The butterfly knife was Beth Kane's primary weapon of choice. It was emblazoned with a garnet, originally from her necklace.


Beth Kane acquired a butterfly knife after she became the villainess "Alice." Her garnet birthstone from a necklace she wore when she was young was engraved onto the knife. Alice would twirl the knife in her hand for display and use it as her primary weapon to kill her enemies.

In 2018, Alice used the knife to kill some GCPD officers at the turning off of the the Bat-Signal. After the Wonderland gang kidnapped her sister, Kate Kane, Alice twirled the knife as she taunted Kate. Later, when again confronted by Kate under the identity of "Batwoman," Alice threw the knife at her, but Kate dodged it. After their battle, Alice left her knife behind, which Kate retrieved from the scene.

As Kate examined the knife, she realized its garnet matched the one on her own necklace, causing her to suspect that Alice might be her long-lost sister.[1]

When Alice realized she left her knife behind, she sent Chuck Dodgson to retrieve it, only to find that Kate had taken it. Alice became angry at the loss of her knife as she terrorized an elderly couple living in her former childhood home and threw a tantrum.[2]

Kate tried to examine Alice's DNA from the knife to ascertain if she was really Beth. However, Kate and Sophie Moore were attacked by a group of thugs hired by the former's stepmother, Catherine Hamilton-Kane, to steal the weapon. They were successful and the group's leader, Shane McKillen, later presented the knife to Catherine. She ordered it to be destroyed in order to cover up the truth of Beth's fate.[3]



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