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"It's kinda comforting to know that no matter what city you go to, Big Belly Burger is always going to taste like Big Belly Burger."
Felicity Smoak to John Diggle[src]

Big Belly Burger was a chain of burger restaurants founded by Angus T. Belle on Earth-1.



In October 2012 after an altercation with Max Fuller's guards, John Diggle brought Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn to a Big Belly Burger for burgers and ice. As they ate, Oliver and Tommy talked about what happened at Poison while Diggle chatted with Carly, his sister-in-law and a waitress at the restaurant, about his job.[1]

Carly served Diggle dinner at Big Belly Burger as he recovered from a bullet wound. Oliver later arrived at the restaurant to try and convince Diggle to join his crusade. Oliver then evaded his bodyguard by escaping through a bathroom window at the restaurant. The next night at Big Belly Burger, Carly advised John on his job.[2]

Oliver brought his mother, Moira Queen, to Big Belly Burger for dinner to reconnect over burgers, fries, and milkshakes.[3]

Oliver took Helena Bertinelli to Big Belly Burger for coffee as they discussed a potential partnership. A couple nights later after their falling out, Oliver ate chili cheese fries with jalapeños from Big Belly Burger. Carly eventually had Diggle meet with Oliver at the restaurant cheer him up.[4]

Diggle brought some Big Belly Burger to the Arrowcave for himself and Oliver whilst investigating Justin Claybourne.[5]

Around Christmas, Oliver and his sister, Thea Queen, had lunch at Big Belly Burger, with the latter particularly enjoying her french fries. While eating, they discussed the lack of Queen family Christmas parties the past few years.[6]

In January 2013, Oliver got takeout from Big Belly Burger for himself, Moira, and Thea for a movie night. However, Moira declined so Oliver and Thea ate by themselves.[7]

Diggle and Ted Gaynor ate at Big Belly Burger while trading bodyguard stories. After Carly served Ted some cake, he encouraged Diggle to ask her out. Paul Knox then arrived to inform Ted of a "client" and the two left the restaurant.[8]

Felicity Smoak had Oliver meet her at Big Belly Burger, where she revealed her copy of The List and its connection to Walter Steele's disappearance.[9]

Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity had their first Team Arrow meeting at Big Belly Burger, where they discussed taking down The Dodger. With Oliver and Felicity's encouragement, Diggle also asked Carly out on a date.[10]

Laurel Lance invited her father, Quentin, to Big Belly Burger for breakfast to set up a meeting between him and her mother, Dinah. However, Quentin and Dinah had a disagreement regarding Sara Lance's fate, prompting the former to walk out.[11]

Oliver and Diggle ate at Big Belly Burger as they discussed the former's heavy focus on his vigilantism. Just then, Diggle, Oliver, and everyone else at the restaurant watched from their phones as John Nickel was killed by The Savior on Glades Betrayed.[12]

Thea took Roy Harper to Big Belly Burger for dinner, where they had a brief eating challenge over the fries.[13]

As part of a mission, Felicity posed as an employee of Big Belly Burger to deliver a benzodiazepine-laced burger to a recently hired Diggle at Merlyn Global Group. Diggle gave the burger to his fellow security guard, rendering the latter unconscious.[14]


In October 2013, Roy stopped a gang of thugs from trying to assault a female employee outside Big Belly Burger. After a brief scuffle, The Canary arrived and beat the gang up before vanishing.[15]

A week later in Starling City, Big Belly Burger was robbed, though none of the employees were hurt.[16]

On December 11, 2013 at the Central City Police Department, Barry Allen ate Big Belly burger in the crime lab as he processed some evidence. Iris West later came to visit Barry and ate some of his fries, much to his chagrin.[17] On the same night in Detroit, Mari McCabe went to a Big Belly Burger restaurant, having a fondness for their iceberg shakes.[18]

As they worked to rebuild the Arrowcave's computer systems, Diggle brought takeout from Big Belly Burger for himself and Felicity for dinner.[19]

Felicity and Diggle brought Big Belly Burger for Team Arrow during a training session in the Arrowcave.[20]


Felicity and Donna's Big Belly Burger dinner.

