that she had saved her a seat at the tea-party and that she needed to be alive. She assured him that they would be the ones sharing Kate instead of the other way around and if she didn't want to take part, they were lucky to have the stolen weapon from Hamilton Dynamics. Beth offered him a peace offering in the form of a stuffed Mr. Pandy doll Mouse had given her years before as the two stared up at Wayne Tower.[11]

Alice shows Rifle that the Hamilton Dynamics weapon works.

After stealing the weapon (capable of penetrating the bat-suit, Beth ordered the Rifle to murder one of the scientists responsible for its creation, Derek Holcomb. Holcomb was then ambushed in an alleyway and stabbed to death as Beth emerged from the shadows alongside Mouse, applauding. However, she still wasn't impressed and asked for what his boss promised to her. He explained that his boss wouldn't hand over anything until they knew the gun worked, causing Beth to swiftly shoot it into a wall and walk away. Later, after the Rifle retrieved what Beth wanted, he delivered it to her and she finally handed over the gun, requesting he give Batwoman her best.

Alice removes the power cell from the Hamilton Dynamics gun.

After the Rifle attempted to use the gun on Batwoman and it didn't work, he angrily returned to Beth's lair who only told him that it was a shame the only three people who could fix it were dead. He warned her that Safiyah was going to be pissed, causing Beth to slap him and warn him not to mention her name. After he left, Beth looked at the power cell she had taken from the gun and told herself there was nothing she wouldn't do to protect Kate. Later, Mouse, wearing a mask to look like Jacob Kane, walked up to Alice who held up a small vial of poison and explained that they were about to host the most memorable tea-party Gotham had ever seen.[9]

Kate confronts Beth in her lair.

Few days later, Alice was trying on clothes, whining about how she has nothing to wear, when Kate comes in and accuses her of hiring the Rifle to kill her, to which she stated that she made sure he didn't kill her, giving her the piece of tech that allowed the weapon to penetrate the Batwoman suit. Kate advised Alice to turn herself in, however the latter told her to leave as several of her henchmen arrived to back her up.

Alice holds Jacob prisoner.

Later, Alice woke up the imprisoned Jacob Kane; the man said that he was sorry that he left her behind, however, Beth asked why he never tested the skull fragments Catherine found, and Jacob explained that he didn't think Catherine was lying and that believing her was easy than going to bed with a broken heart; finally admitting that he failed her. Alice thanked him for saying it and for making her what she was today. Jacob asked what she was planning, and Alice explained it was the day of her mad tea party, to which he has been invited despite being stuck there. That night, Kate visited Alice after having discovered Mouse replaced Jacob, asking her where their father was, Alice said that she left him in the same place he left her and that he wasn't doing well; however after reaching the old Cartwright house Kate discovered that Alice lied about Jacob being there.

Alice at the Orpheum Theatre.

Then the villainess went to the Gotham's annual Humanitarian Ball at the Orpheum Theatre in time for Catherine speech; after the woman noticed her between the audience, on Catherine's teleprompter appeared a message from Alice informing her that the Wonderland gang had infiltrated the Crows and was now surrounding the building, thus, forcing Catherine, in order to avoid anyone to get harmed, to admit all of her crimes in front of the audience declaring to be the real villainess of Gotham together with her husband. Then the woman started to feel dizzy and collapsed to the ground, prompting the ceremony to end.

Alice pours the antidote for Hamilton Dynamics' toxin into a cup of tea.

Then, after Catherine was transported to the back of the stage and Mary called the hospital while "Jacob" left stating that he was going to look for help, Alice entered the room revealing that the woman was poisoned with a Hamilton Dynamics toxin by Mouse under the pretense he was Jacob and that she got the antidote with her. After pouring the antidote into a teacup, Alice forced Catherine to apologize to her for the years of suffering she endured because of her deception then, after having received said apology, she revealed Mary was poisoned too and that there was only enough antidote for one of them. After Alice left, Catherine sacrificed herself to save her daughter.

Alice and Mouse flee the Orpheum Theatre.

After her revenge was finally complete, Alice prepared to flee the building bus but was confronted by Batwoman, who asked her once again where their father was, Alice responded that she would find it out soon, stating that she spent eleven years locked in a cell dreaming of revenge and insisting that Catherine brought it on herself. Enraged, Batwoman grabbed Alice by the throat starting to suffocating her, however Mouse intervened, breaking up the fight before fleeing with Alice.[8]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Beth as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[12] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[13]

New multiverse

Changing Kate's mind

Reaching out

Mouse and Alice desecrating Catherine's grave.

