"I hate to see girls like that go bad. You know, I think I'll come up with a special to commemorate her death too. In honor of Harley."
—Big Ed to Joe Kline[src]

Big Ed is a criminal and a trusted ally of the Black Rose Gang.[1]


Early life

At some point, he became a trusted ally of the Black Rose Gang to the point that he would regularly give them tattoo.[1]

Harley Lyndon's death

In 1990, after the death of the Black Rose Gang leader Harley Lyndon, he was interviewed by Joe Kline, and he tried to promote a special that would honor Harley's memory. Later, he gave some meal to Shauna and Janie who were hidden inside his lair. He told them that they should move since he did not believe that the police won't come around here. Some time later, he was assaulted by Tina McGee who wanted to become a new member of the Black Rose Gang. After Tina manage to "kill" the Flash, he gave her a Black Rose tattoo as a reward. When the client bell rang, he went to check it out, and he came face to face with the Flash. Later, the police arrived to arrest the Black Rose Gang. He was found inside their car leading the police to his arrest.[1]


The Flash


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