"Where's Kate? Is Kate okay? Is Kate happy? Is she sleeping enough? Has she done her homework? Seen a doctor? Had enough to eat? Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate I am so sick of Kate!"
—Beth Kane to her father, Jacob[src]

Elizabeth Marie "Beth" Kane (born January 1990),[1] known under the criminal alias Alice, was the leader of the Wonderland gang who are hellbent on taking over Gotham and undermining its sense of security. She is also the daughter of Jacob Kane and the late Gabi Kane, the twin sister of Kate Kane, the cousin of Bruce Wayne and the close friend/sister-figure of Jonathan Cartwright. She was nicknamed the Skin Pirate by the news in late 2018.


Early life

Beth Kane was born on January 1990 in Gotham City to Jacob and Gabi Kane, along with her twin sister, Kate; as children, Beth and Kate often played inside the abandoned Burnside Orphanage. Once, they visited Wayne Enterprises, and when Kate convinced Beth to sneak into their cousin Bruce Wayne's office, Kate noticed a woman's necklace in a square pyramid-shaped glass container. She was about to touch it, when Beth stopped and convinced her to leave the office immediately.[2]

On Fridays, after school, Beth and Kate would go to a waffle stand and eat chocolate-covered waffles.[3]

Kate and Beth as kids

Beth and Kate as kids moments before the accident.

In January 2003, while riding in a car with her sister and their mother on the way home from their Bat Mitzvah, a bus hijacked by the Joker slammed into the back of the family's car, causing them to veer off of a bridge, Batman intervened, but was only able to save Kate, with the car falling off. While their mother died, Beth (unbeknownst to her sister) survived the fall.[2] After the car hit the water, Gabi's head was launched through the windshield and as water began to fill the car, Beth did her best to remain calm.[3] Somehow, she managed to make it out of the car alive.

Falling down the rabbit hole

Meeting Johnny

Beth awakes in the Cartwright house

Beth awakes in the Cartwright house.

After escaping the sinking car and washing up on shore, Beth was taken by Jonathan Cartwright and his father whilst they were out fishing. They took her back to their home and when she woke up she was immediately terrified, only wanting to see her father again. The father tried to calm her down and explained that he wanted Beth to become friends with his son. She constantly screamed at him to allow her to go home, but he only left to get her a sandwich. She then asked the boy why he covered his face only to learn that he is afraid of scaring people, and she explained that he didn't scare her.

August threatens Beth in the basement

August threatens Beth in the basement.

Later, while Beth and Johnny were watching television, a news report of her disappearance came on and she asked the father why he hadn't called the police, however, he never answered but instead grabbed her and threw her into the basement and locked the door. She noticed a sink and when she looked into it, she saw a severed face floating in the war and fell backward, disgusted. When the father came down to take the face out, she asked what he was doing with it and he only said that it was an experiment. He then told her that the only reason she was here was to become friends with his son and that this was her new home. After he left, Beth desperately called out to her father, wanting him to come and save her.

Kate and Beth sense each other

Beth stays quiet as Kate searches for her.

Beth later managed to get a screw out of a loose board on the wall and used it to pick the lock on the door, making her way to the kitchen and calling her father. When he picked up, she asked him for help but was cut off by the father grabbing the phone and ripping it off the cord. He warned her that if anyone came for her, he would kill them and threw her back into her cell. Jacob and Kate later showed up at the house, demanding to know Beth's whereabouts. Kate entered the basement and knocked on Beth's cell. However, remembering the father's threat of killing anyone who came for her, Beth forced herself to stay quiet. As Kate walked away, Beth silently cried to her sister that she loved her. The father also managed to make Jacob believe that it was Johnny pulling a prank and the two eventually left.

Jonathan gives Beth a copy of the book Alice in Wonderland

Johnny gives Beth a copy of the book Alice in Wonderland.