Alice along with Mouse celebrate the death of Catherine over her grave by having a Tea Party in the rain as the graveyard was empty of other people. Alice expressed her desires for Kate to finally join her newfound family seeing as she got their father and stepmother out of the way, but Mouse knows Kate won't see it that way and tells Alice so, but she continues to believe her delusion of grandeur. A few days later, Alice abducted Parker Torres, planning to use her hacking skills to out Kate as Batwoman so they could finally be sisters. Parker, however, refused to out Kate and instead tipped off law enforcement about Alice's location and to the C-4 bomb, the latter hid at Parker's school dance while only messaging both Kate and Alice's phones to give a false impression that Batwoman was exposed.

Kate tells Beth that the world would have been a better place if she had stayed dead.

Kate then quickly set Parker free, allowing her to escape while she dealt with Alice and tells her that "The world would stayed an better place if Beth had stayed dead" visibly hurting Alice despite her earlier statements that Beth died an long time ago in the rabbit hole. Mouse detonate the C-4 by distance like he was ordered to do by Alice as a contingency in case her plan was thwarted, despite Batwoman, the Crows and GCPD managing to save everyone inside the building.

Alice in Crow's custody.

Later, the villainess was arrested and placed into an interrogation room at Crows Security headquarters, where she was visited by Sophie Moore, determined to extort her a confession to free Jacob.[14] Alice explained her tragic past to Sophie, who appeared to feel sympathy for her. However, Alice expressed no interest in changing her ways or giving up any information and even attempted to mess with Sophie's mind, bringing up the pain of her hidden sexuality. Sophie eventually grew tired of her and ordered for her to be taken to to Arkham, unaware that she had managed to obtain the fishing wire from her old copy of Alice in Wonderland and escaped her restraints. When Sophie attempted to stop her, Alice threatened her with a gun and then escaped after mocking her fear of coming out. Later, Alice began to feel an immensely painful headache which was, unbeknownst to her, due to her Earth-TUD14 doppelgänger's existence on Earth-Prime.[6]

Cheating death

Alice compares herself with her doppelgänger.

The symptoms suffered by the doppelgängers were ascribed to the impossibility to host two Beth Kanes on the same Earth and the two were given about 7 hours to live due to cellular disruption. When Alice discovered the doppelgänger's existence and figured out what was going on, she tried to kill her at Wayne Tower, but she was stopped by Kate. Later, she tried to use Mary's blood, containing the universal cure-all Desert Rose, to survive. Kate had to choose between Beth or Alice to save, she chose her sister's doppelgänger, giving her the serum. Eventually, at the very last second, Beth was nonetheless shot to death by August Cartwright who mistook her for Alice ironically saving the life of his former captive whom he wanted to kill. Alice self-resurrected and she knocked out a stunned Kate and fled Mary's clinic very hurt and angry by Kate's betrayal and also a little bit confused about why she was still alive.[7]

Alice realises August Cartwright is alive.

Alice listens as her lackeys tell her that they cannot find Mouse. Alice then shows up at the opening of Kate's new club and wants to know where Mouse is; Kate says she doesn't know where he is. When Alice returns to her hideout, she is attacked by Nocturna and tied up. Nocturna tells Alice she has to kill her since she has seen her face, but Alice points her in Mary's direction instead. Later, Kate finds Alice tied up and wonders why Nocturna let her live. Alice evades the questions, and Kate finds out Mary has been captured by Nocturna. She quickly realizes Alice sent Nocturna after Mary and leaves to go rescue her. Alice shows up and helps Kate save Mary. Kate confronts Alice in her lair and calls her a parasite, feeding on her guilt. She wonders why Alice helped her save Mary. Alice told Kate that she did it to prove how stupid she is. Kate tells Alice she has given up on her, and as she leaves, Alice says that maybe she doesn't want Kate to give up on her. One of Alice's henchmen hands her a file on a Dr. Ethan Campbell. After going through the file, Alice realizes that Dr. Campbell is actually August Cartwright.[15]

Revenge on the Caterpillar

Alice confronts the Caterpillar.

Alice finds that she can't think of ways to torture Cartwright, so she calls in Dr. Malone for help. He tells her that she is still scared of Cartwright and needs a third person to act as an emotional. Shield. Alice says he has been helpful, but still orders her men to kill him to make sure no one knows she is still alive. Alice is then handed a file on Duela Dent, and rads about her. Realizing Duela is the "buffer" she needs, Alice approaches her to make a deal. She knows that she had surgery performed by Dr. Campbell and wants to get revenge for both of them. Alice takes Duela's face and wears it as a mask. She corners August in his office, who believes he had previously killed her when he has shot and killed Beth. Alice then ties up Cartwright and leaves him for Batwoman to find while she goes to find Mouse after forcing Cartwright to reveal to her his location.[16]

Alice experiences her worst fear; being abandoned by her family again.

