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"Supergirl is the threat, Alex. This... Bizarro? She's humanity's guardian. You're welcome."
Maxwell Lord to Alex Danvers

"Bizarro" is the twelfth episode of the first season of Supergirl, and the twelfth episode overall. It aired on February 1, 2016.




Special guest star[]

Guest starring[]



Three months prior to Bizarro's first public appearance, Maxwell Lord entered the room in which she was kept and started transferring a black liquid into her comatose body, sending her into violent convulsions as her veins briefly protruded from her skin. Upon opening her eyes as the convulsions stopped, they had turned completely black, prompting him to remark that "she's alive". One day before her appearance, Maxwell Lord was in her room again and boasted about his many achievements - but said she is his most perfect creation and kissed her hand. Bizarro is revealed to now perfectly resemble Kara Danvers and is able to speak and understand him, while the black in her eyes fade to normal eyes.

Bizarro answers to Lord

The mysterious woman is conscious.

In the D.E.O., J'onn J'onzz and Alex Danvers rules out alien activity; Kara suggests a clone, but Alex says it is impossible and thinks it may have something to do with the woman J'onn found when he broke into Lord's lab. He states her brain is too damaged to heal, and that Lord is no god. Kara denies to Winn Schott that the woman in the news is her. Cat Grant arrives with not only her own latte but also Kara's go-to order, to the latter's confusion. Cat glances at Winn, who looks away embarrassed. At CatCo, reporters suggested several headlines regarding Bizarro's appearance, but Cat is unsatisfied until Kara proposed that it may not be Supergirl. Cat comes up with the headline "Supergirl?" and dismisses everyone. Kara asks her if she is being nice because Kara is dating her son, but she refuses to answer.

Bizarro brainwashed

Bizarro is brainwashed into wanting to kill Supergirl.

Kara is slightly freaked out over Cat's attitude, but she decides to focus on Bizarro along with Winn and James Olsen. Kara receives a text from Adam and James said he seems like a terrific guy. Back in the lab, Bizarro is now in a suit identical to Supergirl's and is made to watch Supergirl on TV while being shocked frequently. Max asks her what she thinks of Supergirl, to which she responds by saying Supergirl is bad, a result of his brainwashing methods, and pledges to kill her.

Supergirl saves tram

Supergirl saves the tram full of people.

During her date with Adam, Kara sees a news report of a stranded tram, prompting her to bail. Atop the tram, she is confronted by Bizarro, who ignores her questions and attacks her. During their fight, Bizarro's cheek cracks like porcelain and they break the tram's support, causing it to fall. Supergirl catches it, while Bizarro watches in slight puzzlement. J'onn and Alex formulate a plan to subdue Bizarro with Kryptonite. Adam meets Kara at CatCo and asked her out for another date that night. Winn finds out there are seven comatose Jane Does brought to Prometheus Genetics, owned by Maxwell Lord. Back at his lab, Max examines Bizarro, clearing up her broken skin. Bizarro is confused as Max said Supergirl is bad, yet she saved people, but Max is able to persuade her to attack Supergirl again.

Max confident

Max is confident.

Alex goes to Max, saying she knew what he's up to. He indirectly confesses to his experiments, having obtained Kara's DNA from the arm of Red Tornado and flooded the comatose girl that became Bizarro with a concentrated infusion of the DNA. Threatening Alex to not reveal his operations, insinuating that he knows that they are family, he proclaimed "May the best girl win!". Meanwhile, Kara expressed dislike at using kryptonite weapons against Bizarro as she was just a victim of Max's project, but J'onn was reluctant to arrest Max since the D.E.O had no legal jurisdiction to do so and was meant to be out of public awareness. Alex convinces Kara to go on her date.

Kara and Adam kiss

Kara and Adam share a kiss.

Winn and James share a drink over their romantic troubles. On their date, Adam and Kara discuss their parentage, and Kara said it's hard for her to feel normal, but Adam said no one feels normal and they kiss.

Freeze vision vs heat vision

Bizarro's freeze vision overpowers Supergirl.

Suddenly, Bizarro swoops down and drags Kara away. They fight and Bizarro gains the upper hand until Alex shows up with and vehicles armed with kryptonite bullets. They fire at Bizarro, though it does not seem to injure her, but instead causes her biological structure to mutate and decay. She is left with her old face, but her eyes are again pure black and her skin is pale grey and covered in porcelain-like cracks. Bizarro screams at Supergirl that she hates her before flying off while the kryptonite ammunition prevented the latter from pursuing. Kara realizes that Bizarro came after her in her civilian identity and deduced Max knew her secret identity. Alex notes Bizarro having some of Supergirl's powers in reverse, leading J'onn to conclude that the chemical opposite of kryptonite may be able to harm her, which they plan on creating by revering the ionic charge of their own lab-made kryptonite. Kara stated they need to stop Max once and for all. Back at CatCo, Kara breaks up with Adam, citing she didn't have room in her life for him. At his lab, Max commands Bizarro, whose chest symbol is now reverse and suit is darkened, to attack Kara's loved ones. James tries to comfort Kara, but she wants to be alone.

