"We're all mad here, Commander. I'm mad, you're mad. Sanity is so... pedestrian."
—Beth to Jacob Kane[src]

Beth Kane (born January 1990 or 1991),[1] known under the criminal alias Alice, is the leader of the Wonderland gang who are hellbent on taking over Gotham and undermining its sense of security. She is also the daughter of Jacob Kane and the late Gabi Kane, the twin sister of Kate Kane and the cousin of Bruce Wayne.


Early life

Beth was born in January 1990 or 1991 to Jacob and Gabi Kane, along with her twin sister, Kate, as children, Beth and Kate often played inside the abandoned Burnside Orphanage, one time, they once visited Wayne Enterprises, where Kate convinced Beth to sneak into Bruce's office, Kate noticed a woman's necklace in a square pyramid-shaped glass container. She was about to touch it, when Beth stopped and convinced her to leave the office immediately,
Kate and Beth as kids

Beth and Kate as kids moments before the accident.

In January 2003, while driving with her sister and their mother on the way home from their Bat Mitzvah, a bus hijacked by the Joker slammed into the back of the family's car, causing them to veer off of a bridge, Batman intervened, but his efforts only saved Kate, with the car falling off, while their mother died, Beth (unbeknownst to her sister) survived the fall,[2] as the car hit the water, Gabi's head was launched through the windshield and water began to fill the car, Beth doing her best to remain calm.[3] Somehow, she managed to make it out of the car alive.

Terrorizing Gotham City as Alice

Meeting Batwoman

Alice and her gang hold Sophie hostage

Alice and the Wonderland gang hold Sophie Moore hostage.

By 2018, Beth began going by "Alice", and formed a gang, the gang ambushed an event to turn off Batman's spotlight, kidnapping Sophie Moore, having set up a base at Burnside Orphanage, Kate came after them after deducing their whereabouts from surveillance footage, Kate was ultimately knocked out and strung up, following which Alice talked to her, explaining how she'd kidnapped Sophie as she was Jacob's favorite daughter, despite them not even being related, she promptly knocked Kate back out, sending her to a makeshift clinic run by Mary Hamilton to get rid of her. Planning to ambush the city's movie in the park event, Alice made use of the gang's mole inside Crows Security, Agent Dodgson.

They took Sophie to a building manned by Dodgson, forcing her to stand on a plank overlooking the park to use her as a hostage against Jacob Kane, her gang suddenly got attacked by a unknown bat vigilante, Beth tried to make Sophie fall but was attacked, during the scuffle she nearly strangled the vigilante with a rope. However, the bat vigilante managed to break free in time to save a falling Sophie after which Beth fled the scene.[2]


"'Hello,' said Alice. Shall we believe the Crows will protect us? Well, I believe six impossible things before breakfast."
—Beth Kane[src]

Prior to her disappearance, Beth was a kind-hearted and loving girl. However, the accident that killed her mother seems to have a profound effect on her psyche, twisting it to the point of insanity. It is currently unclear what occurred to Beth over her 15-year disappearance, but it did eventually resulted in the creation of her Alice persona and a gang of criminals that follow her orders. She seems to concentrate all of her hatred onto her father, Jacob Kane, for what she perceives to be his willingness to abandon her. As such it's not so much that she wants to see Gotham and the Crows burn just for the sake of destroying something, but rather that she knows her father cares about the city and thus wants to hurt him by attacking Gotham. The same can be said for her kidnapping of Sophie Moore as she thinks Sophie as a surrogate daughter for Jacob and that he cares for her, that it hurts him to see Sophie in danger.

The only positive trait she displays is her love of her sister Kate. Demonstrated by her need to get Kate on her side and her willingness to show up to an old waffle stand they frequented as children. And she took no retaliation against Kate once she discovered her identity as Batwoman, despite Kate foiling her earlier scheme involving Sophie and bombing Gotham, in fact actually relishing in it as she believes that Kate will be submerged in darkness. But even her love for Kate is twisted as she had incredible jealousy and hatred towards Mary for taking her place as Kate's sister.

Beth, or Alice in this case, displays an obsession with Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland by constantly quoting the book and it's related media and by dressing up in Victorian clothing reminiscent of the era.

Beth is proven to be manipulative, charming and highly dramatic, while (seemingly) chaotic and unstable, she is revealed to be highly intelligent, calculating and methodical. She has no qualms in killing individuals as she killed officers and wanted to kill Sophie Moore to make a statement to the citizens of the Gotham City.


"You know how dangerous she is."
Sophie Moore to Kate Kane[src]
  • Expert tactician: Beth is able to attack highly secured places and bypass security measures with ease and swiftly adjusting to changing situations.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Beth is proven to be a fearsome hand-to-hand combatant, as she was able to match and nearly best Kate Kane (under the persona of Batwoman) in hand-to-hand combat. She was also able to use her surroundings and a variety of improvised weaponry with great effect.
    • Expert knife-wielder: Beth is a expert at knives, using them in close range fight against Batwoman and killing two cops with throwing knives.
  • High tolerance for pain: Beth has a high tolerance for physical pain; she cut her palm with one of her knives to provide Kate with a DNA sample, without displaying any discomfort.
  • Intimidation: Beth is shown to be feared by the city of Gotham..


Former equipment

"Where is my damn knife?!"
—Beth on her knife's disappearance[src]
  • Butterfly knife: As Alice, Beth wielded a butterfly knife that also had the garnet from one of her childhood necklaces embroidered on it. It was later taken by Batwoman during their fight.



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Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics, Elizabeth Kane was the twin sister of Katherine "Kate" Kane, also known as the super-hero Batwoman. She was a super-villian who was a member of the Religion of Crime under the alias Alice, a name taken from the novel Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. She later adopted the name Red Alice in the Prime Earth continuity.
  • Alice currently serves as the main antagonist of Season 1 of Batwoman.


  1. In "The Rabbit Hole", Kate mentions her birthstone is a garnet (January) and states she spent "half" her life searching for Beth. She and Beth were celebrating their Bat Mitzvah the day of the accident, making them either 12 or 13 at the time, which places either 1990 or 1991 as their birth year and makes them 27 or 28 in 2018.
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