Alice goes to Mabel's old house where she finds Mouse strapped to a chair being forced to ingest Jonathan Crane's fear toxin. Alice tells mouse the caterpillar told her where to find him. Mouse has a hard time believing it is Alice since Cartwright had told him Alice was dead. Alice slaps him and recited their password, so Mouse believes her. Alice wonders why his own father would strap him to a chair and force him to ingest fear toxin. Mouse explains he wanted him to relive his greatest fear, which it turns out is Alice. Mouse knocks Alice out, and straps her to the chair.

Beth "comes out" for a short moment and calls her father "daddy" for the first time in many years.

As Alice comes to, he turns on the fear toxin and puts the mask on her, forcing her to also ingest it. Alice screams as Mouse leaves her there. The toxin forces Alice to see a hallucination of Mabel Cartwright with a burned face, who forced Alice to submit to her authority like she used to. Alice then relives her past causing her to scream and cry. By the time Alice breaks free, she is completely broken. Sobbing uncontrollably, Alice tries the door, but it is locked. Alice cries that she can't do this again, and breaks the window. She holds a shard of glass and prepares to slit her throat when Jacob arrives. He begs Alice not to kill herself, and Alice screams at him to get away, believing he is not real.

Alice "congratulates" her father that now both his daughters are now killers.

Jacob grabs Alice and injects adrenaline into her which nullifies the fear toxin. He grabs his daughter and holds her tight as she continues to sob hysterically and call him daddy. Jacob wraps a blanket around Alice after she clams down. Alice asks why he came, and Jacob says he still cares and wants her to hang onto whatever sanity she has left. Alice talks about Mabel having her mother's earrings being her breaking point. Jacob wonders how Cartwright got the earrings, and Alice days that somethings are better left unsaid. Alice is handcuffed and she and Jacob return to Kate's club where they discover Kate killed Cartwright. Alice taunts Jacob over the fact that both his daughters are now killers. She joins Kate in the alleyway where they share a drink straight from the bottle.[1]

Betrayed and locked up

Tricked by Kate

Alice and Kate agree to work together.

Alice is freed from her handcuffs, so she can help Jacob and Kate bury Cartwright's body. Alice taunts Kate over killing Cartwright and laments the irony of how he tore them apart and has now brought them back together. Alice finishes burying the body, and then reveals that she stole Jacob's gun. She warns them not to make a move against her as their fingerprints are all over the crime scene. When Alice returns to her lair, she finds all of her gang members have been slaughtered. Alice approaches Kate and asks for her help in finding Mouse. Kate reduces, which causes a a brawl to break out between them where Kate almost strangles Alice to death before stopping herself. Alice promises to take Mouse and leave Gotham for good, so Kaye agrees. They go to the home of a nurse that had previously treated Mouse in Arkham. Mouse shows up and she calls the Crows, who capture him and lock him up in Arkham.

Alice vows revenge while locked in Arkham.

Alice convinces Kate to help her break into Arkham to save Mouse after Kate makes her promise not to kill. Alice eventually finds Mouse, strapped to a chair and receiving electroshock therapy. As Alice goes to free him, Kate closed the cell door, locking Alice in. Alice wants to know what Kate is doing, and Jacob appears revealing it was a plan between the two of them to trap Alice. They had already relocated Cartwright's body, so Alice has nothing on them. Alice raged at Kate for lying to her, but Kate said she kept her promise to help her find Mouse. Alice cries and begs to be let out, but Jacob and Kate walk away. Alice is later placed into a cell of her own where it is implied her psyche has fractured even more. She laments her imprisonment, saying she doesn't want to be a prisoner; she wants to be a queen.[17]

Becoming the Queen

Alice tortured by Dr. Butler.

During her first week, at Arkham, Dr. Butler repeatedly tortured Alice through electroshock therapy. The day after the last ECT, while Mouse got accustomed to the quiet and safety it offered, Alice was heavily annoyed during a psychoanalytic session with Dr. Butler and few other patients, Mouse tried to convince Alice in opening up as well and describing the asylum as a "sanctuary" just a few moment before the session was dismissed due to Tommy Elliot intervention. As he was opening up, she took notice of his hidden shiv and began concocting a plan to take over the asylum.

Alice gets stabbed by Elliot.

The following day, Alice got herself stabbed by Elliot, so she would take his shiv. After exiting the infirmary, she met with Mouse, who asked her how she felt, to which she replied that Elliot has done exactly what she wanted, thus removing the wire the nurse placed on her wound and giving it to him. Few hours later, while Mouse was being prepared by Dr. Butler for an electroshock therapy session, he stabbed the doctor in the chest, killed him and took his place by sewing a skin grafts mask with Alice's wire. The following morning he approached Alice as Butler and asked her if she was ready to exit the institute from the front door, however she replied that she changed her mind and believed he was right because by staying there they could be the "King and Queen of Arkham" at least till it was time for her return to Gotham.[18]

Alice learns her cousin Bruce is Batman.

