"What just happened?"
"It's called bilocation. The power to be in two places at the same time."
Zed Martin and John Constantine[src]

Bilocation is a magic technique that allows spellcasters to appear as if in two places at the same time, using a projection of themselves.


The spell presumably works purely on willpower and faith, as it seemingly requires no incantation and is used by Anne Marie Flynn, an adept of light magic and a nun of the Catholic Church. It can be used by a spellcaster even while on the move, but requires them to provide lines and actions for the projection. The projection does not have to copy the caster's whole look completely, as Anne Marie was able to project a naked version of herself to get the attention of prison guards at the entrance of the Mexico City prison.


Anne Marie Flynn was an avid user of this technique, using it to contact Jasper Winters' millhouse to speak with John Constantine. Her apparition was seen by Zed Martin, who initially wondered at how she was able to get inside the house. John explained that bilocation allows its user to appear in two places at once.[1]

Anne Marie later used this spell to distract a guard at Mexico City prison, allowing her and Chas Chandler escape with John Constantine.[2]



Behind the scenes

  • In mythology, bilocation is believed to be a power that allows mystics to appear in two locations at the same time.


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