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"Still holding on to all that anger. Not healthy. How are we gonna start fresh?"
"I don't start fresh. Now see, this is what you got wrong about me. Every scar on my body is a memory, a lesson that I learned in blood. And it's what makes me who I am. And I don't forget any of it. Now, we've both faced death. We've both died before. The difference is I learned from my scars, and you? You've just forgotten yours."
"But, Sara, I don't see any scars on you. Oh, there are those scars on the dead body of the real Sara Lance.
Bishop and Sara Lance

"Bishop's Gambit" is the sixth episode of the sixth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the eighty-eighth episode overall. It aired on June 13, 2021.



Pliny X19

Pliny X19

Bishop explained to Sara Lance the reason why he is still alive and it is because he is a superior clone with the same memories and personality as his original body and Sara was surrounded by Avas so that she will not escape. Mick Rory and Kayla came to Pliny X19 and Mick suggested to Kayla to use respirators, but she told him that if they are inside the barrier they will be fine and they both went to look for Sara without knowing that the Waverider was left open and someone entered the ship.

John Constantine became enraged, as the Legends were messing up his house and ruining things. Mick and Kayla found Bishop's lair and Mick decided to confront the guards only to realize that they were Ava clones and he was captured by the clones and got angry with Kayla who was planning to steal the Waverider but saw that someone stole it first. Ava Sharpe was connecting Gideon to John's old television and Gideon informed her that in 1956 there was a homicide in a nursing home by a hospitalized patient named "Sara Lance" leaving Ava shocked. Gideon informed the rest of the team about what happened in the asylum and they suspected it could be an alien pretending to be Sara and decided to go confront the alien.

Ava, Nate Heywood and Spooner traveled to 1956 to the asylum, where they found "Sara Lance", but were surprised to see that in reality it was Amelia Earhart. All surprised they continued to suspect that Amelia is an alien pretending to be the real one and Behrad Tarazi and Spooner decided to go and question Amelia to obtain information about Sara. Sara was locked in her room frustrated by Bishop spying on her until Gary Green managed to enter Sara's room to save her and Gary wanted him and Sara to be able to escape on Kayla's ship and go home, but Sara wanted to get out on her own account and told Gary that he will take the battery cells to power the ship and he promised to accomplish the mission. Behrad and Spooner interrogated Amelia acting as the good cop and bad cop, but Amelia was telling her origin story and how she got home on a ship, so Ava and Nate went to investigate the ship while Behrad and Spooner tried to make Amelia said something about Sara and Amelia became suspicious of Spooner. Kayla needed a distraction to steal the batteries and saw her ex-fiancé Gary try to steal them and Kayla called him the biggest idiot in the galaxy, and she took advantage of the situation by calling the clones warning about Gary and Gary was captured by the clones, who wanted revenge of him for eating the clone squad D. Ava and Nate were trying to find the cryochamber Amelia came from, but they didn't find anything until they realized that the ship Amelia was talking about was the Waverider and Ava started to worry, since Sara and Mick weren't on the ship. Sara talked to Bishop and convinced him that she wants to be part of his plan by making Bishop excited, as it was what she always wanted and Bishop invited her to dinner to talk about her plan and Sara agreed to go to dinner and Bishop took her away the chains, as he trusted she, and Sara prepared for her plan to defeat Bishop and escape the planet. Amelia was still talking about her story and Behrad and Spooner had already taken Amelia's trust until Ava arrived angry that Amelia stole the Waverider and did something to Sara and Mick, but Behrad and Spooner tried to calm Ava down, but they didn't it was enough, as Amelia was enraged and her Zaguron part started to take control and attacked Ava and Amelia was knocked out by Behrad and the three of them left the asylum.

Amelia Earhart (Zaguron)