A week later, Alice ordered Mouse to deny Tommy Elliot's insanity plea, when the Crows asked if he was able to undergo a trial for Lucius Fox's murder. She met with Elliot in his cell, after his visit with her sister Kate. Alice informed him of his soon to be arrest, and that Crows would arrive the following day to take him to trial, where he would most likely be executed. Alice then offered the man to help him escape Arkham and giving him a new face in exchange of Lucius Fox's journal, with Mouse unmasking in front of him for good measure. Tommy then relented and explained that the journal allegedly had a way to activate a fail-safe in the Batsuit that would kill the wearer, revealing to them that her cousin Bruce Wayne is Batman. Alice and Mouse staged Elliot's "suicide", after removing his face, and began plotting on getting the journal back from Johnny Sabatino, Elliot's money launderer. However, expecting Johnny to betray Elliot, she sent Magpie to retrieve the journal in exchange for her freedom.

Alice learns Lucius's journal is encoded.

She was soon visited by her father, who was suspicious of Elliot's suicide, Jacob interrogated his daughter asking her if she knew what was happening. Alice however reminded him that he was the reason she was locked up in Arkham and she couldn't care less about helping him, causing Jacob to state that she was the one who told him that "Beth was never coming back" and he was simply acting accordingly in order to protect the only daughters he had left. In response, Alice vowed to make him suffer far worse than how she's suffering behind Arkham's walls and left the meeting room. The following day, after retrieving the journal, Alice kept her word and removed Magpie's tracker. After she left, Mouse revealed to her something that Elliot neglected to mention about the journal; Lucius Fox wrote the entire journal in code.[19]

Escape from Arkham

Alice and Mouse argue about bringing Luke Fox into Arkham.

Impatient and wanting to decrypt the journal as soon as possible, Alice wanted Elliot to kidnap Luke Fox, as she believed Lucius's son can decrypt the code. To prevent her from kidnapping Luke Fox and thus attracting Batwoman's attention on them, risking their hideout, Elliot and Mouse had a professor and an N.S.A. agent abducted to get the book decoded, but out of spite and impatience, Alice mercilessly killed them both after neither of them managed to translate the journal in ninety minutes.

Alice exchanges Luke and Julia Pennyworth for Lucius's glasses.

Since Elliot's various kidnappings led Crows Security to place all of Gotham's cryptography experts under surveillance, Alice then suggested to kidnap her old hostage, Parker Torres for the third and final attempt before her idea would be implemented; however, after Elliot failed his kidnapping mission due to Batwoman's intervention, Alice finally got her things way as Mouse called Luke on the phone mimicking Kate's voice in order to get his location allowing Elliot to get him and Julia Pennyworth, whom they decided to use as the leverage for Luke to do the job. Though he managed to translate his father's work, both Julia and Luke decided that they would not yield the code until Batwoman arrived and traded their lives with a pair of eyeglasses that could make the journal readable.

Alice learns the key to penetrating the batsuit is through Kryptonite.

After accepting the exchange, much to Mouse's dismay, Alice declared that she wanted Kate dead more than she wanted peace in paradise so she opened all of Arkham's cells, releasing all of the inmates. This chaos, along with fire and the Crows' arrival, caused Tommy, Mouse, and Alice to flee; Alice threw Mouse's disguise as Butler to the flames. While they sat in a sewer, Mouse was unhappy and very resentful toward Alice for her choice. Yet Alice didn't care, she only cared about killing her sister, so after reading Lucius Fox's journal, she learned the key to penetrating the batsuit is through a little green rock called Kryptonite.[20]

Revenge on Batwoman

Searching for Kryptonite

Mouse dies in Alice's arms.

During her search, she goes to Gotham University and asked where to find Kryptonite, but the geologist had no idea, after getting whatever information she could get, she blunged him with a piece of his rock collection.

Mouse grew impatient and decided to go to a place where they always dreamed of going. Alice burned her copy of Alice in Wonderland when Mouse started to bleed. Alice poisoned him, said that she was sorry, and continued her search for Kryptonite. Beth gave Hush a face that resembled her cousin, Bruce, in order to retrieve the piece of Kryptonite, that could penetrate the batsuit and kill Kate, hidden in Wayne Tower.[21]


Beth as a child.