Beth then remained alone in her cell, crying until the door was approached by Johnny who wanted to be her friend and slid the book, Alice in Wonderland, underneath her door in order to keep her company.[4]


Around 2014, Beth finally escaped from August under unknown circumstances, but remained deeply close to Jonathan.[5]

Terrorizing Gotham City as Alice

Reuniting with Kate

Alice and her gang hold Sophie hostage

Alice and the Wonderland gang hold Sophie Moore hostage.

By 2018, Beth had taken up the alias of "Alice" and formed a gang. The gang ambushed an event to turn off Batman's spotlight and kidnapped Sophie Moore, having set up a base at Burnside Orphanage. Kate came after them after deducing their whereabouts from surveillance footage. She was ultimately knocked out and strung up, after which Alice talked to her, explaining how she'd kidnapped Sophie as she was Jacob's favorite daughter, despite them not even being related. She promptly knocked Kate back out, sending her to a makeshift clinic run by Mary Hamilton to get rid of her. Planning to ambush the city's movie in the park event, Alice made use of the gang's mole inside Crows Security, Agent Chuck Dodgson.

Alice strangles Batwoman

Alice strangles Batwoman.

They took Sophie to a building manned by Dodgson, forcing her to stand on a plank overlooking the park to use her as a hostage against Jacob Kane. Her gang was suddenly attacked by an unknown bat vigilante. Beth tried to make Sophie fall but was attacked, and during the scuffle she nearly strangled the vigilante with a rope. However, the bat vigilante managed to break free in time to save a falling Sophie after which Beth fled the scene. Later, Beth admired a photo of her and Kate together and sought to rule over Gotham alongside her.[2]

Beth promises to make Jacob suffer

Beth promises to make Jacob suffer.

Beth sat at the table in her old childhood home, which now belonged to an older man and woman, and hosted a tea party, giving the members of the Wonderland Gang a pep talk. Once they disbanded, Dodgson entered and explained that he couldn't find Beth's butterfly knife that she had left during her fight with Batwoman. When told her mission was getting personal, Beth became angry and exclaimed to Dodgson that it was personal as her father had given up on finding her and she wanted to make him suffer. She then angrily bashed on the table and screamed for her knife. She also eventually murdered the old couple by slitting their throats and left their bodies in the house for The Crows to find.

Kate protects Beth

Kate protects Beth.

One the of the members of the Wonderland Gang later returned with a message from Kate Kane, "waffles", which Beth knew immediately meant that she wanted to meet up with her. The two then met up in an old park and Beth teased Kate, not directly telling her if she was in fact Beth. However, Kate directly asked what had happened during the crash and Beth explained the events as they had happened and after their conversation, Beth offered up a blood sample in order prove to their father it was actually her before several Crows turned up and pointed their guns at her, including Jacob. Kate stood in front of Beth to protect her and ordered them all to stand down, eventually convincing Jacob that he shouldn't kill Alice incase it was Beth. He finally complied and ordered Beth to be taken to Arkham Asylum.

Kate saves Beth

Kate saves Beth.

After she was loaded into the back off the Crows transfer truck, Beth informed Kate that she had sent Dodgson to kill her step-sister, Mary, as she didn't like to share her sister with someone else, prompting Kate to quickly leave. On the way to Arkham, the transfer truck was bombed by Hamilton Dynamics in an attempt on Beth's life by Catherine Hamilton-Kane. After the truck had fallen off the bridge and was completely underwater, Batwoman entered through a hole in the side and placed a rebreather onto Beth's face, allowing her to breathe and waking her up. She realised Batwoman's identity as Kate and caressed her face until the Crows began shooting in the water, sending off another explosion and launching the two in opposite directions. Later, in her lair, Beth wrote Kate a small note reading, "You have our father's eyes." and also included a dead bat in the box, letting Kate know that Beth knew her secret.[3]

Alice mocks Kate

Beth mocks Kate.

