Bianca Bertinelli is a socialite and resident of Star City.


Early life

Bianca was adopted by Helena Bertinelli, growing up to be a socialite among the rich of Star City, falling into the same circle as Mia Queen. After Helena’s disappearance, Bianca started living with her great aunt and uncle. At some point she dated Trevor, but she broke up with him.[1]


In 2040, while partying, Bianca was kidnapped by thugs employed by Trevor due to her notoriety. She was ultimately found by the Canaries, who fended off more of Trevor's thugs, taking her to safety.[1]

Erased future


In the future where the Canaries do not save Bianca from her captors, she is killed and her body is located in a river, triggering an event that sends Star City into chaos by 2041.[1]



Season 8

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Helena Bertinelli briefly had an illegally adopted son named James Cooper.


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