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"You see that bad man? Tell your sisters it's time."
Brie Larvan to a robotic bee on Bill Carlisle[src]

Bill Carlisle (October 15, 1989[1]–April 2015) was an employee of Folston Tech and a former engineer of Mercury Labs.


Bill Carlisle was born in Central City on October 15, 1989.

Carlisle worked as an engineer at Mercury Labs alongside Brie Larvan and Lindsay Kang. When he and Lindsay discovered that Larvan was developing her project of robotic bees for unauthorized military applications, they reported her to Tina McGee. Larvan was subsequently fired.

Sometime later, Carlisle left Mercury Labs and took up a job at Folston Tech.

In April 2015, Larvan targeted Carlisle with her robotic bees at his new job. The bees injected Carlisle with apitoxin, eventually killing him.[1]


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