One night, while Beth was sleeping, she dreamt of when she was younger and trapped in the Cartwright house. As she discovered a floating face in a sink, she woke up, terrified. Later, she turned on the Bat-Signal in order to call upon Kate, which it did. Beth mocked her and made fun of the situation she had gotten herself into, making Gotham believe Batman was back. She then demanded to know where Kate had taken Dodgson who then explained that he would only be returned if Beth would stop killing people. She reluctantly accepted Kate's challenge but only for Dodgson's sake. She then grabbed a baseball bat and smashed the Bat-Signal.

Alice in Kane penthouse

Alice in Kane penthouse.

While the Kane family were out at Tommy Elliot's party, Beth infiltrated their penthouse by wearing a stolen Crows uniform. She drank at martini and licked a cupcake before noticing a photo of Jacob, Catherine and Mary all together, dropping to the ground and stepping on it out of anger. When a Crows member suddenly appeared, Beth swiftly threw one of her knives into his chest, killing him and only realising that she broke her oath to Kate when it was too late. She then called Jacob at the party and began playing the cello piece that he taught her, constantly teasing him about losing Beth. She insulted him for not even being capable of protecting his own home, making him realise where she was before she abruptly hung up the phone. She then discovered a box of her childhood keepsakes, smiling at the memories and appreciating the map that Kate made in order to look for Beth.

Alice rescues Kate

Beth rescues Kate.

Later, after the party was cut short by Tommy activating bombs within the building and fighting Batwoman on the roof, he had her holding on for dear life from a drop in the elevator. However, before he could kill her, Beth hit him in the back of the head with a baseball bat and allowed Kate to climb back onto the roof. Kate seemed proud that Beth could be capable of saving her but her hopes were crushed when she learned of her murdering a Crows member. She exclaimed that the innocent Beth was gone and that she hoped Kate was stop thinking of her as her sister. She then forcibly removed Kate's hand from her shoulder and walked off.[6]

Catherine is blackmailed by Alice

Beth blackmails Catherine.

When Catherine Hamilton-Kane was digging up the graves of Beth and Gabi in order to cover up her involvement in the doctoring of the bone fragments, she was confronted by Beth who threatened to expose Catherine's wrongdoings if she didn't hand over a "top secret weapon" developed by Hamilton Dynamics. If she refused, Beth explained that she would tell Jacob all about what Catherine did and smugly walked off with her rabbits by her side. Later, Catherine took another attempt at Beth's life by sending her men to her lair, however, the Wonderland Gang members quickly defeated the three men who were promptly taken hostage by Beth.

Alice watches as Catherine's men were tortured by hers

Alice watches as Catherine's men were tortured by hers.

She lined them up in three chairs and teased them with a pair of hedge clippers before picking Catherine's right-hand man, Shane McKillen. She placed the clippers around the man's pinky finger and cut if off. Later, after Shane returned to Catherine, Beth called her and informed her that it was too late to go through with their deal and promptly hung up.[7]

Alice patches Dodgson up

Beth patches Dodgson up.

In the middle of the night, Beth snuck into a local morgue and proceeded to cut the skin off of several corpses. Once she had three perfect rectangles of skin, she placed them in a suitcase and left. The next day, Beth is reunited with Dodgson who was recently released by Kate, albeit severely injured. She helped patch him up and made sure that he told Kate nothing that could ruin their plan, or it was off with his head. He assured that he didn't just as the lights in the room were shut off and many of the Wonderland Gang members were knocked out by a bo-staff-wielding Batwoman. Beth screamed that she wasn't afraid of the dark only for Kate to knock her out as well. Beth was then taken by Kate to the Batcave.

Kane sisters on the road

Kane sisters on the road.

Later, Beth woke up chained to the ceiling within a cell and joked to Kate about the setup. Kate demanded Beth tell her how all of this had happened to her, how she became Alice. At first, Beth refused until Kate called their father but abruptly hung up, knowing he would trace, Beth quickly explained that she would tell her story if she was set and free and the two started on their road trip. Beth told her sister all her kidnappers house, his son and how he could mimic voices. However, before she got any further, she abruptly changed the subject and directed Kate down the road of a nearby diner, Dusty's.

