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"Living in this city, dealing with what we're dealing with right now? We're all desperate. We've all been made to do desperate things. Terrible things. But I got to believe that we are not beyond redemption. And I got to believe that this city can still be saved, 'cause once we stop believing that, that's when this city really dies. And us, us, right along with it. Maybe, just maybe, we start saving our home by saving ourselves first. And that means facing up to our mistakes. That means facing justice. You put on that uniform 'cause you believe in justice. Ask yourself, Warner... is that still the case?"
Quentin Lance to Liza Warner

"Beyond Redemption" is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the seventy-third episode overall. It aired on October 28, 2015.



The scene opens on a gathering of goons in a distribution center, who are taken out by a S.W.A.T. Group led by a female cop. A couple of casually dressed cops come in, and when they attempt to stop what she's doing, she brings them down, as well.

Afterward, Thea and Laurel are contending about enlightening Oliver concerning Sara. Laurel doesn't need him to know. Diggle goes along with them, saying that Oliver has a major declaration, and when he appears with Felicity, Thea expect the two have gotten ready for marriage. Oliver reveals to them that he's chosen to run for city hall leader - and Team Arrow is non-plussed.

In the storm cellar of the crusade office - which used to have a place with Jason Blood - is another Arrow Lair, planned by Cisco and S.T.A.R. Labs. Felicity knows about the cops who were discovered dead, and Diggle is going to take off to search for proof. Oliver is going to converse with Lance.

Arrow is taken up with the shooting, when Oliver appears at converse with him, and discloses to him that he's chosen to run for city hall leader. Arrow leaves when he gets a book from Laurel, and Oliver takes the proof to process.

In the flashback, Oliver helps the lady he saved a week ago, giving her a haven and tips on the best way to hang out. He has an arrangement.

In the present, Holt is attempting to make sense of who the Green Arrow is. Felicity requests that he assist her with discovering who hacked her telephone. He says it wasn't him, yet it looks natural. It helps him to remember some code of Ray's. He recorded an announcement before his demise, yet Felicity doesn't generally need ot see it.

At the Lair, Oliver gives Felicity a SIM card he got from the wrongdoing scene. She triangulates where it originated from dependent on past areas, and Team Arrow gets ready to go there. It's unfilled, aside from one room where there's no individuals, yet an ordnance. He discovers body defensive layer having a place with the police and makes sense of there are messy cops murdering individuals.

Laurel brings Lance into the storm cellar of her high rise, where a Feral Sara is fastened to a post. He's befuddled with regards to what occurred, and he's damaged at seeing what Sara has become. Laurel reveals to him it will be alright. When Sara gets Laurel, he pushes her off.

Back at the Lair, Oliver and friends talk about the grimy cops and how to discover street pharmacists. Thea and Diggle head out covert to a dance club, and begin making a few inquiries.

Back at the police division, Lance is at his work area when Oliver comes to reveal to him that it was messy cops, not groups, who murdered the investigators. Arrow needs to be there when they bait the grimy cops in.

In the flashback, Oliver accuses the other warrior's demise for another land mine, and one of the others doesn't trust him and demands seeing the lady's body.

As Diggle and Thea sit tight for the grimy cops, Arrow makes Lance aware of a coming vehicle. A firefight breaks out between Team Arrow, the S.W.A.T. Officials, and Lance. The Lady Cop from beore waves custom edges, however it's brief. They leave without the medications yet Team Arrow doesn't get them into care, making the snare sort of a bust.

Back at the Lair, Lance is truly disturbed about the way that they've effectively back ready for action, tech-wise. He concedes that the counter vigilante team had the sort of innovative apparatus the filthy cops were utilizing, and offers to impart area assets to Felicity to accelerate the examination.

The Task Force folks need to execute Lance, however Lady Cop dismisses the thought, saying she can utilize him.

Holt has been attempting to get hold of Felicity, revealing to her that he's nearly discovered Ray's last message. She lets him know no, that she wouldn't like to hear that. Holt says his sibling passed on a couple of years back and he would murder to hear his voice once more.

Soon thereafter, Damien Darhk and Lance are talking. He educates Darhk regarding Sara's restoration, and requests his assistance with her. Darhk says that on the off chance that it were his little girl, he'd put her down - that it isn't Sara any longer.

At the Lair, Felicity names Liza Warner as the Lady Cop. She's been storing huge aggregates into seaward financial balances. She's attempting to utilize dashboard cams to perceive her. Oliver, however, sees Lance conversing with Damien Darhk.

At the point when Lance gets back home, Oliver is sitting tight for him to go up against him about his dealings with Darhk. The two contend. Oliver discloses to him that he's the explanation Ollie chose to run for civic chairman; he needed to intrigue Lance, yet now he's simply nauseated by him.

In the flashback, the fighter following Oliver discloses to him that there's something dull inside him, and that he can reveal to it isn't Ollie's first execute. He says he's a similar way, and Ollie will discover, if he's lying.

In the present, Oliver reveals to Thea that he needed to be the individual who joined Star City, similar to when they were at ballgames as children. He figures the city may be past sparing, and that he doesn't need to run.

In the storm cellar of Laurel's loft, the tied up Sara is taking a gander at old photographs. Lance comes to shoot her. Laurel stops him, and the two cry together before Lance runs off. In the lobby outside his loft, the grimy cops are sitting tight for him. Warner beat shim up while two others hold hm, at that point Laurel comes and beats two or three folks in the foyer before they taze her, take Lance and run.

Warner takes Lance to her little base, where she accepts she is certifiably not a criminal They've set his biometrics up to open the entryway - which is fine, since that implies Felicity can see where he is. Woman Cop and her goons are taking all the stash they can convey and leaving, however Team Arrow appears at stop them. Green Arrow liberates Lance, who Warner had tied up, and the two gatherings battle.

Sooner or later, Warner gets a decisive advantage over Oliver, placing a blade in his back and taking steps to cut off his spinal line. Arrow talks her down, speaking to her feeling of equity, and he captures her.

Back at Lance's condo, Oliver inquires as to whether he truly has faith in what he said to Warner. Instead of turn himself in, Oliver requests that Lance assist him with drawing near to Darhk.

In the flashbacks, Oliver carries the warrior to see the lady, whose body is still in the cavern where he left her. He brings her "back" with a fast flip of the wrist and reveals to her he learned it on the island. Outside, the fighter discovers Oliver's A.R.G.U.S.- gave PC

At his crusade office the following morning, Oliver comes in to discover the spot staffed up. Thea had acquired them to work, and composed Oliver a discourse - which he conveys before long.

While he's doing as such, we slice back to Oliver tuning in to Ray's message (she's at the discourse, as well; it's simply altering).

In the storm cellar of her condo, Laurel goes to see Sara and she has gotten away.


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  • Preparation began August 18, 2015 and ran until August 26, 2015. Shooting began August 27, 2015 and ran until September 9, 2015.[1]
  • Although this episode is the fourth episode of the fourth season, this was actually the fifth episode produced for the season.[1]


  • When Curtis Holt is trying to guess who the Green Arrow is, he guesses "Neal Adams in Data Processing". Neal Adams was the artist on some of the most famous Green Arrow comic runs. It was at this time Oliver became more of a "streetwise crusader for the working class and the disadvantaged", much like the character is in the show.