Bitsie Teschmacher is the cousin of Eve Teschmacher and the mother of two girls.


Early life

Bitsie Teschmacher was born and raised in North Carolina alongside her younger cousin, Eve.[1] Despite Eve's estrangement from her family,[2] she was very fond of Bitsie.

In adulthood, Bitsie had twin daughters.[1] At some point afterwards, she came down with cancer that soon metastasized, forcing her to be admitted to a hospice.[3]


After Eve was revealed to be Lex Luthor's accomplice, she risked her freedom to visit Bitsie and administer the Harun-El cure, saving her. Bitsie let her daughters go camping, and would plant-sit while her Aunt Mary went on vacation to Florida.[1]

Bitsie was visited by Supergirl, Lena Luthor, and Alex Danvers, who were looking for Eve at her aunt's house. Bitsie invited them in, but lied about having seen Eve recently, and got nervous when Lena mentioned that Eve had talked about a sick cousin with two daughters. When she went to take a cake out of the oven, Bitsie neglected to use oven mitts, a fact that the three girls picked up on.[1]

Bitsie attempted to cover her tracks by feigning pain, but Lena put two and two together and realized Eve had given Bitsie the cure. Bitsie got violent, demanding that they leave, but inadvertently punched a dent in her granite countertop, Bitsie grabbed a knife and proclaimed that they could not take the Harun-El out of her, as she did not want to go back to being sick. Supergirl calmly appealed to Bitsie's better nature by admitting what Eve did was a good thing, but warned that the longer Eve was with Lex, the worse off she would be. Bitsie then directed the trio to National City University, where Eve had a secret lab.[1]

Powers and abilities




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