"You don't scare me."
—Beth Kane expressing her kindness to Jonathan Cartwright[src]

Beth was a cheerful, kind-hearted young girl who loved her family unconditionally; she was shown to be fond of her parents, Jacob and Gabi, and twin sister, Kate, more than anything. Beth was also compassionate and open-minded, willingly accepting Jonathan Cartwright as a friend despite his hideous face. She was shown to be levelheaded and somewhat cautious, contrasting Kate's more daring nature.

According to Kate and Beth herself, a trait she had since childhood is that she "doesn't like to share".[3]

A year after being held captive, Beth "broke" and became Alice.

"Beth's dead. Whatever happened to her in that house erased all traces of my daughter."
Jacob Kane[src]

However, the car crash in which Beth witnessed her mother's death had a profound effect on her psyche; soon after the accident, Beth was kidnapped and held captive by Dr. August Cartwright, during which she began to sink into depression, especially after a failed escape attempt. Nonetheless, Beth initially tried hard to remain strong and optimistic through her bond with Jonathan in hopes that someone would rescue them. After a year of captivity however, Beth learned her father had "replaced" her with Catherine and Mary Hamilton, much to her heartbreak. This realization, combined with the horrors of being forced to partake in August's experiments, began to break her psyche, prompting Beth to create an entirely different reality to cope.

After 9 long years, Beth began to remember her past.

Soon, Beth had blocked all memories of her past and came to believe she was "Alice", the Cartwright family's humble servant. When August's mother, Mabel, came to live with them, Beth's mental state worsened as Mabel inflicted unspeakable cruelty onto her, twisting her mind to the point of insanity. In the face of Mabel's abuse, she became a broken, submissive woman - a mere shadow of her former lively self. Nine years later, Beth finally reached her breaking point when she saw Mabel wearing her mother Gabi's earrings to taunt her. This prompted Beth to remember her past and true identity, which led to the discovery of her mother's decapitated head. At this point, Beth finally snapped and regained the confidence she needed to exact revenge on Mabel; she sadistically burned the woman alive, committing her first murder, at the cost of any humanity she may have had left.

Beth as Alice.

"I was locked in a cell for 11 years! What do you think put me to sleep at night? Rainbows? Unicorns? I dreamt of revenge!"
—Beth Kane makes her motivations clear to her sister, Kate Kane[src]

Beth's choices eventually resulted in the creation of her "Alice in Wonderland" persona and a gang of criminals that follow her orders. She is completely filled with nothing but hatred and anger, as her adolescence was stolen from her. Beth has no interest in finding peace, she only desires in getting revenge for everything she had to endure against those who wronged her, even through her own warped viewpoint. She seems to concentrate all of her hatred onto her father, Jacob Kane, for what she perceives to be his willingness to abandon her, as such it's not so much that she wants to see Gotham and The Crows burn just for the sake of destroying something, but instead she knows that her father cares about the city and thus, wants to hurt him by attacking Gotham. The same can be said for her kidnapping of Sophie Moore as she thinks Sophie as a surrogate daughter for Jacob and that he cares for her, that it hurts him to see Sophie, as well as being willing to kill a number of innocent people during the movie event just to make her father suffer. His willingness to abandon her is why she has lost any kind of love for her father and is more than willing to make him suffer. However, despite all the hatred and resentment she has for him, Beth still desperately needed his comfort after he saved her from committing suicide, due to the Fear Toxin that she was forced to inhale by her kidnapper August Cartwright. Indicating that while she despises her father, deep down, she still very much loves him and is in need of his warmth.

The only positive trait Beth displays is her love of her sister, Kate, demonstrated by her need to get Kate on her side and her willingness to show up to an old waffle stand they frequented as children and she took no retaliation against Kate once she discovered her identity as Batwoman, despite Kate foiling her earlier scheme involving Sophie and bombing Gotham, in fact actually relishing in it as she believes that Kate will be submerged in darkness. But even her love for Kate is twisted as she held irrational jealousy and hatred towards Mary Hamilton for "replacing" her as Kate's sister and was more than willing to have one of her men try to remove her from the picture. Also she is incredibly filled with delusions of grandeur, as she believes she can turn her sister and that Kate would join her and Mouse to become "one happy twisted family". When Beth was dying because of a multiverse anomaly, she held strong hope that her sister would choose to save her instead of her doppelgänger, despite all the upheaval she has caused. However, much to her shock, Kate decided to do the opposite and Beth only survived because of her long thought-to-be dead kidnapper, August Cartwright, who shot and killed her doppelgänger thinking it was her. This act of betrayal later affected Beth and Kate's relationship. As a result, Beth's heart was broken to the point that she began to finally care what Kate thought of her and sheepishly confessed to her that she didn't want her to give up on her. She even helped save Mary from Nocturna in an attempt to regain her sister's love and trust. Beth made it clear to Kate that in her perspective; her doppelgänger's kindness and compassion was her weakness and why she couldn't survive and why she refuses to ever be anything like her, much like how Earth-2 Laurel Lance believed about her own doppelgänger before she reformed. After getting locked up in Arkham due to her sister's betrayal, it's very possible any kind of love and loyalty she had for Kate might have been completely destroyed.