Alex arrests Max

Alex arrests Max.

Alex orders D.E.O. agents to arrest Max. He threatened to reveal Supergirl's secret identity, but she slams him on a desk and stated no one would hear him. At CatCo, James hears someone fly over to him and thinks it is Kara, but it turns out to be Bizarro who kidnapped him. Max was brought to the D.E.O. and J'onn berates Alex for bringing him in, but Alex counters he of all people should understand her desire to protect her family.

Bizarro enraged

Bizarro enraged.

James wakes up tied up in a deserted warehouse, his signal watch broken off. When he tries to reach for the pieces, Bizarro warns him not to move, saying that she knew Kara loved him because they are the same. He asks her to come closer but she refuses, calling herself ugly. He begins to tell her that everyone sometimes feels ugly or feel that no one loves them or ever will. However, James assures that a part of her is still Supergirl and proceeds to tell her that everyone doesn't love Supergirl for what she looks like on the outside, but instead love her for who she is and in the process finally admits and realizes his true feelings; he loves Kara. However, when he reaches for the watch again, Bizarro lost her temper, calling him a liar and breathing fire at him, but not before he activated it with his foot.

Blue kryptonite bullets

Alex preparing blue kryptonite bullets.

Kara hears him and she locates him while Alex brought bullets with blue kryptonite heads. Supergirl and Bizarro fought again and the latter tried to strangle Supergirl. Alex finally gets a clear shot and the bullet knocked Bizarro unconscious. In the D.E.O., J'onn tells Kara that Bizarro had been asking for her. Very weak and lying on a medical bed, she apologized to Kara and Kara said she's sorry too. J'onn says they are going to put her under, the way she was before being resuscitated and Kara comforts her saying she went to sleep for a long time once, but when she woke up, she wasn't alone, reassuring Bizarro that she wouldn't be alone either. J'onn and Kara agree to try and help her while she is comatose.

Kara comforts Bizarro

Kara comforts Bizarro.

Kara goes to Max's cell, saying he would never hurt anyone again, but Max cheerfully mentions her mother and the house they lived in. When Kara's eyes glow with heat vision, Alex enters and calms her down, saying he wasn't worth it. At CatCo, Cat tells Kara that Adam is leaving for Opal City. Cat confesses that she prioritized herself over Adam before, and that Kara was more like her and she thought. She also states that she wanted their relationship to go back to being strictly professional.

Black Mercy attacks Supergirl

The black mercy ambushes Supergirl.

Kara suggests to James that they go to the bar and talk about what happened when he was with Bizarro, but he says it was nothing and that he had to pick up Lucy from the airport. Kara flies back to her apartment and notices an eerie, gooey plant sprawled over the table. While she is distracted, a tentacled creature known as a black mercy, previously lurking out of sight on the ceiling lunges down at her.




  • Bizarro is a long-time enemy of Superman, who describes himself in the comics as Superman's "perfect imperfect duplicate."
  • Maxwell Lord quotes, "Death is the veil which those who live call life", referencing Prometheus Unbound by Percy Bysshe Shelley.
    • The organization that handles the Jane Does is called Prometheus Genetics, another reference to it.
  • Kara compares Bizarro's speech patterns to those of Cookie Monster.
  • In the comics, Supergirl's Bizarro is known as Bizarro-Girl.
  • Seeing that Cat is being extremely nice to her, Kara compares her behavior change to the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


  • Hank says he'll have his team "reverse-engineer" Kryptonite in order to give it opposite properties from normal. However, "reverse engineering" doesn't mean to reverse properties but to figure out how to build or do something by examining a finished example of it.
  • When Kara talks to Adam about her making Cat's dinner reservations, the position of her hand on the wine glass varies from shot to shot.
  • At around 39:23 when Kara is walking around Maxwell Lord's glass holding cell as they're talking, the camera man and the camera is visible in the reflection of the glass cell while the camera is focused on Max.
  • After Jane Doe completes her transformation into Bizarro, the S-shield on her uniform reverses. While this is in keeping with Bizarro's comic book appearance, it isn't explained how her physical transformation would affect her clothes.