Posing as a waiter Jonathan helps Beth drug Kate

Beth and Kate talk in the diner.

At the diner, Beth remained handcuffed with a pair of sunglasses on, eating a small basket of fries and continued her story. She explained how she began to warm up to her kidnappers son and experienced a slight friendship with him until she saw a report of her disappearance on TV and was locked in the basement where she first discovered a floating face in the nearby sink. After hearing more of Beth's story, Kate began to feel and eventually passed out, realising that Beth had somehow had her beer drugged. Unbeknownst to Kate, Beth arranged for her old friend, Jonathan Cartwright, to pose as a waiter and drug Kate's drink. The two took her to the old, abandoned Cartwright house where Beth had been held captive.

Alice watches Jacob agony after having stabbed him

Alice watches Jacob agony after having stabbed him.

Later, Kate woke up chained to a wall in the same basement Beth was held in during her time in captivity. Beth then explained how years ago, Kate almost found her but instead of sensing her like twins should, Kate walked away and left Beth to rot. She then did the same to Kate, leaving her chained up and locking the door behind the her. After both Jacob and Sophie arrived to rescue Kate, Beth confronted her father who exclaimed that he now believed her and asked her to step outside for them to talk. However, once he asked where Kate was, Beth became angry and ended up stabbing him in the stomach.

Mouse and Alice reunited

Mouse and Alice reunited.

She was about to kill him before Kate entered, holding Jonathan hostage and ordered she let their father go. Beth refused, believing Kate didn't have it in her, however, Sophie entered and exclaimed that she did. Beth knew it was true and let Jacob go, taking Jonathan with her as she fled. Later, the two sat in one of Beth's hideouts and discussed the outline of her plan to destroy the Kane family.[4]

Revenge on Catherine Hamilton-Kane

Alice hold captive Dean Deveraux

Alice hold captive Dean Deveraux.

In order to initiate her plan for revenge on Catherine, Beth needed Mouse to infiltrate Hamilton Dynamics and steal a powerful weapon. She kidnapped Hamilton employee, Dean Deveraux and used stolen skin to make Mouse look exactly liked him. However, when the two got into a heated argument about Kate changing Beth, she became angry and ordered him to just go along with her plan, stealing Catherine's weapon. While waiting for Mouse's return, Beth played checkers with Deveraux until she received a call from who she thought was Kate who asked about her plans. It turned out to be in fact Mouse calling, causing Beth to become angry with him, however, he quickly spoke over her and accused her of keeping secrets from him and helping Kate, even killing Deveraux in his fit of rage.

Mouse and Alice watches over Wayne Tower

Beth and Mouse look up at Wayne Tower.

Later, Beth found Mouse sitting alone in the street and looking up at Wayne Tower. She explained to him that she never wanted to replace him to Kate. When asked why she was helping Kate, Beth explained that she had saved her a seat at the tea-party and that she needed to be alive. She assured him that they would be the ones sharing Kate instead of the other way around and if she didn't want to take part, they were lucky to have the stolen weapon from Hamilton Dynamics. Beth offered him a peace offering in the form of a stuffed Mr. Pandy doll Mouse had given her years before as the two started up at Wayne Tower.[8]


"'Hello,' said Alice. Shall we believe the Crows will protect us? Well, I believe six impossible things before breakfast."
—Beth Kane[src]

Prior to Beth's disappearance, she was a kind-hearted and loving girl, however, the accident that killed her mother seems to have a profound effect on her psyche, twisting it to the point of insanity, it is currently unclear what occurred to Beth over her 15-year disappearance, but it did eventually resulted in the creation of her Alice persona and a gang of criminals that follow her orders, she seems to concentrate all of her hatred onto her father, Jacob Kane, for what she perceives to be his willingness to abandon her, as such it's not so much that she wants to see Gotham and the Crows burn just for the sake of destroying something, but instead she knows that her father cares about the city and thus, wants to hurt him by attacking Gotham. The same can be said for her kidnapping of Sophie Moore as she thinks Sophie as a surrogate daughter for Jacob and that he cares for her, that it hurts him to see Sophie in danger.