Other than Kate, the only other person she truly cares for is Jonathan. She loved him unconditionally, ever since they met after the accident that killed her mother, and despite his hideous appearance. She was even willing to delay getting her long awaited revenge on her father just to keep him safe. Beth explained that she sees the best in him, most likely because he's the only friend she was forced to have under captivity.

Deep down Beth as Alice is still the terrified little girl that was kidnapped by August.

Despite having become one of Gotham's most feared criminals, she still harbours great dread towards her kidnapper, August Cartwright. According to Dr. Malone, deep down, Beth as Alice is still the little girl that was kidnapped by him, proven by how she shows glimmers of her younger self, whenever she is terrified or is hurt by traumas of her past. The only other person she feared more than August is his heavily abusive cruel mother, and her tormentor, Mabel Cartwright. While she was forced to inhale a dose of Fear Toxin, she saw a hallucination of her sister abandoning her and leaving her locked up, revealing her greatest fear is to be abandoned by Kate, a fear that became a realization when Kate betrayed her and left her locked up in Arkham. As a result, her psyche may have completely collapsed, evidenced by her desire to embrace her tormentor's role. Furthermore, other than August and Mabel, she had come to fear her old criminal associate, Safiyah Sohail, and yet she was willing to betray her in an effort to protect her sister, when Safiyah hired the Rifle to kill her as Batwoman.

Beth or Alice in this case, displays an obsession with Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland by constantly quoting the book and its related media and by dressing up in Victorian clothing reminiscent of the era. Well into her adulthood, Beth held onto the solace she found in reading the book as it helped her mentally escape all the horrors she had to witness under August's roof.

Beth is proven to be manipulative, charming and highly dramatic, while seemingly chaotic and unstable, she is revealed to be highly intelligent, calculating and methodical. She has no qualms in killing individuals as she killed a number of officers and wanted to kill Sophie Moore to make a statement to the citizens of Gotham City, but mainly to make her father suffer as he cared for her like she was his own daughter, a attribute that she clearly believes should have been hers and Kates alone. Her tortured victims like Catherine Hamilton's former mercenary, Shane McKillen considers her to be a unique type of sadistic psychopath. Even her former hostage, Parker Torres considers her to be far worse than the serial killer Hush. According to August, Beth as Alice has been methodical and precise, focused only on killing those who have ruined her life like Catherine Hamilton, she was careful to only cause minimal collateral damage, however after being betrayed by her sister Kate and getting locked up in Arkham, her psyche collapsed even further and most likely so did her limits.

Beth as post-imprisoned Alice.

"I imagine she'll unravel completely, out herself to Gotham in the process of going nuclear. I would hate to be in the blast radius when that happens."
August Cartwright's prediction on Alice's deteriorating psyche [src]

After Beth was imprisoned in Arkham by her own twin sister, Kate Kane (with their father, Jacob Kane's help) her psyche began to collapse even further than ever before, she began plotting her revenge, declaring she no longer wants to be a prisoner instead she vows to take her tormentor Mabel's role, hinting that her psyche has collapsed even further. As a result, all of her previous limits have been diminished and as predicted by her kidnapper August Cartwright before his demise, Beth has gone "nuclear" on Gotham, when she escaped from Arkham, as she released all the inmates from the asylum and let them spread across the city to cause chaos, torment and death.

When her father visited her in Arkham, she promised him that she would make him suffer far worse than how she is suffering behind Arkham's walls. Clearly indicating, her hatred for him had intensified even more due to being imprisoned by him.

After being locked up, Beth's psyche and morality collapsed even further.

Even though her love for her sister Kate seemed to be the only positive trait Beth had, however after being betrayed by her, whatever love and compassion Beth had for her sister seems to no longer exist, as Beth started to grow an obsession into killing her sister as Batwoman, as she's scornfully determined in finding a way to kill her, through Lucius Fox's journal, to the point of working with fellow hateful inmate, Tommy Elliot and letting him kill countless innocents to fulfil her obsessive desire. Yet despite all her claims for wanting to end her sister's life, deep down she still very much cares and loves her; as when she was under ECT at Arkham, she fantasized having a normal sister bonding time with Kate, indicating that her deepest and most desperate desire is to still have Kate as her sister again, hinting that; despite her psyche fracturing even further, deep down, her younger self is still there.

