"Big Top Brawl" is the fourth chapter of the comic book series The Flash: Season Zero, and the fourth chapter in the Freak Show arc. It was released digitally on October 20, 2014.


After Barry Allen and the S.T.A.R. Labs crew discover the Strongman's identity, The Flash heads to the edge of town to confront the deadly Mr. Bliss and his gang of circus freaks![1]


After discovering the identity of the Central City Circus ringmaster, Barry sped back to S.T.A.R. Labs to learn more about him. Dr. Wells, a former fan of the circus, reminisced about him, Nathan Bliss, or Mr. Bliss as he was known, commenting on how extremely captivating he was. They pieced together that the strongman had been a meta-human due to his enormous size, and the zoo animals had been controlled by someone. Figuring that the circus had been in the range of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator's explosion, it was easily possible that the circus itself had been hit by it, therefore making Mr. Bliss also a meta-human. Barry decided to suit up and head to the circus.

When he got there, he noticed Joey Rose, the strongman, standing guard. Rose mentioned how his boss had been awaiting Barry's arrival. As he entered the tent, a bunch of clowns rode towards Barry on a single bicycle. He knocked all of them out, proceeding on. He came across a man regurgitating swords, who threw one towards Barry. They engaged in a sword duel, only for Barry to use his super speed to outwit the man, knocking him away. However, he was promptly knocked over himself by the strongman. Before being able to be smashed, Barry raced around Joey towards Mr. Bliss, who had appeared. Before Barry could do him harm, Mr. Bliss had a floating man in a turban named Rajeet levitate him up through the air, soon leaving the atmosphere of Earth. As he started to freeze up, he was brought back down. Mr. Bliss quipped that although he was a speed freak, he was simply still a freak, therefore fitting in rather well with their circus.


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