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The Waverider is a timeship utilized by the Legends after defeating "evil Gideon" and her robot Legends.


Bishop created the Waverider using the information Gideon gave him. The Waverider is designed the same as the Legends' one, which Bishop destroyed using this ship. The ship allowed Bishop and Gideon to create robot-clones of individuals such as J. Edgar Hoover, Thomas Edison, and Bishop himself. Gideon kicked Ava off the ship, since she distracted Bishop from being a proper time master.[1] When Bishop learned the truth, he escaped using the bathroom, to which Gideon had no access. After Bishop was gone, Gideon created robot versions of the Legends and started hunting them throughout time to kill and prevent them from damaging the timeline anymore.[2]

Zari Tarazi later deactivated Gideon, while the other Legends defeated the Robot Legends, finally getting the Waverider back.[3]

When the Legends traveled to 1916 using the Waverider, the fixer of a fixed point there, Mike, stole the ship. Gideon later destroyed the Waverider, with Astra Logue using her magic to repair the ship. After rescuing Alun Thomas, the Legends found themselves prisoners of the Time police, who were led onto the Waverider by Mike.[4]


Compartments in the Waverider

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Gideon's console.

  • Bridge: The bridge is where the ship is piloted, usually from the control console for the captain's chair. Located at the front of the ship, the bridge has viewports that allow the crew to see the outside or view the temporal zone. It also has a central console where Gideon can talk to her crew about missions.
  • Medical bay: Some of the crew where taken to the med-bay, when Bishop shot them while they were hunting down the Legends.[2]
  • Bathroom: The Waverider consists of only one bathroom, which contains a toilet that has a red button which can launch someone off the ship.[1]
  • Cargo bay: A cargo bay that stores weapons and other equipment.

A.I. System

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  • Gideon: The highly advanced artificial consciousness of the Waverider is known as Gideon and is programmed to operate the ship's critical systems. She has many built-in functions, including we ability to monitor the timeline and track time aberrations and many other functions like the creation of robot-clones to aid her crew.[1][2]

Known occupants


Former crew



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