While still caring for her brother-figure, Jonathan Cartwright, she has become more obsessed and more focused on killing her sister than having any interest in his need for peace. Even though, she still loved Jonathan, she didn't hesitate in poisoning him when he made her choose between him and her need for revenge on her family. The fact she was more than willing to kill the only friend she had, proves how far her psyche has deteriorated.

She obviously still cares for her cousin, Bruce Wayne (most likely because she learned he never gave up on finding her, unlike her father), as she clearly got annoyed and angry when Tommy Elliot insulted Bruce by claiming to be his best friend, even though Beth knows he wasn't anymore because he stole tech from Wayne Enterprises. Upon learning, from Elliot, that her cousin is Batman, she became fascinated. She began obsessively reading Lucius's journal, that not only revealed on how to kill the Bat but on her cousin's long history as Batman.

Beth's cruelty reached its "nuclear" state as she began torturing unnecessary victims.

In one week, after being imprisoned in Arkham, she managed to completely take over the asylum after having the warden killed and replaced by Jonathan. After taking control over the entire asylum, becoming the "Queen of Arkham", she began to grow a liking to Arkham, as it became a safe haven for her and Mouse to protect them from Safiyah Sohail. As well as gives her enough time to prepare for her ultimate revenge on Gotham. Because of her sister's betrayal, Beth's limits have been completely diminished. After finding out a way to kill her sister as Batwoman, she became more impatient than ever before and without hesitation she electrocuted to death each and every cryptographer who failed to help her decode Lucius Fox's journal in less than 90 minutes, causing unnecessary deaths. Her own father even began comparing her to the Joker, as she's fixated on Batwoman as he was fixated on Batman.


"Being captive is a way of life for her."
Kate Kane to Mary Hamilton[src]
  • High-level intellect/Master tactician/Manipulator/Leader: Beth was able to attack highly secured places and bypass security measures with ease and swiftly adjusting to changing situations.[2][4] Beth also effectively lead the Wonderland gang and was perfectly able to develop and orchestrate complex plots against her enemies.[8] Beth is able to stay ahead of both the GCPD and the Crows, predicting their moves and using them to her advantage.[6] Even as she was near death, she cleverly manipulated the Crows into hunting her doppelgänger at Wayne Tower. When looking at a file containing details about Ethan Campbell, she quickly deduced that he was really August Cartwright impersonating Campbell. In addition, she succeeded in manipulating her sister into "breaking" her code, when she handed August to her and let him goad her into killing him after learning the full tragic story of Beth's transformation into Alice. Even at her weakest state she still managed to turn the tables, in only one week, after being imprisoned in Arkham, she managed to completely take over the asylum after having the warden killed and replaced by Mouse. A feat not even all the other inmates, who are considered to be Gotham's worst criminals, were able to accomplish. When it was time to escape, she masterfully plunged the city into chaos after releasing all of Arkham's inmates as a distraction. Her own father even began comparing her methods to the legendary psychotic criminal the Joker.
    • Medical knowledge: At the age of 14, Beth was taught by her kidnapper and tormenter, August, about the human anatomy so she could easily skin a living or a dead human being and preserve said skin. Alice was able to make Johnny look "normal" at her first try, a feat that August alone couldn't do.[6]
    • Expert interrogator/Torturer: Beth is a very effective interrogator and torturer,[10] she also knew many different skinning techniques, most likely taught by August.[5] After getting locked up in Arkham by her sister's betrayal, she became far more merciless than ever before, as she took pleasure in electrocuting two cryptographers to death out of spite, and electrocuting Julia Pennyworth to "motivate" Luke Fox in deciphering his father's journal.[22]
    • Toxicology: Beth was very proficient in toxicology and the use of poison.
  • Cellist: Beth was taught how to play Bach's "Cello Suite No. 1, Prelude" by her father, Jacob Kane. Even after more than a decade of not practicing, she still retained her skills with her very own cello.[4]
"My own daughter, one of Gotham's most diabolical killers."
Jacob Kane on Beth[src]
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: It's unknown who trained Beth, but she has proven to be a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, as she was able to match and nearly best Kate Kane (under the persona of Batwoman) a master combatant and martial artist in her own right. Beth was also able to use her surroundings and a variety of improvised weaponry with great effect.[2] During a second fight, she sensed Kate approach from behind, at a clear blind-spot, quickly dodging and was able to handily overpower a distracted Kate to knock her out; and in spite of the latter garbed in a bullet-proof suit, Beth was able to land blows on her sister that made Batwoman grunt with each hit.[14] She also was able to kill two Crows operatives with her hands cuffed using a fishing line.[6] Her own father, Jacob even considers her to be one of Gotham's most prolific killers.[7]
    • Master knife-wielder/Knife thrower: Beth is very capable with knives, using them in close range fight against Batwoman and killing two cops with throwing knives with ease.[3]
    • Expert markswoman: Beth is highly trained in the use of firearms; this is seen when she used a Crows agent's gun to shoot other guards in quick succession during her escape.
  • High tolerance for pain: Beth has a high tolerance for pain; as she cut her palm with one of her knives to provide Kate with a DNA sample, without displaying any discomfort. She even was able to withstand getting stabbed by Tommy Elliot and enduring the pain from feeble stitching.
  • Intimidation: Beth has proven to be feared by the citizens of Gotham City up to the point that after she escaped from Crow's custody they started a massive riot outside the GCPD till they turn on the bat-signal, which was turned off after Batwoman was revealed to be a lesbian until the public demanded the signal to be turned back on. After her recent escape from Arkham, all of Gotham went under terror as she released all of Arkham's inmates upon the city.


