"That woman never reports any good news."
Felicity Smoak on Bethany Snow[src]

Bethany Snow is an anchorwoman for Channel 52.


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Original multiverse

Job at Channel 52

Bethany Snow was seen anchoring the news on Channel 52, announcing Oliver Queen's return to Starling City.[1]

Bethany on the arrest of China White, praising the SCPD for the efforts.[2]

Bethany also reported the kidnapping of Quentin and Laurel Lance by the Dollmaker.[3]

Later, Bethany reported on the Glades shooting on the Cash for Guns Event by the crime lord known as the Mayor.[4]

During the Moira Queen trial, the Count attempted to hold the city hostage for vertigo, leading to Channel 52 reporting on both events.[5]

Bethany reported on the campaigns of both Sebastian Blood and Moira Queen.[6]

Bethany reported other stories that year, including the destruction of Queen Consolidated Applied Science Division. Bethany also reported the events of the Siege.[7]

Bethany reported on the attack on the Glades by Danny Brickwell and the efforts of resistance by Arsenal and the Black Canary.[8]

When Starling City turned against the Arrow, Bethany reported on developments.[9]

During the events of the Outbreak, Bethany reported on the events.[10]


After Barry traveled back in time and saved his mother from Reverse-Flash the timeline was ruptured resulting in Flashpoint.

Bethany reported the fight between the Flash and Rival in Central City.[11]


During Oliver Queen's trial, Bethany interviewed Quentin Lance.[12]

Bethany reported on the attack on Star City by Grant Wilson and Deathstroke gang.[13]

New multiverse

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  • Journalism: As the anchorwoman for Channel 52, Bethany reported on numerous stories.



The Flash

Season 3

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Bethany Snow is a journalist who becomes a member of the Church of Blood. On behalf of Brother Blood, she tries to discredit the Teen Titans on TV.
  • After DC's New 52 reboot, Bethany appears at the end of every DC comics as part of the Channel 52 news group to report the events that are happening in the DC Universe.
  • Bethany has appeared in every season of Arrow except Season 1.


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