Amelia's Zaguron form takes over

The Legends stopped keeping an eye on Amelia, and they had to discover her connection to Sara somehow, and John told them that they needed the services of their new apprentice Astra Logue and asked Astra to help her see Amelia's memories. Bishop was having lunch happy because Sara joined him and his other assistant Ava informed him that the soldiers captured Mick Rory and said that he was coming for Sara and Bishop knew it was a rescue mission and that Mick was not alone, so he decided to close the barrier for 1 hour to eliminate the intruders while Ava worried about her sisters followed the orders of her master and deactivated the barrier while the clones fled to survive and Mick was trapped in the forest and Kayla already stole the batteries and saw that the barrier was closing and wanted to escape quickly. Managing to get Amelia out of the asylum John prepared Astra to see memories of an alien world where Amelia was and Ava and Spooner met in the laboratory to see if Astra's spell works and Astra began to see Amelia's memories, and they discovered that Amelia is a real human who had been kidnapped by aliens, and she mentioned that Amelia was experienced by someone and managed to escape from her prison, and then she would meet Sara and Gary and Ava wanted to know what happened next, but Amelia started to freak out while John wanted break the link, and it was too late as Amelia lost control and her real Zaguron form took over and Spooner tried to communicate with her but failed and everyone left the lab and locked Amelia away. Spooner watched Amelia go crazy transformed into a Zaguron and Behrad consoled her to accept her powers and learn to leave the past and live in the present, and Spooner thanked Behrad for the conversation. Mick managed to untie himself from the tree and put on his respirator in order to survive and find Sara

While Nurse Ava and Ava assistant were talking, Gary appeared before them with a guard Ava, and they wanted to attack him for eating Squad D, but the guard Ava did not allow it, as Gary saved her, and they treated him like a hero and he apologized for what he did and Gary told them about the Ava he knows, and the assistant Ava was surprised to learn that Gary is the best assistant. John spoke with Zari Tarazi and told him that the Legends living in his house drove him crazy, but Astra told the truth and that is that John had given him his powers and John is running out of magic and Zari left impressed that John left his Magic and John and Astra rested on the couch to take a nap from their headaches. Mick found Kayla about to die with the battery cells and Mick shared the respirator with her and they decided to work together to survive and Kayla agreed. Bishop and Sara were having dinner and Bishop told Sara that Mick is here, but possibly dead and Sara started to get mad because she believed Mick died and Bishop mentioned that she should forget about her friends as this will be a new beginning to forget the past, and he got upset because none of the Avas were attending him and Sara, angry at killing Mick, attacked Bishop, hitting him until he knocked him out while Mick and Kayla were resting to move on they didn't know they were being spied on by Zagurons. Spooner began to hear Amelia's voice calling her and she decided to go to the lab to confront her.

Ava learns Sara has died

Ava cries for Sara's death

Sara used Bishop to enter the lab and was angered to see that the real Bishop was resting while the Bishop clone asked her what she thought. Mick and Kayla managed to enter Bishop's lair, but they noticed the Zagurons following them and tried to close the door without success and hid in a cryochamber to protect themselves and Kayla revealed to Mick that she was afraid, and they weren't ideas to do something and Kayla and Mick looked at each other and started kissing and had sex while Kayla changed shapes. Spooner entered the laboratory and found Amelia and Spooner perfected her powers now that she can speak the language of aliens and Amelia revealed that when she bit Sara she poisoned her with a deadly poison and right now, Sara is dead making Spooner angry and attacking Amelia furious, but Amelia beat Spooner and was about to kill her until Ava managed to get to the lab and murdered Amelia and saved Spooner and Spooner sadly told Ava that Amelia murdered Sara and Ava started crying for Sara's death while Zari comforted her. Sara was trying to escape, and she told Bishop that she does have scars from everything she has suffered in her life, and she has learned from that, but Bishop told Sara that she did not have any scars and Sara found a body in a blanket, and she was surprised to see that the corpse was her and Bishop revealed that this is the corpse of the real Sara Lance and she was shocked to discover that she is a clone and the real Sara died from the poison.



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  • The episode's title is possibly a nod to the chess move of the same name.
  • Mick and Kayla making out is similar to a scene from the film Galaxy Quest, where a human man makes out with an alien woman using an image device to appear human; tentacles also included.
  • Sara actually died from the infection Amelia Earhart gave her; her consciousness survives on in a clone created by Bishop.
    • Sara Lance is presumably dead for good this time; as there is no known way to resurrect her now, with the Lazarus Pits of Earth-Prime destroyed by Thea Queen.
      • Also, as it is not known if the temporal zone can still be used to travel to alternate universes in the new multiverse, they can’t use the pit of another universe either.
      • It's not clear if the clone has copies of Sara's memories or the mind/soul of the original was transferred. Only Constantine can determine for sure if Sara's soul is truly at peace.


  • In the official press release for the episode, Adam Tsekhman and Lisseth Chavez's names were misspelt as "Adam Tsekham" and "Lisseth Cahvez", respectively.