The only positive trait Beth displays is her love of her sister, Kate, demonstrated by her need to get Kate on her side and her willingness to show up to an old waffle stand they frequented as children and she took no retaliation against Kate once she discovered her identity as Batwoman, despite Kate foiling her earlier scheme involving Sophie and bombing Gotham, in fact actually relishing in it as she believes that Kate will be submerged in darkness. But even her love for Kate is twisted as she had incredible jealousy and hatred towards Mary Hamilton for taking her place as Kate's sister.

Beth or Alice in this case, displays an obsession with Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland by constantly quoting the book and its related media and by dressing up in Victorian clothing reminiscent of the era.

Beth is proven to be manipulative, charming and highly dramatic, while seemingly chaotic and unstable, she is revealed to be highly intelligent, calculating and methodical. She has no qualms in killing individuals as she killed officers and wanted to kill Sophie Moore to make a statement to the citizens of Gotham City.


"You know how dangerous she is."
Sophie Moore to Kate Kane[src]
  • High-level intellect/Master tactician/Manipulator/Leader: Beth is able to attack highly secured places and bypass security measures with ease and swiftly adjusting to changing situations.[2][6] Beth also effectively leads the Wonderland gang and is perfectly able to develop and orchestrate complex plots against her enemies.[5]
    • Expert interrogator/Torturer: Beth is a very effective interrogator and torturer,[7] she also know many different skinning techniques.[4]
    • Toxicology: Beth is very proficient in toxicology and the use of poison.
  • Cellist: Beth was taught how to play Bach's "Cello Suite No. 1, Prelude" by her father, Jacob Kane.[6]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Beth is proven to be a fearsome hand-to-hand combatant, as she was able to match and nearly best the highly trained Kate Kane (under the persona of Batwoman) in hand-to-hand combat. She was also able to use her surroundings and a variety of improvised weaponry with great effect.[2]
    • Master knife wielder/Knife thrower: Beth is an expert at knives, using them in close range fight against Batwoman and killing two cops with throwing knives.[3]
  • High tolerance for pain: Beth has a high tolerance for pain; as she cut her palm with one of her knives to provide Kate with a DNA sample, without displaying any discomfort.
  • Intimidation: Beth has proven to be feared by the citizens of Gotham City.


  • Balisong knives: Beth uses regular butterfly knives for close-quarters combat or a makeshift throwing knives. She uses one as a substitute after her butterfly knife was taken from her.
  • Wooden Paddle: Beth uses this wooden paddle to knock people unconscious and even used it to break the Bat-Signal.

Former equipment

"Where is my damn knife?!"
—Beth on her knife's disappearance[src]
  • Butterfly knife: Beth wielded a butterfly knife that also had the garnet from one of her childhood necklaces embroidered on it. It was later taken by Batwoman during their fight.




Season 5


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Season 1


  • On Fridays after school, Beth and Kate would get chocolate-covered waffles at a waffle stand.[3] This is a reference to the comics where they went to get waffles for their birthday before being kidnapped.
  • Beth is Jewish.
  • Even though Beth and Mary aren't recognized by law as step-sisters. the two have referred to each other as such.[5]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics, Elizabeth Kane was the twin sister of Katherine "Kate" Kane, also known as the super-hero Batwoman. She was a super-villain who was a member of the Religion of Crime under the alias Alice, a name taken from the novel Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. She later adopted the name Red Alice in the Prime Earth continuity.
  • Beth serves as the main antagonist of Season 1 of Batwoman.


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