  • Balisong knives: Beth used regular butterfly knives for close-quarters combat or a makeshift throwing knives. She used one as a substitute after her butterfly knife was taken from her.
  • Journal: During Beth's time ruling Arkham, she learned that the late Lucius Fox's journal has the knowledge on how to pierce the Batsuit from Tommy Elliot, she had Magpie steal the journal from Johnny Sabatino, in exchange for her freedom. After getting Lucius' glasses from her sister Kate, she began to easily read it and learned on how she can kill her sister as Batwoman.
  • Glasses: After making an exchange with Kate for Beth's prisoners, Luke Fox and Julia Pennyworth, Beth got her hands on Lucius Fox's glasses, and she began to easily read Lucius's journal and learned on how she can kill her sister as Batwoman.

Former equipment

"Where is my damn knife?!"
—Beth Kane on her knife's disappearance[src]
  • Garnet-encrusted butterfly knife: Beth wielded a butterfly knife embroidered with her garnet birthstone from her childhood necklace as her main weapon. It was later taken by Batwoman during their fight and later stolen by Shane McKillen under orders from Catherine Hamilton-Kane, who ordered for the knife to be destroyed.
  • Wooden paddle: Beth used this wooden paddle to knock people unconscious and even used it to break the Bat-Signal.
  • Guns/Firearms: Beth has used firearms, primarily handguns, she used Jacob Kane's gun against him in an attempt to execute him, she also used a police officer's gun to shoot other guards in her escape, even hold Sophie at gunpoint to make her getaway. She also used the specialized railgun that can penetrate Batwoman's suit.
  • Alice in Wonderland: During her eleven years of captivity, Beth would seek comfort in reading Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland book. Though the book was destroyed by August Cartwright, Beth and Johnny repaired the book, using fish wire. By 2018, she memorized each and every word in the book to heart. Beth would use the fish wire that was used to repair her book to escape captivity from Crows Security years later. After escaping Arkham, when Mouse decided he was going to leave Alice and her quest for revenge on her family, Alice gave him a send off party to which they burned the pages of the novel, since that was the item that anchor them to their trauma, and they needed to let it go once and for all.[23]




Season 5


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  • On Fridays after school, Beth and Kate would get chocolate-covered waffles at a waffle stand.[3] This is a reference to the comics, where they went to get waffles for their birthday before being kidnapped.
  • Even though Beth and Mary aren't recognized by law as step-sisters, the two have referred to each other as such.[8]
  • Beth's blood type is O-negative.[15]
  • Beth and Kate's birthday is January 26th,[1] which is also "Australia Day".
  • Despite Beth making her return to Gotham as Alice, she has yet to reveal herself as Jacob Kane's long-lost daughter to the public and so is still legally declared dead as Beth.[7]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics, Elizabeth Kane was the twin sister of Katherine "Kate" Kane, also known as the super-hero Batwoman. She was a super-villain who was a member of the Religion of Crime under the alias Alice, a name taken from the novel Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. She later adopted the name Red Alice in the Prime Earth continuity and became a hero.
  • Beth served as the main antagonist of Season 1 of Batwoman.
    • Similar to Arrow Season 2's main antagonist, Slade Wilson, Beth's choice in becoming the villain wasn't of her own accord. Slade's psyche was affected because of being injected with Mirakuru, leading him to becoming one of Green Arrow's greatest enemies, Deathstroke. Beth was held captive and abused for 11 years in her adolescence, which led to her psyche breaking down to the point of near absolute insanity, thus becoming one of Batwoman's greatest enemies, Alice.
  • Rhiannon Roberts, Shawnah Donley and Amber Whelan were stunt doubles for Rachel Skarsten and Cassandra Ebner was a stunt double for Ava Sleeth in the role of Beth Kane.


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