In late 2014, Felicity and her mother, Donna Smoak, ate a Big Belly Burger dinner at the former's apartment as they caught up until their meal was interrupted by Brother Eye.[21]

During a mission in Central City, Felicity and Diggle ate some Big Belly Burger while waiting for Oliver and Barry to meet them. The two mused on how Big Belly Burger always tasted "full of grease and salt" in every city.[22]

Barry's Big Belly Burger meal after training.

In January 2015, following his training to run faster, Barry ate a massive pile of burgers from the restaurant.[23]

Dr. Harrison Wells and Caitlin Snow ate Big Belly Burger meals while keeping a lookout on the Stein house. Wells offered Caitlin some of his fries.[24]

Cisco bringing Big Belly Burger's orange soda to the Pipeline to verify if the Reverse-Flash was there.

Remembering how theoretically, liquid always broke the laws of gravity whenever the Reverse-Flash was involved, Cisco Ramon took a cup of Big Belly Burger orange soda with him to the S.T.A.R. Labs Pipeline as a warning sign of the villainous speedster's presence. Sure enough, the soda began to levitate out of the cup.[25]

When Barry visited Eobard in the Pipeline, Eobard feigned disappointment on how he wasn't given any Big Belly Burger; Eobard expressed how much he enjoyed the chain restaurant while living in the 21st century since by his time, cows were extinct. The second time Barry visited Eobard, the latter had been given a Big Belly Burger drink and fries.[26]


In October 2015, Caitlin brought Big Belly Burger for "Jay Garrick" as he was building the speed cannon. "Jay" thanked her, enthusiastic that Big Belly Burger existed on multiple Earths.[27]

Harry Wells requested Big Belly Burger upon arriving on Earth-1 and ate it as he debriefed Team Flash on Dr. Light.[28]

In Star City as a female employee took out the trash outside Big Belly Burger, she was accosted by two would-be rapists. A resurrected Sara killed the men before attacking the employee. However, the police arrived, causing Sara to flee.[29]

In January 2016, at Harry's suggestion, Team Flash ordered Big Belly Burger after the Reverse-Flash returned to the future. Cisco asked for two triple burgers.[30]

Diggle brought a Big Belly Burger meal for his brother, Andy, in the Arrowcave.[31]

Lyla Michaels ate Big Belly Burger for lunch while under A.R.G.U.S. protection.[32]

As a couple exited Big Belly Burger, the man expressed to his date how the restaurant's establishment in Star City was much better than this one in Central City. Suddenly, Girder wrecked the man's car in the parking lot.[33]


Iris and Joe West ordered Big Belly Burger for their movie night with Barry.[34]

Oliver, Curtis Holt, and Rene Ramirez ate at Big Belly Burger in Hub City while tracking Tina Boland. Both times, Rene consumed burgers with increasing numbers of patties, much to his companions' disgust.[35]


In October 2017, Felicity brought Big Belly Burger dinners for Oliver, Diggle, Curtis, and Rene after Team Arrow took down Alex Faust.[36]

Oliver brought a bag of Big Belly Burger to Felicity for lunch while seeking her advice on his son, William Clayton.[37]

After Iris' bachelorette party, Cecile Horton began having pregnancy cravings for Big Belly Burger and brought home takeout from the restaurant.[38]

Iris brought Big Belly Burger for Barry in his lab at the CCPD to cheer him up.[39]

In December, Rene, Curtis, and Dinah Drake ate at a Big Belly Burger food truck as they discussed Team Arrow spying on them.[40]


Barry and Iris picked up Big Belly Burger while investigating Rag Doll.[41]

While trapped in a time loop created by Mar Novu, William Clayton, Mia Smoak, and Connor Hawke (all from the future) brought Big Belly Burger to Oliver and Felicity's apartment, discussing how the food tasted in 2019 compared to 2040. Mia claimed that it tasted the same, while Connor and William insisted that it tasted better in 2019.[42]

Possible future

By 2040, according to William, Big Belly Burger had merged with Gwespin Foods.[42]

Erased future


Eobard was having a Big Belly Burger as his last meal before his execution.[43]

Known employees

Promotional video

On October 2, 2017, a promotional video was released as a fake Big Belly Burger commercial, promoting the 2017-2018 seasons of the Arrowverse. The video also revealed the franchise's founder, Angus T. Belle.



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