Elizabeth "Beth" Kane (born January 26, 1990) is a refugee from Earth-TUD14 who found her way to Earth-Prime.


Early life

Beth's childhood life is similar to her Earth-Prime counterpart's up to the car accident which had a different outcome because Kate went back and pulled Beth from the car before it plummeted off the bridge, killing their mother. As a result, she wasn't kidnapped and had a normal up-growing.

At some point in life, she began to study astrophysics and earned a Master's Degree in astrophysics later on.

Arriving on Earth-Prime

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Beth was spotted by Mary Hamilton while entering the Gotham University. Later, the woman showed up in the Wayne Tower claiming to be the sister of Kate Kane, back for their birthday after a "semester abroad". Believed to be the villainous Alice or Mouse, she was attacked by Kate, before she clarified that she was indeed just Beth.[1]


  • High-level intellect: Beth is a highly intelligent individual.
  • Astrophysics knowledge: Beth has a Master's Degree in Astrophysics, granting her some acknowledgment of the multiverse.



Season 1


  • This version of Beth Kane has long straight brown hair; unlike her platinum blonde Earth-Prime counterpart.
    • Same as her Earth 99 Doppelgänger.


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