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"I always wondered what my life would have been like if you had saved me. I just never imagined that I'd be so basic. Eyes that never had to witness the horrors that I saw. Ears that never had to hear the evils I heard. Lips that never had to beg for her life."
Alice on her and Beth's differences[src]

Elizabeth "Beth" Kane (January 26, 1990 – January 27, 2020) was a refugee from Earth-TUD14 who found her way to Earth-Prime after the Anti-Monitor Crisis. She was the daughter of Commander Kane and a late unnamed woman, the twin sister of Kate Kane, and the cousin of Bruce. Beth was also a good friend of Earth-Prime's Kate Kane, Luke Fox, and Mary Hamilton.


Original multiverse

Beth Kane was born on January 26, 1990 to Kane and an unnamed woman with a twin sister, Kate, whom she was inseparable from. Beth also had an older cousin, Bruce. In their childhood, Beth and Kate would get waffles together every year on their birthday.

On Beth and Kate's 13th birthday, the two of them had a Bat Mitzvah to celebrate. On their way home, the sisters were involved in a car accident with their mother. Kate managed to climb out of the wreckage and pull Beth to safety before the car plummeted off a bridge, killing their mother.

After this incident, Beth and Kate continued living with their father, having an otherwise normal, happy upbringing.

In adulthood, Beth began to study astrophysics and earned a Master's Degree in the subject. She wrote a 300-page dissertation on theoretical extragalactic astrophysics and cosmology.[1]

New multiverse

In January 2020, Beth was spotted by Mary Hamilton while entering Gotham University. Later, she showed up at Wayne Tower to greet Kate Kane in Bruce Wayne's office. Beth happily greeted Kate, claiming to be back home for their birthday after a "semester abroad". Believed to be the villainous Alice or Mouse, she was attacked by Kate, before she clarified that she was indeed just Beth.[2] Beth doused Kate with pepper spray and successfully escaped.

After changing her mind through some evidence, Kate found Beth at a park where she and her Kate used to go for their birthday. Kate apologized for how she reacted and Beth confessed that she was feeling like she was going crazy because nobody else seemed to know who she was. The two hugged and Kate said her wish had come true; later she explained the merging of the universes and Beth took the "whole death of the multiverse" rather well thanks to her studies in astrophysics. Beth revealed that on her Earth, that Earth's Kate ended up rescuing her because she climbed back into the car and pulled her out. Their conversation was interrupted by Gotham City News on Channel 8, where a reporter talks about how the Wonderland gang had been striking again.

Beth pretending to be Alice.

Later, Beth showed up at Wayne Tower, and greeted Luke Fox, realizing he didn't know her. Luke revealed that Kate had been kidnapped by Alice. Beth then decided to pretend to be Alice in order to save Kate. Mary helped Beth dress up to look the part of the villain and she was confused because the last time she had looked at Alice, her mom was dying in her arms after being poisoned by Alice. Beth told Mary that she couldn't help but feel guilty for this Earth's Beth causing all that harm to her as Alice.

Beth on The Hold Up.

Eventually, Beth showed up to the junkyard just after Mouse has doused the car Kate and other abducted were in with gasoline. She soon got discovered when Mouse used the code she and Alice developed and Beth didn’t know it. He ripped the blonde wig off and points a gun at her head and then threw her in the trunk of a car in a junkyard. Kate managed to get out of the car and fight Mouse and the other Wonderland Gang members, but Mouse threw the lighter onto the car that had Beth in it. Batwoman managed to rescue her from the burning car at the last second.

Beth meets Alice.

Safe at The Hold Up, Kate showed up and was greeted with a small surprise party that consisted of Mary, Luke and Beth to celebrate their birthday. Beth told Kate to make a wish, but Kate said all she ever really wanted was a second chance, and blew the candle. Beth followed but then began to get a splitting headache, at the same time as her doppelgänger.[1]


Beth dies in Luke's arms.

The symptoms suffered by the doppelgängers were ascribed to the impossibility to host Beth and Alice on the same Earth and the two were given about 7 hours to live due to a cellular disruption. When Alice discovered her existence and figured out what was going on, she tried to kill her at Wayne Tower, but she was stopped by Kate. Later, she tried to use Mary's blood, containing the universal cure-all Desert Rose, to survive. Kate had to choose between Beth or Alice to save, she chose her sister's doppelgänger, giving her the serum. At the very last second however, Beth was shot to death by August Cartwright, who mistook her for Alice, thus saving the latter's life.[3]


"Beth deserved to live. Do not think that there is not one single minute that goes by that I'm not remembering her."
Kate Kane[src]

Beth is remembered as what her Earth-Prime doppelgänger could have been if Kate had saved her from the crash.

Beth's corpse.

Because of her murder, Alice was officially considered dead by the authorities. Jacob Kane said goodbye to Beth's corpse in an obituary, believing to be his daughter. Kate's choice to save Beth over Alice would have a profound effect on their relationship; Alice was left heartbroken that her sister was willing to let her die to save someone else's life, to the point that she began to finally care what Kate thought of her.

Alice eventually confessed that she didn't want Kate to give up on her, even helping save Mary from Nocturna in an attempt to regain her sister's love and trust. However, Kate was not moved by Alice's actions since she wouldn't give up her selfish, manipulative ways; Alice believed her doppelgänger's compassion was her weakness and why Beth couldn't survive, so Alice refused to be anything like her.[4]

Mouse was surprised to see Alice alive when he saw her and, after she passed his identity test, Alice explained to him about Beth.

Beth's death was finally avenged when Kate killed August Cartwright.[5]


Beth brainstorming with Luke.

Much like Beth's Earth-Prime counterpart at first, she was a cheerful, caring individual who deeply loved her family. Beth has fond memories of growing up with her twin sister, Kate Kane. Unlike her Earth-Prime counterpart, Beth was never kidnapped by August Cartwright, subsequently having a normal adolescence and maturing into a well-adjusted young woman.

Since Kate saved her from their wrecked car, Beth deeply admired and looked up to her sister. She held this sentiment when meeting Kate's Earth-Prime counterpart, willing to help in her mission. Beth was proven to be calm and level-headed in moments of crisis, able to pose as Alice for the Bat Team, as well as very intelligent and studious, being an aspiring astrophysicist. She appears to be a very outgoing, friendly and likable individual in general, having quickly accepted Earth-Prime Kate as her sister, and formed a close friendship with Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton.

Beth felt guilty for her doppelgänger's crimes, even though she had nothing to do with them and claimed to understand why Earth-Prime Beth turned out that way after all she had been gone through. When Kate had to choose which doppelgänger to save, Beth didn't ask to be saved, convincing Kate that she was the better choice because of her altruism.


  • Genius-level intellect/Physicist: Beth was an extremely intelligent individual with a masters in astrophysics, having published a 300-page dissertation. Through her studies, Beth gained some acknowledgment of the multiverse, as well as its destruction and rebirth, allowing her to eventually deduce how she ended up on Earth-Prime.[1] Beth is recognized by Kate Kane to be one of the three most intelligent individuals she knew in Gotham, alongside Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton.[3]



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